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8 Social Justice Nonprofits Working Towards Equality

Racial equality can never be achieved by a group or single person. It will take a variety of coordinated efforts and approaches to create change. Whether you are trying to volunteer or donate, it’s necessary to find an organization dedicated to equality and one that you can believe in. Unfortunately, it sometimes is difficult to find the right nonprofit to invest your time and money into. To make your search easier, here are 8 social justice nonprofits working towards equality in America.

Race Forward

For the past 40 years, Race Forward has been tirelessly working toward racial equality through media, policy-making, and educational resources.

Their goal? To eliminate racial oppression and exploitation around the world. Through research, publication, and practice, Race Forward hopes to create an environment where people of color can thrive across all industries.

The organization’s primary publication is Colorlines, an online media source reporting socioeconomic inequities and people of color making a positive change in the world.

Media is not the only way Race Forward fans can educate themselves, as this grassroots organization also offers informational training courses on racial justice.

One of these, a webinar called #RaceAnd, features industry experts discussing the interaction between race and a specific social issue. For example, one episode titled #RaceAnd the Gender Binary educates viewers on the history of gender in regards to modern-day transphobia within a racial context.

This webinar series has been so successful that tickets are currently sold out, but the content is uploaded to YouTube after the webinars conclude.

8 Social Justice Nonprofits Working Towards Equality

Intersectional Environmentalist

Why advocate for one social justice issue when you could work toward two? Intersectional Environmental, an environmental advocacy group, does exactly that.

While working toward environmentalism and climate change, IE also promotes historically underrepresented groups and giving a voice to racial minorities.

Founded by Leah Thomas just over a year ago, the organization has seen tremendous growth in its first year of life – gaining over 392,000 followers on Instagram.

The organization’s largest project thus far has been Thomas’ book The Intersectional Environmentalist, where she describes her own theories on how to “dismantle systems of oppression to protect people + planet.”

IE has taken advantage of the share-ability of social media, creating aesthetic infographics that followers can re-share to their own platforms. By collaborating with graphic designers, IE has appealed to the media-crazed Gen Z population.

IE also produces a podcast titled Dismantled which features environmental experts speaking on the power of racial equality within the industry.


Kids In Need of Defense, or KIND, works to reunite migrant children who have been separated from their families.

Founded by Microsoft and actress/activist Angelina Jolie, KIND has been assisting children in need for the past 14 years. With over 600 legal partners and 50,000 volunteers, KIND has referred more than 20,000 children in need.

KIND works with a large network of pro-bono attorneys to help unaccompanied children gain access to legal assistance that they would not have otherwise. In 2020, the organization had a 95% success rate for completed legal cases.

Working with legal professionals and volunteer translators, KIND’s mission is to ensure every unaccompanied child gets access to high-quality legal services when appearing in immigration court.

Dream Corps

Nonprofit organization Dream Corps believes that “diversity is the source of our nation’s strength”. To promote and restore respect in diversity, Dream Corps works with ex-convicts to offer opportunities instead of jail time.

Many organizations are working to reform the criminal justice system. However, Dream Corps is unique in its focus. They not only work toward prison reform but also promote an environmentally friendly economy and establish equity in the technology field.

One popular campaign has been the 2020 Day of Empathy, where Dream Corps hosted 14 virtual events for almost 43,000 participants. Led by celebrity guest speakers like Kim Kardashian West and Martin Luther King III, the community discussed racial injustice and ways to enact future change.

Dream Corps also regularly updates its social media promoting other social justice causes and charities.

Kathy’s Legacy Foundation

After losing Kathy Scharbarth to domestic abuse, her family turned their grief into positive social change by starting the nonprofit Kathy’s Legacy. Not only does the organization raise funds for domestic abuse victims, but also created Assembly Bill 2467.

Known as “Kathy’s Law,” the bill ensures that domestic abuse perpetrators are electronically investigated and victims are notified when perpetrators are in the area.

Although the foundation is based in San Diego, CA, it helps victims throughout the victims by increasing awareness and offers mental health resources.

Campaign Zero

In the past year, the United States has seen a sharp increase in police violence. Campaign Zero plans to eliminate police violence in America and instate racial equality within the justice system.

One of the organization’s initiatives works to end “Broken Windows Policing”. This policing refers to minor offenses, potentially something as simple as a broken window, leading to police violence, murders, and arrests.

According to the organization’s website, “in 2014, police killed at least 287 people who were involved in minor offenses and harmless activities like sleeping in parks, possessing drugs, looking ‘suspicious’ or having a mental health crisis”.

Campaign Zero focuses on ten main goals, including community representation and demilitarization, to halt unnecessary police violence.

8 Social Justice Nonprofits Working Towards Equality

The Bail Project

Rapper Lil Nas X has been outspoken about his passion for racial equality. In hopes to make concrete change, the young musician recently teamed up with nonprofit The Bail Project to decrease mass incarceration.

The Bail Project has targeted a specific aspect of the justice system — paying bail. This unfair system often sets people up for failure, guaranteeing jail time for minor offenses simply due to a lack of funds.

Over the past ten years, the organization has helped more than 18,500 people pay for their bail. By collaborating with TED Talks, UCLA Law, and many others, the organization has continued to grow and assist those unfairly incarcerated.

Reclaim the Block

George Floyd’s murder will go down in his history as one of the most influential and tragic instances of police violence. Reclaim the Block knows this struggle better than anyone, as the nonprofit is dedicated to decreasing police violence in Minneapolis.

However, Reclaim the Block does not simply want to decrease police brutality but instead restructure the city’s economy. The organization works to reroute police funds to other Minneapolis organizations that would spend the money toward truly keeping the community safe.

