6 Ways to Grow Website Traffic as an eCommerce Business

There are many ways you can increase traffic to your eCommerce website. Here are 6 ways to boost traffic to your business’s site. Whether you are trying to start a business or currently struggling, these tips will help any business owner optimize their website.

1. Content Marketing For Your Online Business

The key to mastering content marketing is the balance between quality and quantity.

From blog posts to video tutorials, content marketing means investing in any written or visual content that will bring potential consumers to your website.

While it may sound like a hefty bill, you can use content across all platforms. One long-form blog post can be reused to create weeks of social media infographics.

Regularly posting blog articles will help raise your Google search ranking as a reliable source. Create a content calendar for each month in advance with scheduled blog posts and trending topics. Having the content ready to go will allow for much-needed time to edit and ensure top quality.

Look to the leaders of your industry. Do they have a regularly updated blog? Consistent content production? Intentional posting schedule?

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When customers search for your product or service, will your online store appear on the first page of Google’s search results?

If your answer is no, you need to invest in search engine optimization.

Your website will shoot to the top of search rankings and increase profits by researching and utilizing SEO tips and tricks.

When mastering SEO, here are the key aspects to remember:

  • Backlinks
  • Keywords
  • Location tagging
  • Target audience
  • Analytics

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6 ways to grow traffic as an ecommerce business

3. Social Media Marketing

Most business owners know the power of social media. However, not as many know how to best use it.

According to Statistica, 91.9 percent of U.S. marketers in 2021 were projected to use social media for marketing purposes.

When creating a social media presence, it is vital to prioritize the schedule. Although algorithms change all the time, one thing that will never change is the value of consistent posting.

No matter how unique your content is, it isn’t very sensible unless consistent.

Social media marketing also allows for cheaper advertising opportunities. It won’t break the bank to spread your content to other users. On average, Instagram promotions cost $6.70 per 1,000 impressions.

These numbers are changing the advertising space, which previously required thousands of dollars to make a dent in engagement.

4. Email Campaigns

With all the bells and whistles of social media, many marketers have thrown email out the door. However, there is still value in a traditional email campaign.

According to Hubspot, there are 4 billion daily email users. Although many of these users have grown accustomed to constantly deleting spam emails, these are still huge numbers.

About 64 percent of small businesses still use email campaigns as a cost-effective and straightforward way to market their brand.

Email campaigns allow businesses to increase brand awareness with little to no budget, only requiring internet access.

However, since spam emails have become such an oversaturated form of communication, teams must get more creative when writing emails. If a user is already on the lookout for spam emails, your email must catch their eye within seconds.

5. User-Generated Content

Social media has united communities across the globe, allowing businesses to get instant feedback from consumers.

Use your current consumers to get to your potential consumers.

In the age of influencers, many have grown accustomed to trusting online recommendations. If your favorite influencer posts about a new product they’ve been loving — are you more likely to try it out? The answer is probably yes, even if you’ve never met the person or know how trustworthy they are.

Consumer reviews make us feel validated in our purchases, and user-generated content works the same way.

Many apparel brands have adopted this marketing strategy by re-posting customer content on their platforms. These photos and videos show potential customers the product’s popularity and imagine how their lives could change with the product.

6. Landing Pages

People want things to be easy.

If you’re looking at an advertisement for a store’s seasonal sale, you do not want to be redirected to the company’s homepage. This will restart the sale process and force customers to search for the specific information they want.

However, if you link a custom-made landing page to this advertisement, the customer won’t have to search anywhere.

Landing pages make customization simple for both parties. By consolidating critical information into one page, customers are much more likely to purchase products.

Landing pages can also inform business owners of the success of each campaign. When web traffic increases, it may be hard to pinpoint what specific campaign is driving the traffic.

With customized pages and analytics, you won’t have to guess where the numbers are coming from.

Direct Traffic To Your eCommerce Store

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