5 Tips to Grow Your Green Roofing Business Through Sustainable Marketing

Looking to grow your green roofing business? In this article, we’re going to cover why it’s important to be “green” right now. As well as how you can use sustainable marketing to grow your business.

What Is Sustainable Marketing?

Sustainable marketing covers both being a socially and environmentally responsible company while marketing your products and services.

The idea of responsibility is now a shared value. Many companies are challenging customers to put their money where their values lie.

Have you have ever spent more on a product simply because you knew it was entirely recycled or was locally sourced? If so, you have participated in sustainable marketing. 

The public is becoming more interested in purchasing products and services that are more beneficial for the planet. The issue is that there are some factors preventing them from doing so.

Studies show that these factors include lack of information, inconsistencies in trust, and confusion.

The good news is that you can tackle these issues and grow your business. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve this with sustainable marketing.

Pinpoint Your Marketing

Pinpoint Your Marketing

It’s important to remember that sustainability does not mean the same thing to everyone. The definition varies in different parts of the country, and across the world.

For example, in North America, sustainability is linked in meaning to recycling. While in Europe and the Middle East, the definition relates more to fair pricing.

In other parts of the world, sustainability is linked to the environment and alternative sources of energy. 

This difference in wording brings us to the issue of making sure you specify what sustainability means to your audience and you.

You need to make sure that you localize what your target audience’s perception of sustainability is. Then you can tailor your messaging to them. 

What works the best for you as a brand will, of course, vary. A term commonly used in the green industry is “conscious”. This is a label that brands like clothing company H&M use for their line of sustainable clothing.

Words like this, along with “eco,” conveys a feeling of environmental focus. But they are broad enough to suit whatever needs they need to mold. 

Flaunt Your Certifications

Customers continue to shy away from environmentally-friendly companies due to the extra costs on their end.

However, research has also concluded that when there’s a lack of sound information and trust, it also makes it easy for consumers to skip brands over.

People don’t have the time to do the research themselves. They’re looking for confidence in their consumer experience and the signs that they’re buying from a company they can trust. 

Is your roofing business Greencircle CertifiedThis certification is vital to share your message with your audience. Putting them on your website and social media channels will build trust for the future. 

Strive for Transparency

Consumers who are going to be interested in your brand’s ideals are also compelled by transparency in a company.

This transparency might include materials you use in your roofing business. The number of recycled materials you utilize. Even where your building materials are sourced from. 

Clothing brand Everlane demonstrates this by breaking down each item for sale on its website by its cost composition. They link the images and a description of the factory. In this way, the company truly lives up to its “radical transparency” tagline.

Companies can now get their business listed in apps for consumers to let them know information not provided on labels. Apps like SmartLabel reveal product sources, third-party certifications, social compliance, sustainability programs, and sourcing practices.

Humanize Your Work Setting

Humanize Your Work Setting

Transparency feels real to consumers when they get a peek behind-the-scenes of your company.

This view can be of how you bring your products and services to the market, the people that make it happen, and your working environment.

While it’s great to offer live demonstrations at trade shows, videos are great for spreading the content online. 

Research shows that giving consumers a peek behind the company offers many benefits. This peek has the ability to increase customer satisfaction, trust, and ultimately, lead to more sales with prospective clients.

In addition, trust is built when a human face is put onto a product that individuals spend their hard-earned money on.

Communicate Specific Benefits of Sustainability

You need to help your customers understand the incredible benefits of green roofing. One way to do this is by tying the profits into their everyday lives.

You might want to explain the potential energy savings involved. Such as from installing a green roof, solar panels, even a vegetative roof. Translating products into significant savings often resonate with customers. 

Roofing companies can also express the benefits of sustainable materials in environmental terms. Such as the amount of waste avoided or the number of carbon emissions saved.

Another way you might demonstrate positive features of sustainability is to showcase new products created from recycled materials.


These tips could help your green roofing business achieve more value through sustainable marketing initiatives.

Think about partnering with departments beyond marketing and sustainability too. Such as with sourcing, operations, and new product development teams. While also including outside partners such as certification agencies.

Educating your audience that you’re doing everything you can for the environment will help create trust. While validating your sustainability efforts.

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