With over 348,000 Instagram followers in just three years, Reclaim the Block has made a splash in the social justice nonprofit community. The organization uses social media as a way to share important infographics and connect with a younger audience. It also hosts in-person and online events to increase education regarding the inequalities of the police system.

Do you work for a nonprofit organization?

At Elevare, we work for social justice causes, helping nonprofits around the country achieve their goals. We hope these top nonprofits and national organizations working towards equality help you in your search.

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HBO Max Intern Goofs, Community Chimes in with Empathy

On Thursday, June 17th around  8:31 p.m. ET, a mysterious email was sent from the streaming company, HBO Max, to their subscriber’s inboxes. The email was titled “Integration Test Email #1,” and only contained a single line of text that read, “This template is used by integration tests only,” with no attachments included.

Was it a phishing scam?

Well, as it turns out, no.

Although it looked like an email scam, in reality, it was a regular test email that many companies would normally keep private. Somehow the email had been sent out by accident.

According to HBO, it was the intern’s fault. They released a tweet explaining the mishap.

While this could have been a career-ending mistake, HBO Max and the Twitter community took it lightly. Some joked it was all an elaborate marketing scheme.

“Tonight watch “Integration Test Email #1 on HBO MAX!!” commented a user.

“I hope everyone watches my new show called Integration Test Email #1 coming to HBO Max soon! We’re trying something new with the marketing…” said comedian Cristela Alonzo.

Others joked this was a new marketing technique that was sure to distress other major streaming companies.

But for others, this mistake struck a deep chord. Only a few days after the initial accidental email blast, Twitter has exploded with “Dear Intern” responses, full of support, encouragement and the sharing of personal workplace mistakes.

One woman tweeted her mix up, “Dear Intern, I was using my desktop calendar to make a monthly note of when I started my menstrual period, but after several months I realized I was making that note on a calendar I shared with all of my colleagues company wide. I was 37 years old.” This tweet has already gathered 88.2k likes and over 3k retweets.

Another user responded, “Dear intern, I once globally took down Spotify. It almost happened twice. My team was awesome about it and I’m still here. You managed to find something broken in the way integration tests are done. It’s a good thing and will help improve things. Good luck <3.”

Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern under President Bill Clinton, even offered the HBO intern advice, tweeting, “It gets better.”

Turns out this mistake was a good intermission from the daily barrage of marketing messages we all receive.

Understanding we are all human and we make mistakes from time to time has, if even only for a Twitter minute, brought the internet closer together.

Why Nonprofits Need Marketing

The reason why nonprofits need marketing is simple. At the end of the day, nonprofits are a business and for a business to have success, they need to know how to effectively market and sell their cause.

Many nonprofits are doing great work. They are working hard for causes that need help, they are saving lives, reuniting families, and getting resources to those who need them most. However, while your nonprofit may have the best intentions, if no one sees your organization, you won’t be able to help anyone.

Why Do Nonprofits Need Marketing?

You could be killing the nonprofit game, but not be able to bring in the donations you need to keep going.

Don’t make the mistake of either ignoring marketing efforts altogether (by believing if your cause is good enough and the donors will come) or throwing a half-hazard marketing strategy together and hoping for the best.

Both of these approaches will likely not yield the results you want, or at least not in the timeframe you’d prefer!

Nonprofits Need A Marketing Plan

Marketing for nonprofits can often get lost in the shuffle. But, nonprofits need to understand they are there to serve customers, just like a for-profit business. These “customers” simply go by different names – donors, sponsors, and volunteers.

These customers need motivation to “buy” what you’re selling.

Volunteers assist with running operations. Donors and sponsors work to bring in revenue. Operations and revenue keep an organization up and running. It is not very different from a business!

As such, for any business to succeed they have to have a plan!

If you don’t have a high quality marketing plan, you are setting yourself up for failure. Too many nonprofits are just “winging it” with their marketing efforts. They pass off running their social media accounts to an unpaid intern or a volunteer who’s overworked and gets to it when they can. This often leads to a very disorganized and inconsistent execution.

While you may not need to hire a professional social media marketer or content marketer, you do need a marketing plan.

Creating a cohesive digital media marketing strategy could help launch your nonprofit to the next level and put you in front of new potential donors! Start by determining your ideal customers, and how you are going to reach them. Take the time to write out a marketing roadmap that everyone on your team can follow. This will help keep all your communication clear, focused, cohesive and efficient!

Communication Is The Key

As a nonprofit, communicating the importance of your cause is imperative for your longevity. Nonprofit organizations must be intentional about their interactions and constantly communicating with donors and their communities is imperative!

If you aren’t paying attention to your communication efforts, messaging can fall through the cracks. You must be intentional about what you say, as you are continually selling, selling a cause.

For many nonprofits, donors and volunteers are deeply involved emotionally. They deeply care about the cause. It is important to respect this and ensure you develop the right wording and content for your social channels and communication services.

Especially if donors are giving large sums of money, they expect to see the nitty-gritty of where their money is going. Small details can cause a donor not to withdraw. Selling the need for support for real-world problems takes a certain skill and carefully crafted messaging.

When armed with a comprehensive marketing plan, volunteers, members, sponsors, and donors can feel safe knowing exactly what is happening within the organization. They are more likely to give and invest more of their time into your cause. You can counter failing donating and low rates of volunteers by simply making your mission known and compelling.

Why Nonprofits Need MarketingIncreasing Brand Awareness Equals More Donations

Why do companies run the same ads over and over again – why do you see the same shampoo ad on your Instagram or Facebook feed every day? Well, this method works for selling a product.

Similar to just about any product, the more exposure to a product there is, the more likely the customer will buy it.

