How To Captivate Your Digital Audience

The digital marketplace is oversaturated. You may have a great product, but it’s hard to have your voice heard. Beautiful photos, amusing videos, and interesting articles flood our feed and our day-to-day lives.

How do you stand out in a crowd that is so suffocating?

We encourage you to connect and engage. We know it’s hard to stand out these days, but with a little bit of focus and quality content, you will be able to befriend the crowd that actually matters. It’s not about being heard by everyone, it’s about being heard by your target market. Let’s talk about how we can do that.

Quality Content Beats Quantity

This concept is old and holds true on the world-wide-web. First, we want to stress the importance of quality over quantity because without understanding this concept, you will be creating content that will leave your viewers completely unimpressed.

You can’t write just to write and expect to get loyal followers. Writing quality content about subjects that will add to the day or your viewers is important. No one wants to see a bunch of cold ads and nonsense posts in their feed. You will be unfollowed.

This concept applies to anything you are publishing on the internet and not just on your social media platforms. To captivate your digital audience through your website and blog posts, you need to put time and effort into what you are putting out in the world.

Take time to research what interests your target audience and do your best to produce work that adds to that subject. The time it takes to create a meaningful post may be longer, but it will be worth it.

Understand The Goal Of Your Work

To create solid content you need to understand the goal of your work. Why are you posting this? If you don’t know why you need to think again. You should have clear goals as to why you are publishing work and how it adds to the lives of your customers.

Sometimes you may have a discount that you’d like to post on Instagram. That’s great, but don’t push your products all of the time. What is the goal of your product and how does it help others? Talk about issues that surround your goal and you will be able to captivate your digital audience.

Participation Goes A Long Way

Coworkers with laptops

People, especially millennials, love to participate in their purchases. They want to give their opinion and say what they’d like. This is great because it gives you better insight into your customers. The challenge is utilizing this knowledge and creating content that people can interact with.

Instagram and Facebook are becoming more and more interactive. You can have live stream videos where you answer incoming questions, you can post surveys and you can interact with your audience in the comments below.

Many people, especially millennials, simply do not react well with hard sell advertising. It’s good to shake things up with the interactive features available on social media platforms.

Emotional Connection

You need to know the concerns of your audience members to captivate their attention. Are they coming to your page because they want to fix a problem in their life? Don’t be afraid to talk about issues as long as you put a positive spin on it. People want to relate to something but are also attracted to positivity and realistic solutions.

This should come naturally as your product or service adds to the lives of others. Accentuate what is helpful about your product and go ahead and talk about the issues bothering your clients. We all want to see more authentic content out in the world whether it be on hard copy, websites, blogs or social media.

Your Audience Varies, So Should Your Content

When you think of your audience, you need to visualize the different kinds of people coming to your page. Think about these groups of people, whether they are separated generationally or by their specific concerns, and think about what they need to see today.

Try posting blogs about different subjects that will relate to different sectors of your audience. You do not need to appeal to everyone all of the time. Do you already have different audience members following you on Instagram then you do on Twitter? Lean into that and learn what each group on these platforms actually wants to read and learn from you.

Your audience needs to see a reflection of themselves in your content. So learn and reflect back. Take the time to research so that you can learn how to captivate your specific digital audience.

Watch Your Tone

Two girls talking to each other.

What is your voice like with your audience? Just like capturing a live audience’s attention, you need to use your tone to captivate a digital audience’s attention. Voices that sound too scripted and robotic will lose viewers fairly quickly. Before you know it, your content is lost on the web without anyone actually paying attention to it.

If you strive to be informative, make sure your tone can present the information in either a positive or edgy way. Look up synonyms to words if you feel that your language is falling flat. Follow brands that are doing well and see how they talk and post.

Read blogs that interest you and see how they present information. Again, this step will take some research but will help you more easily create content that your audience will pay attention to instead of scroll past.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Different Mediums

Videos and photos can take a lot of work, but they can grab a lot of attention if done well. You still need to follow the same guidelines listed above, but make sure you pay attention to the length of your video as well. People don’t want to sit around and watch a 10-minute video.

Luckily a lot of social media platforms have a cap on how much video you can post at a time. Though this can be annoying, it can help give you an idea about how much you should be posting at a time. Longer in-depth videos can be posted on your website or YouTube channel.

Don’t be afraid of any new developments in social media or online to connect with your audience. They are simply new tools for you to use.

When All Is Said And Done

These are some key steps to creating content that brings your audience in and keeps them reading and listening. Keep quality a priority, play with your words, stay positive and relate. There is a lot of content out there, but if you stay true to your brand and mission, you can stand out from the crowd and captivate your digital audience.

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