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7 Tips To Write A Great Customer Success Story

Getting a great testimonial from your clients is an easy way to add credibility to your company. Anyone can say great things about themselves, but getting a positive story from someone who has tried your product or service is even better. Writing a solid customer service story can be tricky as you need to stay balanced between telling a good story and making your point nice and succinct.

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7 Tricks To Use To Save Time For Your Business

The issue of people wasting time at work has always been a hard one to tackle. According to Forbes, 89% of people admit to wasting time at work. For small business owners, wasting time at work can be even easier due to being overwhelmed by the responsibility or easily distracted without anyone to hold you accountable. Regardless of the issue, it can be hard to reign yourself in and create better systems for everyone involved to get more work done.

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8 Tips To Make Your Company Grow

You’re ready for that next step to grow your business and bring more revenue in. With only ⅔ of businesses making it through the first 2 years, ½ to 5 years and ⅓ to year 10, we want to congratulate you on making it to a point where you want to grow your business. We all know it’s hard work that requires both a substantial amount of invested time and money. During this next step, be prepared to wear many different hates and roll up your sleeves till everything is settled comfortably.

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The Importance of A Consistent Social Media Presence

Constance and consistency, these two qualities will support you through any endeavor. From training for sports, practicing art skills, building relationships, and creating a strong social media presence. Your business needs to be cared for daily just like any other aspect of your life. Just doing a good job isn’t enough to grow your company. You need to be able to give a great product/service and know how to get your name out there using today’s tools.

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Time To Cut Spam Ads And Start Communicating

Digital marketing does not equal spam ads on people’s social media feed and web pages. As marketers, our goal should be to communicate with people about a product or service that would be useful to them. There are two keywords in that sentence that I would like to focus in on:

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How To Create A Solid Sales Funnel

Without a system to convert your leads into customers, your business will suffer. A great product or service by itself will help you get the word out a bit, but without a proper sales funnel, you aren’t going to see the growth you want. All of the successful companies you see, from Starbucks to Adidas, use a sales funnel. Some of them don’t just have one sale funnel, they have many. First, let’s find out what a sales funnel looks like, and then see an example of a complex sales funnel system. From sales funnel examples to guiding you through the steps, it’s time to learn how to make a solid sales funnel.

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7 Tips To Sell On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a day of celebration for many, or a day to make fun of for others. Either way, it’s a day of significance. Looking at large companies, we can see that Valentine’s Day is a good time to jump in with some creative, fun ideas for the season. Sometimes this can feel like a hard task. What ideas are good ideas? How can you stand out when everyone seems to be trying to get attention from lovebirds to go to their business or product? It’s time to sit down and talk about ways to get your business thriving during this heart-candied time.

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Do I Need A Business Card?

It’s no secret that the world is changing rapidly due to technological advancement. From business organization to marketing, nothing has been untouched by the change caused by technology. Seeking employment and networking is no different.

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How To Captivate Your Digital Audience

The digital marketplace is oversaturated. You may have a great product, but it’s hard to have your voice heard. Beautiful photos, amusing videos, and interesting articles flood our feed and our day-to-day lives.

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