The same psychology can be applied to the nonprofit sector. Once you have determined your target audience, developed your unique value proposition, and curated a comprehensive marketing campaign, it’s time to get more eyes on your cause!

Even with limited budgets, nonprofits can score with a highly specific and targeted online marketing campaign!

Luckily, you can run marketing campaigns through Google Ads or Facebook Ads for only a few bucks. This could be a strategy you may want to consider.

The Power of Marketing

Nonprofit marketing is critical for survival. While tactics may vary between a for-profit business and a non-profit, the principles remain the same.

Nonprofit organizations have customers just like any other business. To bring in new customers, your organization needs to develop a marketing strategy that is geared towards your specific audience. Then, push out that campaign!

If you don’t know where to start – don’t worry! That’s where we can help. We’ve worked with numerous nonprofits and understand what it takes to help organizations like yours succeed. We can help you determine and implement a digital marketing strategy and social media strategy!

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Backlinking: Why It Is Critical For Your SEO Success

Backlinking drives organic traffic, builds your online presence and leads to success. But, if you are new to digital marketing, you may be wondering why it is so important.

You did some keyword research. You determined your topic. Then, you wrote a post full of quality content. But wait – your digital strategy should not stop there!

You may be missing out on a vital part of your SEO strategy – backlinks. This could be costing you valuable business!

Your SEO strategy may need an upgrade and backlinks could be the missing key.

In this post, we’ll explain the importance of backlinking and how it works. We will also explain how you can use it to drive more sales for your business, both online and offline.

What Are Backlinks In SEO?

In short, backlinks connect one website to another. To use backlinks, marketers or writers will create content that contains both internal and external links. Some of these links will connect to other pages on their own website. Other links will connect to outside websites. Oftentimes these backlinks are citing information or referencing more resources.

Search engines such as Google view backlinks as “votes” for a specific page. Basically, the more votes for a page equal a higher ranking. 

Why Are Backlinks Important In SEO?

There are many ranking factors Google uses to rank sites, including the use of anchor text, a title tag, and meta tags. However, Google has confirmed that backlinking is one of the three most important parts of the way they determine website ranking!

Google pushes high-ranking sites to the top of the search results. The higher your site ranks, the more people will see your site first when searching relevant keywords! 

Now that you understand the importance of backlinks for your website’s ranking, you may feel ready to jump in and start utilizing them in your SEO strategy.

But, you should not backlink to just any site!Google plays a huge role in determining traffic levels for your site.

What Kinds Of Backlinks Are Considered Valuable? 

It’s not the number of links, but the quality of links that help to determine your site’s ranking.

When citing a paper for a college course, do you cite a Harvard Research study or a random person’s blog? Most would choose Harvard. That is the difference between high and low-quality backlinks. Google evaluates the quality of who you are linking to and who is linking to you. 

This all feeds into Google’s process for determining how valuable your site is. Higher quality backlinks result in better domain authority.

One high-quality backlink can be more powerful than 100 low-quality backlinks! 

The better the backlinks, the more valuable Google will deem your site. The higher the domain authority, the higher Google will rank your site. The more valuable your site is, the more traffic your site will see. 

High-quality backlinks help prove your credibility to Google. In turn, Google pushes your site in front of more eyes. 

Backlinks Play A Big Role In Driving Traffic

Building backlinks as part of your SEO strategy is critical for your success. It plays a huge role in driving traffic to your site.

Unless you buy your ranking (as notified by “Ad” in front of the title), you have a lower chance of showing up on the first page of the search results. If you are backlinking effectively, you could rank on the first page! This can exponentially increase your exposure if utilized correctly.

Backlinking drives traffic.

Backlinks Help You Build Your Brand And Reputation 

Improving your SEO strategy by including backlinks can help you reach your target audience more efficiently.

The more people that see your site, the more credible your page will be. This leads to increased brand awareness and helps build your reputation.

As your brand becomes more recognizable, other sites and businesses will start linking to your pages. In turn, their backlinking will boost your domain authority!

Backlinks Are Critical For Success

Your link-building strategy is important for SEO. If you have great content, optimizing your SEO strategy will help lead your business to success. 

But, optimizing your SEO should be only one part of your digital marketing strategy.

Are you checking all your boxes with your digital media marketing plan? Are you using social media, traditional marketing tactics, and building a subscriber list?

There are many additional marketing channels you could be utilizing – such as email marketing. Email marketing can be highly effective at driving traffic in tandem with your SEO efforts!

Not sure if you are using the right marketing strategy and digital channels for your business? Check out our free Ultimate Marketing Cheat Sheet to see if you’re checking all your marketing boxes!

Need Help With Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you’re not sure where to start, there’s plenty of free (and paid-for) tools you can utilize – sites such as SEMRush, Moz, and Ahrefs offer a variety of free tools you can try out.

However, these tools can be confusing for a new digital marketer, and you do not want to waste your valuable time. If you decide to pay for some of their services, they can get expensive fast.

We realized this was an issue for a lot of businesses starting their journey into online marketing. They wanted to optimize their SEO strategy without breaking the bank.

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A Marketer’s Guide To A Successful Pride Campaign

From flag-themed Fourth of July graphics to Christmas giveaways, brands have always clung to holiday marketing campaigns. Throughout the past year, we’ve seen social justice movements like Black Lives Matter become hot topics in America, with unsupportive companies being pushed out by cancel culture.

To show support for marginalized communities, companies have utilized themed occasions to spread awareness and support on social platforms. As June is Pride Month, many brands are launching campaigns that celebrate pride. Although the LGBTQ community has been loud and proud for decades, gay marriage was legalized in the United States only six years ago.

