5 Best Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

What Is Email Marketing

If it builds trust in a product, brand, or company, any communication via email is considered email marketing. This makes it an effective way to stay connected to current and potential customers while promoting your business. Email marketing can be a successful venture and provide a high return-on-investment (ROI) in a short amount of time.

The emails you send out can be personalized to particular customer segments. These segments can be based on the length of time a particular email address has been on your subscriber list, customer likes and dislikes, individual spending habits and so on. There are numerous software programs that allow you to break down your customers based on segments, giving you further insight into how they interact with your business.

Email marketing can be broken into three forms. Direct email is a promotional message aimed directly at a reader. Retention emails include newsletters featuring content aimed on developing a long term impact. These emails should provide a value to the reader, whether it informs, entertains or benefits. Another route in email marketing is advertising in other company’s emails, such as paying for your company ad to appear in their newsletter.

Regardless of how you approach email marketing forms, remember that responsible email marketing is based on the idea of permission. If you don’t have explicit permission from a user to send them something via email, don’t do it.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

While social media may appear to be the name of the game for engagements and conversions right now, email marketing has seen acquisitions steadily rising since 2009. At the root, it is action oriented. Email can direct traffic to your site, each message causing an action from the reader. The action can cover the spectrum – replying, forwarding to a friend, clicking through to the site, signing up or making a purchase.

Email marketing is almost immediately measurable. Within minutes of having a campaign sent out, the metrics and analytics begin to populate. From there, behind the scenes you can see what’s working, what could use adjustments and what may need to be scrapped all together. These instant numbers also allow for A/B testing that can reveal more in-depth data about your customers than you may have previously imagined.

And while numbers are everywhere in email marketing, so is mobile access. We may dream of the day we can disconnect from our emails, but we know that isn’t possible. According to a 2014 Exact Target study, people use their mobile devices for email more than social media – 91 percent to 75 percent. Think about when you check your email on the go; in line at the grocery store or waiting to pick the kids up from school. Emails can be checked when and where it’s convenient for you.

Though it may seem to be a standalone communication channel, when used in conjunction with a strongly written and fresh blog, email marketing can have a two-fold effect. The two can organically drive customers to subscribe to your emails and vice versa to your company blog, increasing the user engagement.

1. A Low Cost Way to Directly Market Your Business

Traditional marketing focuses on spreading your message and related information to the masses, hoping someone will be intrigued enough to find out more. Then there are the costs for printing material, postage and ad rates in publications. Email marketing has costs of only pennies in comparison. Also, it drives conversions at a much higher rate than social media. A Venture Beat study found email marketing produces a ROI of $38 to $1.

2. Automate and Tailor Email Responses With Drip Marketing

What is drip marketing? It’s those emails you receive on an interval basis after signing up with a company. The company has a set of pre-determined and created emails to be sent out automatically on a schedule. Handy, right? Also called behavioral emails, drip marketing sends out messages based on triggers or actions, such as signing up for a service or making a purchase. The goal for companies who use drip marketing is to give the right information at the right time. Too many emails can turn off customers.

3. Track How Your Customers Interact With Your Emails With Analytics

Having a screen full of numbers looking back at you may seem daunting, but below the surface is untapped potential. What your customers are clicking on, what is grabbing their attention, and many more key insights to your customers lie in analytics. When deciphered and organized, those numbers turn into more engagements, customers and more website views.

4. Schedule Email Campaigns to Promote Your Product or Service

Are you waiting for the perfect time to hit send on a winning product or service promotion to your email subscribers? With scheduled email campaigns, there’s no waiting until the wee hours of the morning and manually sending the information. Campaigns can be planned well in advance then sent via software to your subscribers while you dream up the next big promotion from the comfort of your bed.

5. Reward Your Customers with Insider Only Deals

How much do you think it costs to earn a new customer than keep an existing one? A few dollars, perhaps a little more? A new customer costs a business, on average, five to 10 times more to keep than a current. In addition to the initial cost layout, current customers spend nearly 70 percent more than new customers.

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