10 Nonprofit Organizations Whose Visions We Believe In

Like many other groups, the world of marketing and entrepreneurship has become oversaturated with constant content and materialistic motivations. While countless brands are overpaying for advertisements and struggling to develop their marketing efforts, hardworking nonprofit organizations are getting lost in the shuffle. To help you, we’ve put together a list of 10 nonprofit organizations whose visions we support.

Nonprofit organizations are in a unique situation, they have to deal with board members and budgeting. They too need to make money and increase awareness for financial success. Curating marketing strategies and developing an effective marketing plan are extremely important for success, just like any for-profit businesses. Nonprofits should not overlook the power of a well-crafted content marketing and/or email marketing strategy!

There are many charitable foundations in the nonprofit sector that are leveraging creative marketing tactics. These strategies are bringing in more donors and spreading awareness!

Here are ten nonprofits you should consider collaborating with.

10 Nonprofit Organizations Who's Visions We Support

Be Positive Foundation

After Joe McDonough lost his teenage son Andrew to cancer, he hoped to honor Andrew’s legacy by helping other families through the same struggle. Named after Andrew’s blood type and his cheerful attitude, the Be Positive Foundation dedicates its donations to cancer research and providing financial and emotional support for child cancer patients.

The foundation took a unique approach to marketing and fundraising, as they partner with high schools and colleges across the country to host dance marathons and events where students can connect with young patients and donate to the cause.

Homeboy Industries

How do tortilla chips help former gang members? Father Gregory Boyle started Homeboy Industries to stop the cycle of mass incarceration in Los Angeles. Through therapy, tattoo removal treatments, and a supportive community, Homeboy Industries has become the top rehabilitation center in the country.

Not only does the center provide emotional support, but also employment through the production of Homeboy merchandise, catering, tortilla chips, and bakery items. Fr. Boyle and his friends travel around the country as public speakers, sharing their own personal stories about the power of a second chance.

ThinkHer Project

Although The ThinkHer Project is only eight months old, the nonprofit organization has already provided over 100 women with sustainable incomes. By working with underprivileged communities in Tanzania and Kenya, the team hopes to reduce gender inequalities and prioritize environmental conservation. In collaboration with Funds2Org, the organization launched Share A Pair, a social media fundraiser that has garnered 500 pairs of shoes for micro-entrepreneurs in underdeveloped areas. As a relatively new organization, ThinkHer has collaborated with multiple other nonprofits to expand its network and increase volunteers.

Starts with One Today

When founder Victoriah Bech began volunteering on Los Angeles’ “Skidrow”, she became overwhelmed with the number of families struggling through homelessness. Inspired, she began a nonprofit organization called Starts with One Today. The nonprofit offers educational assistance, food giveaways, and a positive community for LA’s homeless women and children.

At its core, the organization lives by the motto “everyone you meet is somebody’s someone” to counteract the negative connotation toward homeless people. The team dedicates their weekend mornings to the Sundays in Skidrow volunteer event which brings fresh food to homeless communities, free of charge.


Although it is a for-profit organization, 4Ocean has been making waves through its work in ocean conservation. As one of the more popular brands, 4Ocean is a Public Benefit Corporation. Instead of taking donations, the organization is solely funded by product sales. Since its launch in 2017, 4Ocean has extracted over 14 million pounds of trash from the ocean.

Through their recycled bracelets, the company has garnered 30 million dollars, which goes right back to ocean conservation efforts. The brand relies on engaging social media videos for the majority of its marketing campaigns, as its verified Instagram account has over 2.3 million followers.

Herizon Music Foundation

By creating and empowering young women, the Herizon Music Foundation promotes gender equality and feminist values. Out of all the GRAMMY Award nominees from 2012-2018, only 9.3% were women. This is a statistic they hope to increase. Based out of Austin, Texas, the program offers scholarships for girls in need to have access to music and sound camps. The foundation also has a “Random Acts of Music” program. This program assists female musicians in finding paid gigs to financially support themselves. Check out their amazing podcast, Backstage with Women in Music.

Autism Society Inland Empire 

Located in Southern California, the Autism Society Inland Empire helps individuals with autism and their families through a variety of programs. The organization’s services include social events, system advocacy, parental support, and access to basic needs.

For autistic children, teens and adults, the organization holds art classes, game, movie nights, and other fun events. Families and professionals can attend conferences/workshops or use a bilingual Resource Navigator to help find services and support. Although the pandemic brought a unique set of challenges to the autism community, the society distributed over 200,000 face masks, and 4,600 meals, provided over 6,000 individuals with social-emotional programs and over 20,000 people received training and resources.

Ali Forney Center 

Located in the heart of New York City, the Ali Forney Center provides LGBTQ+ youth with safe housing and resources within an accepting community. Like many LGBTQ+ teenagers, Ali Forney left an abusive home at a young age. She became homeless with absolutely no place to go. The center offers educational courses, job preparation, emergency housing, transitional living, and HIV health care to around 2,000 children per year. Musician Lady Gaga is one of the many celebrities who have openly supported the center, and she has even visited their Brooklyn headquarters in 2016 to perform a song and lead a group meditation.

SonRise Equestrian Foundation 

Since 2006, the SonRise Equestrian Foundation has provided therapeutic horseback riding to children with special needs. Due to their tame and loyal nature, horses have been known to help children connect emotionally with others. Plus, this experience also helps the children exercise. Located in San Ramon, California, the center offers four free programs. Each caters to a specific age group, allowing them to get comfortable with animals and ranch life. Since the programs are free to families, fundraising has relied on their annual Wine and Equine event, which raised over $85,000 last year.

Global Mamas

For the past 18 years, Global Mamas has been selling unique products handcrafted by African women in their local communities. The organization has a network of around 400 “Mamas” who have been able to expand their equipment and increase their quality of life thanks to the organization’s profits. From face masks to jewelry to everyday clothing, customers can choose from an array of handmade products for affordable prices.

By facilitating a relationship with the artisans, each Mama is highlighted on their website.

Collaborate For A Good Cause

These 10 nonprofit organizations whose visions we support are just a few great examples. Businesses and marketers should consider the value national and local nonprofit marketing can bring. Collaborating with a charitable nonprofit can help advertise your business. But more importantly, you’ll be doing your part! Your collaboration will support a good cause and help them raise money and raise awareness at the same time.

Do you know of any nonprofits that should be added to this list? Feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

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