While the LGBT community still faces mistreatment, even hate crimes and homophobia from some, LGBT Pride Month is a time to celebrate open sexualities and promote equality. From Tiffany & Co. to Nike, many of the world’s biggest brands are pulling out all the stops, developing marketing strategies to create positive and powerful Pride campaigns.

Be Genuine

In this day and age, most brands, tiptoe around controversy to avoid public disapproval. They want their product or service to keep everyone (not just their target audience) happy. However, this has allowed many companies to cling to popular causes.

For example, Pride campaigns are all over social media in 2021, but was your brand actively supporting social justice causes two, four, or 10 years ago?

Audiences value genuine marketing, which is why many brands back up their campaigns with past work and an emotional appeal.

The Rainbow Oreo

Back in 2012, cookie company Oreo released their first Pride campaign, a rainbow-themed cookie showing outward support for the legalization of gay marriage. Although the social media posts garnered both love and hate, the brand did not stop there.

Oreo’s most recent campaign shared a collaboration between Oreo and PFLAG National, a nonprofit organization. The two brands created the Proud Parent campaign, which included a two-minute-long commercial that details the complicated relationship between a father and his lesbian daughter. Although the daughter longs for connection, the father finally comes around and outwardly shows his support for her sexuality by painting his fence rainbow.

Through this commercial and other resources, Oreo and PFLAG hope to inspire acceptance and support for the LGBTQ community. This is a prime successful marketing campaign example.

What makes this marketing campaign stand out from others? Consistency.

Oreo supported LGBTQ rights before Pride was accepted in mainstream media and did not let initial backlash stop them from continuing to support gay pride. With a long history of advocacy, consumers can trust Oreo is not campaigning for views and followers — but instead acting for social change. Their consistency has helped increase their brand awareness.

If your brand plans to implement a social justice marketing campaign, ask yourself, how can I use this opportunity to emphasize our values?

Marketers guide to a successful pride campaign

Identify The Problems, Find The Solutions

Marketing campaigns aren’t all about aesthetics and public appeal. When supporting social justice movements, you must understand the issues at hand. Marginalized groups are fighting for equality — a goal that requires a little more than an Instagram rainbow GIF.

Mercedes-Benz Canada wanted to bring awareness to the culturally accepted mistreatment and bullying young LGBTQ+ people face, inspiring victims to accept their unique identities as beautiful. The car company released a five-minute video titled “Painted with Love”, in which members of the LGBTQ community discuss past experiences of homophobia with artist Thomarya “Tee” Fergus.

After hearing about their trials and tribulations, Fergus creates a colorful mural to represent the beauty in self-acceptance.

Many campaigns are perceived as shallow, prioritizing aesthetics and convenient self-promotion. However, Mercedes-Benz used its platform to genuinely spread awareness of mistreatment. By giving LGBTQ voices a platform to share their experiences, Mercedes-Benz is directly addressing a major deficit in traditional media.

Addressing social justice issues must be done carefully and respectfully, especially concerning marketing campaigns. By listening to marginalized groups and their issues, your team can find ways to assist movements in furthering their cause.

Missing The Mark

While many brands utilized their public platforms to effectively spread support for the LGBTQ+ community, others fell short.

Many have criticized overdone Pride-themed products. Countless brands slap a rainbow on a T-shirt and call it a day.

Apparel brand Tipsy Elves is one of the many companies to face negative comments after releasing its Pride collection. Many dubbed the shirt designs as cringey, derogatory, and disingenuous.

Some of the apparel taglines include “Too gay to function”“So Homo”, and “Kiss me, Bro”.

A member of the LGBTQ+ community even took these pieces to TikTok, where he shared his least favorite shirts in disgust.

While this might be a dramatic example of failed Pride campaigns, it illustrates the oversaturation industry of themed products.

Whether it’s Christmas, Black Lives Matter, or Pride Month, themed marketing campaigns should have more depth. They require much more than slapping a rainbow on a t-shirt.

When designing your campaign, ensure your team includes members of the target audience. If not, seek advice and guidance from potential consumers using your professional network or social media engagement tools.

A Marketer’s Guide To A Successful Pride Campaign

At Elevare, our team of experts can assist your brand. We’ll help you create a solid campaign plan and streamline your marketing efforts for any major holiday. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we’ve mastered the ins and outs of social media marketing. We also have experience with SEO and branding. We can give you marketing tips that will help your business grow.

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The Power of Quality Content

The power of quality content shouldn’t be understated! High-quality, engaging content can impact your business in many ways! If your content is not up to par with the industry standards, this could be costing your business valuable conversions. 

The digital media industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Even seasoned marketers can feel overwhelmed by all the new marketing tools, advice, and tactics that are being produced daily. Businesses around the world use content marketing as a core part of their digital marketing strategies. Yet, managing a business while running marketing campaigns can be a handful.

Here at Elevare, we specialize in content marketing strategy, social media marketing, web design and so much more. Our marketing team can help you reach your business goals, and develop your content marketing efforts, whatever they may be.

We understand there are hundreds of tools and thousands of “marketing experts” out there. There is a lot of conflicting advice on which marketing tools to utilize and who to listen to. But, we believe that for many the answer is simple: start by creating great content for your website. 

Creating quality content

What is content marketing?

Yes, you can pay for ads, but why not utilize what you can for free? Research shows high-quality content marketing produces up to 3X more leads per dollar spent, and costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing tactics! Even further, 61 percent of U.S. online customers purchase after reading a recommendation from a blog. 

These statistics alone should be convincing! If you haven’t started a blog for your business, you should consider it. 

