10 Tips to Finding the Perfect Job with LinkedIn

In today’s world, social media is the primary key to finding the perfect job. When trying to apply to any job, you’re always directed to “go to the website” to fill out an application. The days of rewriting your work history over and over again on sheets of copied, off centered paper are over. Copy and paste is now the name of the game.

What’s even more incredible is that we’ve have now taken it one step further by allowing applications to be filled in via social media profiles, such as LinkedIn. Surprisingly, many working individuals today don’t actually have a professional social media presence. We did the math, and according to the Kids Count Data Center and current LinkedIn user stats, nearly 121,485,228 individuals over the age of 18 don’t have a LinkedIn profile. Crazy, right?

What if you’re a professional out there who doesn’t have a social media profile yet, or you do and it’s lacking substance? LinkedIn is the most popular professional social media outlet in the industry. Hundreds of recruiters use it to post thousands of jobs daily. Are you missing out on landing the perfect job with LinkedIn? We won’t leave you hanging!

Here are 10 tips to finding the perfect job with LinkedIn:

Perfect Your Profile

Do you have a profile that’s partially filled out with maybe just your name and where you went to school? Adding “meat” to your profile is essential to landing the perfect job using LinkedIn. Make sure to have every field filled in. Going the extra mile will show recruiters that you’re serious about defining your professionalism and are willing to go the extra mile to let others know who you are.

Add Some Excitement

Make sure to add work or projects that you’ve completed while at your past or present job. Pictures, videos, and project files are key. You can do this by editing the relevant work experience area and adding media (at the bottom) to it. If you’re searching for you first job and have no work experience yet, make sure to list any volunteer or service experience in place of your work history and explain your intentions of finding your first job in the professional summary at the top of your profile.

10 tips using linkedin

Define Your Field

Make sure that you’re very clear about the field of work you’re looking find employment in. Don’t advertise that you’ll take just any job, be specific. This shows recruiters and future employers that you’re serious about the job you’ve applied for because it was applied to with intention, not desperation.

Meet People – Lots Of People

Close your eyes and think about anyone you’ve worked or volunteered with. Now write all of their names down, find them in the search bar and connect with them. The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the further your reach will go when you post professional updates.  As an example, if you post a comment stating that you’re looking for a job, the more people you’re connected to, the greater your reach will be. You never know who people know. Make sure to be intentional with your connections. If you try to add just anyone, you may be reported and get locked out of being able to use LinkedIn, so only connect with people that you know.

Start Writing

When an applicant interviews for a job, the assumption is that you’re applying because you believe that you are the subject matter expert in the area that the job services. The best way to prove that you know what you’re doing is to talk about it. If you really want to land the perfect job on LinkedIn, make sure to write a few articles about your area of expertise, and make sure to keep it professional. Try to refrain from writing about anything that is not professionally inspirational or relevant to you industry. For more article writing tips, check out this video.

Get Certified

Being certified in an area that is complementary to your position is essential. Check out the different types of certifications and trainings that companies like CompTIA have to offer. Their powerful certification structure and quality resonates within the recruitment community. Once you’ve obtained your certification(s), make sure to list your ID number or license number in the Certifications section of your profile.

linkedin experts

Follow the Experts

Listing your interests and following the experts in your industry shows recruiters that you’re staying in touch with relevant expertise and not growing stale in the knowledge of your industry. Try following thought leaders like Robert Herjavec, Jack Welch, Gary Vaynerchuk, or Sue Desmond-Hellman. Staying relevant is extremely important; especially with regards to helping with small talk and questions you may be asked at your in-person interview.


It really can’t get more simple than this. Make sure that you’re volunteering your time and talents at a charity or nonprofit. Helping others is not only one of the most rewarding things you can do, but it also shows employers that there’s more to you than just yourself. Making sure that your life and commitments align with your employer’s philanthropic vision is key to landing the perfect job at the perfect company. Consider organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brother Big Sister, YMCA or a local homeless shelter or food pantry.

Recommendations And Skills

If you’ve already sent out your connection requests and are able to get in touch with your contacts, ask for a recommendation from those you’ve worked with and have something nice to say about you. Knowing that other people have had the pleasure of working with you shows employers that you’re liked and appreciated because of who you are as a professional, so don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn. Also, don’t forget to add skills to your profile. These will be shown to your connections and they will have the opportunity to endorse you for them; so make sure to be honest about what you can do.

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Toot Your Own Horn

Finally, don’t forget that LinkedIn is the perfect place to tell others about the amazing ideas that you have or things you’ve accomplished within your career. Share pictures of your awards, post about going to networking events or conferences. Employers want to see your accomplishments and know that you’re confident enough to present them to your peers. Remember though, too much of a good thing is not the way to go; so make sure that you’re selective and intentional with what you present. Make your posts are a healthy balance of your accomplishments and liking the accomplishments of others.

All in all, when you approach social media, don’t forget to show some love to your LinkedIn profile; especially if you’re trying to land the perfect job with LinkedIn. Don’t think that other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter aren’t relevant to your job seeking efforts as well. It’s very common for recruiters to examine Facebook profiles during the interview process. What happens in Vegas may not stay in Vegas if you’re not careful; so always remember to be as professional as possible when posting information about yourself online. It could make or break your professional future.

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