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Thought Leadership

What Celebrities Can Teach Us About Marketing

What celebrities can teach us about marketing 

How did a 21-year-old socialite become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire? In March of 2019, Forbes gave this title to Kylie Jenner, a member of the famous Kardashian clan and founder of Kylie Cosmetics. 

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How brands are rewarding customers for getting the vaccine

How brands are rewarding customers for getting the vaccine 

Top brands are rewarding customers for getting the vaccine with special deals, gift-cards, rewards programs and services.

For most young children, the doctor’s office is the pinnacle of fear.

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Hiring a reputable company for your project

Don’t fall for a scammy marketing scheme. Follow our tips to hire the right marketing services for your company.

Trusting a digital marketing company with a new project can be tough.

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Super Bowl Sunday Commercials Changing?

Just like most events this past year, Super Bowl LV this Sunday will look a bit different this year — and not because Tom Brady will be wearing a different uniform. 

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Crisis management in marketing for 2020

Marketer’s Guide to Crisis Response

The pandemic is not the only curveball 2020 threw full-speed at the world. Within the past year, Americans have endured countless gender/racial inequalities, the Black Lives Matter movement, a global pandemic,

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McDonalds sees a massive skyrocket in it's sales after a collaboration with rapper, Travis Scott.

McDonald’s sales tower after Travis Scott collaboration

 Food’s new fad — celebrity marketing

Celebrity collaborations have been a great way for companies like McDonald's to increase their sales among the many challenges brought on by pandemic.

Odds are, you’ve heard rapper Travis Scott’s new hit song SICKO MODE. Odds are, you’ve also heard of McDonald’s.

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