Focusing on content marketing can be powerful for driving traffic to your business and converting.

Content marketing is different from traditional marketing and includes a variety of things such as blogs, articles, e-books, entertainment, videos, and webinars. However, all of this content answers specific questions people have and provides them with a unique solution. 

Quality content builds trust, loyalty and drives profits

Starting a blog for your site is a great way to become a credible resource within your industry on topics that are important to your potential customers. This can drive more traffic your way.

If you are producing credible content, your business is more likely to be discovered by the right audience. After the right audience is attracted, it is easier to build trust and loyalty. This, in turn, helps form strong customer relationships. In the end, long term profits are grown from loyal, long-term customers!

You may now be convinced you should start producing content for your business. So, you quickly write up a few articles and they go live.

But wait! Unfortunately, creating content for the sake of having something on your website isn’t good enough. To be successful with your content marketing endeavors, you need to curate quality content

How to create high-quality content

How do you define quality content? Well, it’s content that engages, persuades the reader, is educational and not too sales-y.

Still not sure what to write?

Here are some tips about what quality content should include.

Target your specific audience

Before you start writing content, make sure you’ve done your research on who you are writing for. Analyze the right market. Target your product or service and frame your content accordingly. Make sure you are focusing on the unique thing you offer compared to others.

If you are not sure how to find your target audience, read here! We have offered some helpful tips for targeting. Marketing to a specific demographic will yield a much higher ROI and more successful results.

Don’t waste your energy writing content that won’t appeal to your target audience!

Be very concise

Good content is clear, concise, entertaining, and engaging! Focus on your core message and get to the point! If your content is too wordy and does not immediately describe the message or desired action, you may be wasting your time. Your reader will quickly lose interest. Strive to be upfront and direct.

Be engaging

This is extremely important. The amount of content on the internet is endless, and most of it isn’t well done. Make your content stand out from the crowd by being highly engaging for your audience! Don’t blend in. Your business is unique. Write content that provides a solution only you can offer.

Be relevant

Have you ever googled a question, clicked on a site, and was misled? Halfway through the article, you realize the content was just clickbait? Make sure your content isn’t misleading but extremely informative and relevant! High-quality content isn’t just for clicks.

You should want to offer something valuable and applicable for the searcher. Create relevant content, not click-bait.

Utilize the right platforms

Let’s say you have curated a fantastic blog post and you promote it via Instagram. But, you get very little engagement. What did you do wrong? Even if your copy is a 10 out of 10, if you share to the wrong platforms, you could be wasting your time.

Your target audience may not be on those social media platforms! After you’ve written your content, make sure you identify channels that apply to your target audience. What works on one social platform may not work for another. Be aware that you often will have to tailor your content and messaging specifically per the platform used. 

If you are incorporating all of the above points into your content creation, you should be well on your way to producing high quality content.

marketing for different platforms

The power of quality content

Whether you are a new business owner trying to develop your content strategy or a marketer looking to build on your existing skills, don’t stress! We are here to help guide you in curating the best content for your audience and goals.

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for answers and ways to improve your marketing strategies. Creating quality content doesn’t have to be hard.

Here at Elevare, we understand the power of quality content. We specialize in content marketing, social media marketing, web design and so much more. Let us help you improve your content marketing tactics and develop your content calendar.

We have created a free resource to help you evaluate your marketing strategies. Download our free Ultimate Guide to Marketing Cheat Sheet today and kickstart your goals!

4 Marketing Campaigns Your Team Can Learn From

With so many brands vying for consumer’s attention, it’s hard to stand out. However, instead of competing with other businesses, learn from them. Your marketing research should include a variety of online marketing and traditional marketing strategies. Taking tactics from those who have done it successfully can help improve your strategy and improve business. We’ve put together 4 marketing campaigns your team can learn from!

Learn From These Campaigns

The pandemic has been tough on countless industries, but travel has faced the hardest blow. Flight restrictions have forced families away from each other for the holidays as quarantine became mandatory around the globe. Although vaccine distribution is moving along, the travel industry has been restricted for the past year and a half.

Although travel is necessary for many people, the industry is in jeopardy of becoming less popular. COVID-19 has caused many travel related businesses to struggle.

How Can Travel Stay Desirable In An Unfortunate Time?

Travel website Expedia has used marketing to garner attention, specifically in the Let’s Take a Trip digital media campaign. Directed by Victor Haegelin, the stop-motion video follows a couple recreating travel experiences from home. From a road trip to room service, the couple uses household items to simulate the adventures so many families are missing due to COVID-19.

Although it may be a long way away, Expedia hopes to remind customers not to forget about the beauty of travel. The tagline reads “Imagine the places we’ll go. Together.” This is an attempt to inspire the excitement of future travel plans utilizing their digital channels.

The cute, thirty-second commercial may not seem like much, but the campaign teaches a powerful message in staying relevant. While other travel company competitors will hold advertising until restrictions are fully lifted, Expedia wants to ensure it is the go-to company when travel returns.

4 Marketing Campaigns Your Team Can Learn From

Socially Conscious Promotions

The past few years have been filled with social justice causes, protests, and political attacks. Although there are so many amazing causes to support, it seems like every day a new issue arises.

How can brands stay unique while also genuinely supporting social justice movements?

Take a page out of Gillette’s book. The shaving brand is known for its longtime slogan “The Best A Man Can Get” which specifically targets middle-aged men. When the #MeToo movement took Hollywood by storm and held men accountable for inappropriate actions, Gillette decided to stand against previously accepted harassment.

With over 36 million views, the “We Believe: The Best A Man Can Be” campaign addressed toxic masculinity, bullying, and sexual assault. The short film depicts multiple different scenes of toxic masculinity as men of all ages physically fight, bully each other, and openly degrade women.

