6 Effective Social Media Campaign Ideas for Restoration Businesses

Everyone and their neighbor has advice or a way to make your phone ring off the hook with social media these days. The power of social media is easy to overstate yet under utilize, especially for businesses that fall under an as-needed basis. But with so much advice and information flowing out there, we’ve picked six ways restoration businesses can help themselves stand out in the social media waters.

Have a Mindset Larger than Your Current Business Size

Even if your client list isn’t nearly as big as what your dream is at this moment, that doesn’t have to limit you in how you approach your social media. Spend some time looking at what the big companies in the restoration industry do and take a few pointers. Are they posting information about trending or current topics, but only giving a quick overview to readers? Dig a little deeper into the topic and break it into a series of posts to help educate your customers. The overall goal of social media is to create content that will keep customers talking after they’ve logged off for the day.



Hashtags Can Drive Customers to Your Social Media and Business

These ubiquitous words or phrases make starting a conversation with a customer much easier than handing out a virtual business card with your web address on it. Hashtags target audiences such as homeowners or renters by using keywords they may have already been searching for. Whether a person has a current restoration related issue with their home or they are merely seeking more information, using keywords in hashtags can drive traffic.

Your search engine optimization can receive a boost through well-produced product or service hashtags. How? Consumers find your content through search terms that happen to be your hashtags. Hashtags can be tracked across multiple platforms or filtered individually in a search. Popular niche hashtags can have your content included in trending content being searched for by like-minded people. Through this you can develop relationships and connect with your targeted market.

Event or location hashtags can be used if you’re attending a class, conference or tradeshow. Take advantage of a smartphone and post a fun fact or photo from a conference and tradeshow to engage your readers.

Utilize the Power of Pictures with Infographics

Infographics in a nutshell are visual representations of information with the goal of presenting complex information quickly and clearly. It quickly becomes a powerful and easy viral marketing tool to share and spread your restoration business’ service and information. The key with infographics isn’t to end up with a product that show statistics and data with a few illustrations and colors, but to tell a story.

Readers will stay engaged with a unique and fresh infographic. Think of the quantity of numbers you use and see every day in the restoration business. Those along with some colors and illustrations are a great way to bring your customers inside your everyday business.

Network In The Right Places

Your customers, current and prospective, may be adept at Facebook and Twitter right now, but have yet to hop on the Snapchat train. Though the main social media networks seem to ebb and flow each week, it doesn’t mean you need to start a new account every time one is launched. Follow your customers and prospects so you have a hand on what networks they’re using right now and in the future.



Keep Your Brand and Business Identity the Same Across Platforms

It may sound redundant, but having consistency across your social media platforms needs to be toward the top of your on-going to-do list. Not only does this consistency help strengthen your customers’ ability to recall your brand, but it won’t confuse current and potential customers either. Things to keep in mind for consistency go beyond design and graphics, but also include colors, fonts, icon styles, and logos. If you’re unsure if your restoration business is staying consistent, compare your social media pages side-by-side.

Use Social Media to Strengthen and Add to the Rapport In Person With Your Customers

Social media can be a powerful outreach tool to all companies, including restoration, and a great way to give customers a little behind-the-scenes look at day-to-day activities. Take company events for example. These events can have a custom hashtag, not only used to promote the upcoming event, but during to create intrigue among people.

Ask your followers what they want to know more about with your company, the industry, or a specific issue they have with their home related to your restoration business. Not only will this convey that you are truly interested in your customers, but the feedback will provide future blog ideas, content creation and engagement.

Elevare Provides Social Media Management

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