9 New Year’s Business Resolutions To Revamp For 2019

1. Conquer Everyday

You have a certain amount of energy every day. Running a business can sometimes feel overwhelming and like you don’t have enough time. We promise that you do have enough time, you just need to strategically use your time.

Do the best you can every day to accomplish your goals step by step. On the other hand, if it doesn’t feel overwhelming, there’s a chance you’re not reaching for high enough goals.

We want to encourage you to go for those high goals, whether it be sales goals or new business location goals. Whatever your dream is for your company, go ahead and set that goal.

Simultaneously, set day to day goals that you can accomplish to eventually attain your larger goal. This takes a level of commitment and passion that you need to wake from within yourself every morning.

Encourage those you work with to do the same. Instead of counting the hours till you get off work, count the hours you have left to accomplish something important in that day. Once you finish that day, go to bed knowing you’ve done everything you can to accomplish your long-term goals.

2. Make A New Path

Sticky note depicting a bright idea

Don’t be afraid to make a new path for your company. We live in a time where everything is constantly changing due to technology advancement and generational changes– this is no secret. It doesn’t matter if your forerunners had the same goals that you have. It doesn’t matter if you are even in a top leadership position.

Don’t be afraid to make a new suggestion that could benefit the business you are in. If you have a new idea for a product that will appeal people in a new way, go for it! Now is always the time to stay ahead of the game.

You are here to make your business better and do your job to the best of your ability. You will not achieve anything new if you are living in your comfort zone. Get out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’d like to get started in social media marketing though no one before you has done it before– that’s great.

You’re making strides and you need to keep going. If you’re unsure of the next step you need to make in this new goal, we are here for any of your web design or social media needs. We would love to have a conversation about how we can work together.

3. Rediscover Your Passion

Do you feel like you have lost your energy in the workplace? You need to rediscover your passion for your goals. What is it that you enjoyed about your job in the beginning?

Make a note. Write a list about everything you liked about the job. Afterward, add all of the things you would like to improve your job and do something about it.

Maybe you need a change of pace, maybe you need more opportunity or maybe you need new goals. Whatever it is, now is the year to change your morning routine, create a new business plan or ask for a raise. It may sound like all of this is easier said than done, which may be true, but why should the difficulty level stop you?

4. Organize

Office table with a laptop and a calendar

An organization will step up your business game and is a key resolution for your business this year. It may sound like a lot of work to figure out your digital and physical filing systems, but it will help your whole office with productivity. If you need to take a day and declutter; it will be worth your time.

If you and your team are not sure where assignments are going, it will cause problems in the future that will only slow down your office. To help with organization, try delegating more tasks and have a clear outline of who is in charge of what that everyone can see.

5. Delegate

On the same note, not only should you delegate for organizational purposes you should do it for everyone’s productivity and empowerment as well. If you are in a supervisory role, remember that you most likely do have employees who are looking for an opportunity to prove themselves and use their creativity.

Not only will your employees enjoy their work more, but you will also have better results. If you are trying to do everything yourself, you cannot give the appropriate amount of time to each task. Also, even though you have your strengths, you are not the best person for every job.

Look around your office and thoughtfully assign tasks to those who have the appropriate strengths or potential to do various tasks. Properly delegating will only help your office. You will create empowered employees, have better end results and have more time to complete the tasks that you truly need to do.

6. Be Consistent

Quote On The Side Of A Building

2019 is the year to finally put branding, productivity and communication consistency as a priority. If you are creative, sometimes it can be hard to be consistent in any of these areas. If you constantly have new ideas and trails that you feel compelled to follow, you will sometimes put being consistent on the bottom of your priority list.

Try making more lists part of this resolution for 2019. Have a list you check every day that has the essential tasks you need to do to be consistent. If you need to make sure you talk to an intern, supervisor or business partner every day or week, write a reminder on your daily to-do list.

You want to consistently communicate with people who need to hear from you to move forward on a project. It hurts everyone’s productivity when you aren’t communicating frequently about important details because you got carried away in your, probably great, ideas.

Being consistent with your brand can be a little more complicated if brand messaging isn’t your greatest strength.

That’s why agencies like Elevare exist. We want to help you stay consistent and true with your brand. We can help you stay up with your social media marketing, Email marketing, website content, and overall brand consistency.

7. Be Active About Networking

It is never too early to start on this resolution. Make use of the company holiday parties that are happening this season. Practice your elevator speech and your personal communication skills and get your business’ name out in the world. Simple interpersonal communication can go a long way.

Have you heard about a group dedicated to your business field or networking? 2019 is the year to join it and learn as much you can from the people around you.

Talk about new ideas, create with other people and meet new potential clients. Whether these groups or online or in person, there is a wealth of information out in the world for you to glean from and up your business level.

8. More Collaboration

Coworkers creating a strategy with their laptops

Along with networking comes more opportunity to collaborate. Group work and partnering with others may seem stressful to some. If you are one of those who find it stressful, try to focus on the positives.

You can get your name further out there, make business friends that can help you grow and you can come up with a new, creative product or service.

9. Give Back To The Community

Giving back isn’t just for the Holiday season. This year find something you truly care about and serve in your community by making real moves to be a part of a positive difference. Not only is it great for your community, but it will also let your community see that your business is trustworthy and cares about other people.

You can join a board, be a mentor or host a fundraiser. However, you choose to give back to the community this year, make sure it is something you are passionate about.

Dare To Explore And Follow Through

Girl with glasses smiling

We all know most resolutions never see fruition. We hope you make these resolutions for your business at the top of your priority list and implement them this upcoming year.

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