After acknowledging common, dismissive phrases like “boys will be boys”, each storyline is then set on the right track by men brave enough to stand against societal norms.

Brands have fallen into the trap of using social media as a quick and simple way to address social justice movements and avoid cancel culture. However, Gillette uses its resources to create a powerful, serious film on the toxicity of traditional masculinity.

Although companies can not create genuine, long-form content for every cause, dedicating time to movements that hold personal value can increase trust from consumers. Instead of posting a short Instagram story agreeing with the majority, Gillette’s team illustrated an issue important to them.

However, the advertisement did not come without backlash, as critics claimed the commercial was depicting the bare minimum while also labeling all men as sexist.

Although you can not please everyone, some advertisers argue that even bad press is good press – and you can’t argue with 36 million views.

4 Marketing Campaigns Your Team Can Learn From

Know Your Audience Even Better Than Your Best Friend

When CVS saw beauty product sales decline in the late 2010s, the pharmacy/retail store did not just increase advertising across the board — they sought out to identify the key issues.

The brand found many female customers were frustrated by the unrealistic beauty standards created by visual marketing. Thus, the Beauty Marks marketing plan was born.

Around 72% of advertisements are digitally retouched, many including the physical alteration of female models. The majority of digital advertisements are altered for aesthetics. This can create an unrealistic comparison between a Photoshopped model and a regular young girl.

To stop this toxic cycle of comparison, CVS has created a digital watermark to indicate whether an image has been edited in post-production. The campaign’s home page reads “We will not digitally alter or change a person’s shape, size, proportion, skin or eye color or enhance or alter lines, wrinkles or other individual characteristics.”

According to, 80% of customers reported having a newfound positive impression of CVS Beauty after viewing the campaign materials.

Consumers prefer genuine ads over perfected aesthetics any day. By promoting natural beauty, CVS Beauty has become a fan-favorite among consumers with similar values.

Industry Competition – Friends Not Enemies

Every brand has a target audience. For Red Bull, it’s adrenaline junkies who like energy drinks. For GoPro, it’s adrenaline junkies who like to film what happens after they have energy drinks.

In 2016, the two brands teamed up to establish a global partnership, capitalizing on the compatibility of each product. Red Bull has gained respect as a lifestyle brand, sponsoring the best athletes around the globe. However, for all the crazy Red Bull stunts, who’s recording?

In a blog posted by GoPro, the team wrote “GoPro will become Red Bull’s exclusive provider of point-of-view imaging technology for capturing immersive footage of Red Bull’s media productions and events.”

From 2016 on, most televised action sports had both the Red Bull and GoPro logo plastered all over them. This emphasized the brand’s monopoly on extreme sports and stunts. No matter what industry, companies can take notes when analyzing this partnership.

Look at your target audience. Who are they? What else do they like? What common interests do they share?

Instead of competing against similar businesses, collaborate with them. Utilize each others’ strengths to create an even more powerful, better brand.

Create Your Own Campaign

Consider these 4 marketing campaigns – your team can learn from them. Want to have a successful digital marketing campaign like these famous campaigns? At Elevare, we have over a decade of experience helping brands expand their clientele and increase profits.

Through website design, SEO optimization, and social media marketing, we will bring your business to the next level. We will help you market your product or service. Develop a successful marketing strategy utilizing any relevant marketing channels you may need.

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10 Nonprofit Organizations Whose Visions We Believe In

Like many other groups, the world of marketing and entrepreneurship has become oversaturated with constant content and materialistic motivations. While countless brands are overpaying for advertisements and struggling to develop their marketing efforts, hardworking nonprofit organizations are getting lost in the shuffle. To help you, we’ve put together a list of 10 nonprofit organizations whose visions we support.

Nonprofit organizations are in a unique situation, they have to deal with board members and budgeting. They too need to make money and increase awareness for financial success. Curating marketing strategies and developing an effective marketing plan are extremely important for success, just like any for-profit businesses. Nonprofits should not overlook the power of a well-crafted content marketing and/or email marketing strategy!

There are many charitable foundations in the nonprofit sector that are leveraging creative marketing tactics. These strategies are bringing in more donors and spreading awareness!

Here are ten nonprofits you should consider collaborating with.

10 Nonprofit Organizations Who's Visions We Support

Be Positive Foundation

After Joe McDonough lost his teenage son Andrew to cancer, he hoped to honor Andrew’s legacy by helping other families through the same struggle. Named after Andrew’s blood type and his cheerful attitude, the Be Positive Foundation dedicates its donations to cancer research and providing financial and emotional support for child cancer patients.

The foundation took a unique approach to marketing and fundraising, as they partner with high schools and colleges across the country to host dance marathons and events where students can connect with young patients and donate to the cause. 

Homeboy Industries

How do tortilla chips help former gang members? Father Gregory Boyle started Homeboy Industries to stop the cycle of mass incarceration in Los Angeles. Through therapy, tattoo removal treatments, and a supportive community, Homeboy Industries has become the top rehabilitation center in the country.

Not only does the center provide emotional support, but also employment through the production of Homeboy merchandise, catering, tortilla chips, and bakery items. Fr. Boyle and his friends travel around the country as public speakers, sharing their own personal stories about the power of a second chance. 

ThinkHer Project

Although The ThinkHer Project is only eight months old, the nonprofit organization has already provided over 100 women with sustainable incomes. By working with underprivileged communities in Tanzania and Kenya, the team hopes to reduce gender inequalities and prioritize environmental conservation. In collaboration with Funds2Org, the organization launched Share A Pair, a social media fundraiser that has garnered 500 pairs of shoes for micro-entrepreneurs in underdeveloped areas. As a relatively new organization, ThinkHer has collaborated with multiple other nonprofits to expand its network and increase volunteers. 

