10 Low-cost Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Small businesses are beloved by so many as an American staple. Small companies have the unique opportunity to connect with consumers personally, developing trust and friendship. 

However, for small businesses owners – especially during the pandemic – size can become a struggle. With the stress of financials, marketing budgets can often get lost in the shuffle. 

Below are ten low-cost marketing ideas for your small business. 

1. Instagram Reels

The short-form video has been taking over the internet. With the crazy virality of TikTok, Instagram made its video-sharing feature embedded into the app – Reels. 

Reels are a quick and easy way to engage with more users than usual. The engagement has little to do with your number of followers, allowing your brand to get a thousand views on a Reel no matter your follower count. 

If you use a trending sound and utilize text features, your Reel is sure to increase traffic. 

2. Google My Business 

With no cost, creating a Google Business will allow potential customers to find your business with ease – especially if you have a physical location. 

When local users google your services, your business can appear at the top of their page directly linked to Google maps. Your team can also improve ranking order by optimizing your Google page on the backend. 

3. LinkedIn

While social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have usurped popularity, LinkedIn is still a low-cost necessity for businesses. 

LinkedIn goes beyond connections, use the platform to communicate with other brands, post blogs, and achievements, and get to know your target audience in community groups. 

Make sure your LinkedIn page represents your business well by utilizing the platform’s tools. 

10 low cost marketing ideas for small businesses

4. Hashtags

Hashtags may seem like a no-brainer, but while many understand the power of hashtags, few know how to use them efficiently. 

Hashtag preferences are ever-changing and depend on the social media platform. Researching the preferred number, type, and specific tags is essential to increasing website traffic. 

Using websites like Hashtagify can assist your team in finding the best ways to tag. 

5. SEO

Search Engine Optimization determines where your website ranks in Google searches. 

Utilizing metatags, backlinks, and keywords can help push your website to the top of search pages, making more traffic. SEO is a challenging strategy to master, but it can reshape your business with the right team. 

6. Content Recycling 

Creating quality content takes time. So, never waste a second of content! Instead, re-edit and reuse content for all platforms. 

For example, a three-minute promotional video created for your website can be edited down to a month’s worth of social media content through countless photos and short-form videos. 

By re-editing content, it can be helpful for up to years in the future for no price at all. 

7. Great Branding 

No business can advance without great branding. From color schemes to business cards, your branding must be consistent and represent your company’s identity. 

In the 2010s, Lokai bracelets became incredibly popular for their balanced design, claiming one capsule in the bracelet contained water from Mount Everest while at the same time, the other side held mud from the Dead Sea. 

No one knows whether that claim was accurate; however, the bracelet represented more than a fun fashion accessory – a connection to the earth. This concept aligned with the brand’s overall mission to give back to environmental injustices like global warming. People bought and wore the bracelet simply due to the companies great brand messaging. 

Now a million-dollar company, Lokai proves that having a consistent brand identity costs nothing but can turn into something huge. 

8. Giveaways 

While giveaways are not entirely free of charge, donating your product or services to customers instills excitement and bond within your community. 

recent study shows that 92.6 percent of brands run giveaways on social media, 32.5 percent run giveaways once a month. With the connection between Facebook and Instagram, you can run the same giveaway on both networks for increased engagement.

9. Website Blogs

As one of the most underrated marketing tools, blogging can help your small business skyrocket to the top of Google rankings. 

The key to blogging is appealing to your target market. What questions are your customers searching for? What writing style will best connect with your consumers?

When writing, choose a good balance of trending topics and informational articles that relate to your industry.  

10. Webinars 

Share your personal brand story with webinars. As a small business owner, you’ve had your fair share of trials and tribulations. 

Uploading on YouTube has never been easier with a simple Zoom or phone recording. Countless entrepreneurs have made informational YouTube guides for small business owners planning on webinars. 

Organizing Your Marketing 

Want to plan on marketing strategies? The team at Elevare has years of experience helping small businesses expedite their success through low-cost marketing. 

Elevare’s help will allow your business to increase profit and engagement without breaking the bank. 

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