5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Blogging

Blogging may appear to be yet another thing to accomplish each week with little chance to yield results, but appearances are deceiving. A few words here and there can quickly add up to an online presence that further establishes your relationship not only with customers but other businesses in your industry. There are many reasons why you should be blogging, but we narrowed it down to our top five.

The 5 Benefits of a Blog

1.  It Makes You Think

If you’ve been tasked with creating a company blog and keeping it updated, you’ll be thinking – a lot. Sure you may start off with a list of brainstormed topics and ideas to write about, but once that list begins to dwindle, it’s not the time to sign off from blogging. Think of ideas beyond daily tasks and lists, such as newsworthy topics, industry events, and trends, nearly anything in the world around you.

The best way to look at this is to think about what you know, how you know it, and why you know it. Blogging can be energizing, stimulating, and help you position yourself – and company – as leaders in your business and industry.

2. Build Relationships with Your Customers

A blog can quickly build itself into a reliable resource for information about your industry. Through this, people will see you know not only your business, but the industry as a whole. Being a reliable source means you are trustworthy and a good choice to do business with. Blogging is an easy way to connect with customers and share information in an easy-to-use and simple platform.

3. Give Your SEO a Helping Hand

Everyone enjoys a little help from time to time, including your search engine optimization. Consistently blogging lets Google and other search engines know you are an active and engaged business. With a steady stream of new content to index and opportunities to use keywords to increase visibility on SERPs (search engine results pages), even two blogs per month will pay off in the long run.

4. Create Lead Generation Through Building Trust with Your Audience and Brand

Odds are lead generation is an evergreen meeting topic for marketing and sales teams. But what does blogging have to do with this? Lots.

If you have an ebook or white pages project in the works, a handful of blog posts related to those are a great way to tie them together. Offer readers the chance to read more about the subject through backlinks to other posts or the opportunity to have an all-in-one source such as an ebook. Anything that can provide practical value and or advice to your targeted audience can be tied into your blogging efforts.

5. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Everyone wants more visitors to their website because it means more eyes learning about your business and services. But how do you get those eyes to your website? A two-for-one deal is through your social media. Blogging is an endless abyss of content for your social media presence. With previously created content, gone will be the days of digging deep on Tuesday at 9:04 a.m. to come up with a post or several for the week. The same blog can be used across platforms, with or without the same teaser information, though we recommend customizing the teaser to the platform.

Don’t Have Time to Blog?

Life – and work – happen even with the best-laid plans which mean there may not be time to churn out a blog or two for your company on a consistent basis. Elevare provides blogging services for any budget. We work with you to get a feel for what the trending topics in your industry may be and create compelling blogs to inform your customers. Whether your vision is for a once a month blog or several new posts a week, we work with you to create a deeper relationship with your customers.


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