Starts with One Today

When founder Victoriah Bech began volunteering on Los Angeles’ “Skidrow”, she became overwhelmed with the number of families struggling through homelessness. Inspiried, she began a nonprofit organization called Starts with One Today. The nonprofit offers educational assistance, food giveaways, and a positive community for LA’s homeless women and children.

At its core, the organization lives by the motto “everyone you meet is somebody’s someone” to counteract the negative connotation toward homeless people. The team dedicates their weekend mornings to the Sundays in Skidrow volunteer event which brings fresh food to homeless communities, free of charge. 


Although it is a for-profit organization, 4Ocean has been making waves through its work in ocean conservation. As one of the more popular brands, 4Ocean is a Public Benefit Corporation. Instead of taking donations, the organization is solely funded by product sales. Since its launch in 2017, 4Ocean has extracted over 14 million pounds of trash from the ocean.

Through their recycled bracelets, the company has garnered 30 million dollars, which goes right back to ocean conservation efforts. The brand relies on engaging social media videos for the majority of its marketing campaigns, as its verified Instagram account has over 2.3 million followers. 

Herizon Music Foundation

By creating and empowering young women, the Herizon Music Foundation promotes gender equality and feminist values. Out of all the GRAMMY Award nominees from 2012-2018, only 9.3% were women. This is a statistic they hope to increase. Based out of Austin, Texas, the program offers scholarships for girls in need to have access to music and sound camps. The foundation also has a “Random Acts of Music” program. This program assists female musicians in finding paid gigs to financially support themselves.
Check out their amazing podcast, Backstage with Women in Music.

Autism Society Inland Empire 

Located in Southern California, the Autism Society Inland Empire helps individuals with autism and their families through a variety of programs. The organization’s services include social events, system advocacy, parental support, and access to basic needs.

For autistic children, teens and adults, the organization holds art classes, game, movie nights, and other fun events. Families and professionals can attend conferences/workshops or use a bilingual Resource Navigator to help find services and support. Although the pandemic brought a unique set of challenges to the autism community, the society distributed over 200,000 face masks, and 4,600 meals, provided over 6,000 individuals with social-emotional programs and over 20,000 people received training and resources.

Ali Forney Center 

Located in the heart of New York City, the Ali Forney Center provides LGBTQ+ youth with safe housing and resources within an accepting community. Like many LGBTQ+ teenagers, Ali Forney left an abusive home at a young age. She became homeless with absolutely no place to go. The center offers educational courses, job preparation, emergency housing, transitional living, and HIV health care to around 2,000 children per year. Musician Lady Gaga is one of the many celebrities who have openly supported the center, and she has even visited their Brooklyn headquarters in 2016 to perform a song and lead a group meditation. 

SonRise Equestrian Foundation 

Since 2006, the SonRise Equestrian Foundation has provided therapeutic horseback riding to children with special needs. Due to their tame and loyal nature, horses have been known to help children connect emotionally with others. Plus, this experience also helps the children exercise. Located in San Ramon, California, the center offers four free programs. Each caters to a specific age group, allowing them to get comfortable with animals and ranch life. Since the programs are free to families, fundraising has relied on their annual Wine and Equine event, which raised over $85,000 last year. 

Global Mamas

For the past 18 years, Global Mamas has been selling unique products handcrafted by African women in their local communities. The organization has a network of around 400 “Mamas” who have been able to expand their equipment and increase their quality of life thanks to the organization’s profits. From face masks to jewelry to everyday clothing, customers can choose from an array of handmade products for affordable prices.

By facilitating a relationship with the artisans, each Mama is highlighted on their website. 

Collaborate For A Good Cause

These 10 nonprofit organizations who’s visions we support are just a few great examples. Businesses and marketers should consider the value national and local nonprofit marketing can bring. Collaborating with a charitable nonprofit can help advertise your business. But more importantly, you’ll be doing your part! Your collaboration will support a good cause and help them raise money and raise awareness at the same time.  

Do you know of any nonprofits that should be added to this list? Feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

NFTs Impact on Marketing

Comic books, sports cards, coins, and stamps – all these common collectible items are outshined by the new fad, non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These non-fungible tokens have the ability to change the way marketers engage with their audiences, and alter marketing tactics for good. NFTs impact on marketing should not be overlooked.

What Are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

NFTs are unique digital items created by blockchain technology to ensure validity. They are impossible to fake. Similar to artwork, countless people can look at a painting or take photos of it, but only one person can own the original.

Often bought using cryptocurrency like Ethereum Blockchain, NFTs have become Wall Street’s biggest fans as profitable ways to invest in entertainment. Although NFT sales are solely online, owning a digital NFT of the Mona Lisa is now considered one of the most valuable assets in modern art. Digital art, produced by these digital artists, now hold more power. Digital images of any sort such as graphics or photographs can also be considered NFTS, giving them value they didn’t have before.

As such a new industry, the NFT industry has not become oversaturated just yet, leaving the door open for marketers eager to get involved. But, how can marketers take advantage of this emerging resource?

The NBA was one of the first to utilize the power of NFTs.

NBA Shoots and Scores with NFTs

The National Basketball Association was one of the first businesses to immerse itself in NFT creation with NBA Top Shot. On the website, users can buy and sell player cards, moments capturing their favorite plays, and unknown packs. The site is run by NFT company Dapper Labs which has licensed all recorded NBA moments and attached a serial number to each.

The software launched in 2020, but skyrocketed in February of 2021 with over 800,000 users interacting on the site. Sports fans across the world are offering hundreds of thousands of dollars for the most popular plays. For example, a Los Angeles Lakers Lebron James dunk sold for $280,000.

Similar to sports cards, a player’s value directly corresponds to their performance in recent seasons. This is evidenced by recent champion James, who stars in the top three most expensive Top Shot moments. Not only are users buying their favorite moments to support beloved teams, but they are also investing in a player’s future prominence to increase their investment.

Creating Buzz 

Positive press is a marketer’s best friend. But in such an oversaturated digital world, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

However, NFTs can impact marketing. They can create the opportunity for unique campaigns while also increasing the investment value of your business.

Exclusivity is often synonymous with popularity as we have seen time and time again with the fad of limited clothing drops.

With so many businesses out there, it can be a struggle to develop a winning digital marketing strategy. You may feel like you’re constantly doing marketing research.

Why should a customer choose your product or service? What sets your online marketing apart from the crowd? Having a unique offer is key for success in a crowded market, which is possible through NFT access.

Microsoft recently launched a virtual game in celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with NFT rewards for completing tasks. The tokens are also compatible with Minecraft and can help users unlock special game experiences. This promotion doesn’t only create buzz around Microsoft’s game, Minecraft play, and female empowerment. It also shows potential customers that these brands prioritize innovation and the user experience.

Similarly, rapper Post Malone created an NFT titled “Celebrity World Pong League” to honor his favorite party activity — beer pong. By collaborating with NFT creators at Fyooz, Malone created the token to facilitate competition among fans. The users who collect the most of their NFTs will get the chance to play beer pong with Malone himself.

Both Microsoft and Post Malone are successful in their respective fields. However, they are also continuing their time at the top by making themselves unique and irreplaceable.

How NFT’s Will Impact Marketing

In a culture of endless content, originality is few and far between. The non-fungible aspect of NFTs has become the most valuable aspect of the industry. But the profit does not stop there.

NFT marketplace Rarible is one of the many online platforms that allow NFT creators a certain percentage of profit on every resale. For example, actress Lindsay Lohan recently released her first collectible titled “Lightning” which rose from $1,000 to $63,000 in just one hour.

Lohan will receive 17% of each sale. She plans to “donate to charities that accept Bitcoin to empower younger generations in order for them to adapt and learn about this revolution that humanity is witnessing.”

However, most businesses would not be donating to charity. Instead, they will use profits to grow their team and improve internal affairs.

Don’t think your company’s NFT would be popular? You never know. Examine your target audience. Find the common interests among your customers and find ways to create an NFT they would want.

You may need to reconsider your digital media, email marketing and social media marketing strategies for this rapidly changing media landscape.

Incorporating NFTs could impact your marketing goals. By collaborating with other businesses or influencers, you can unite resources. Promoting an NFT could attract potential customers and add value to your brand.

It may be something to consider.

What Celebrities Can Teach Us About Marketing 

How did a 21-year-old socialite become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire? In March of 2019, Forbes gave this title to Kylie Jenner, a member of the famous Kardashian clan and founder of Kylie Cosmetics. So, what can celebrities teach us about marketing?

Like her or not, Jenner has turned her celebrity status into cash as her business brings in around $200 million a year in revenue — with a team of only twelve employees.

What makes celebrity-owned businesses so successful?

The answer lies primarily in social media marketing and targeting the right niche audience for your product or service.

Social media success

When Kylie Cosmetics began in 2015, Jenner had around 46 million followers on Instagram and had racked up over one billion likes across 960 photos. Now almost six years later, Jenner has more than 230 million followers, a number she uses to market her business almost every day.


What Celebrities Can Teach Us About Marketing

Targeting her audience

Before makeup, the social media star was mostly known for her family’s hit reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which followed the famous family and their lavish celebrity lifestyle.

While her four sisters have also tried their hand at entrepreneurship, Jenner’s cosmetics brand has garnered the most success by far simply by meeting the needs of her fanbase. The show’s demographics report over 77% of viewers is female with the majority falling between the ages of 18-24.

This massive group of young women follows the Kardashian women because they want to live the fantasy – the look, the clothes, the money. Many young women ask themselves, how can I become more like the Kardashians?

Purchasing the new Kylie Cosmetics products might be a good start. Or a fantastic marketing tactic.

It’s not difficult to connect the dots between a young female fanbase and their desire for a branded cosmetic line, however, finding a target audience is where her sisters failed before her.

A prepaid debit card, multiple spin-off talk shows, a sock line, and a young adult fiction novel are among the many failed Kardashian ventures. While many of these projects probably fell victim to poor management, they also missed the mark on their target demographic — something Kylie successfully capitalized.

Celebrities and marketing

Like Apple and the clothing brand Supreme, Kylie Cosmetics drops her collections at a specific time with a limited amount of supply, creating exclusivity among products.

Consumers love exclusive products, especially those that can only be accessed at a specific time and place.

A product that stays in the mall for years will have little demand compared to a product that is only available for thirty minutes on a Tuesday night.

As dedicated fans refresh their browsers in hopes to quickly buy products, the lucky few who can successfully check out then get a rush of excitement, thrilled that they were able to nab a beloved lip liner.

Kylie Cosmetics consistently sells out of their products in seconds due to this “drop” selling style, which has inspired countless other brands to do the same.

The magic of PR boxes

After spending her childhood in the spotlight, Jenner monetized her famous friends and family to market her brand. Usually, influencer marketing includes positive promotion in exchange for payment or the product/service.

Legally, sponsored posts must include an indication that the promotion was paid. But, friendly PR boxes carefully avoid this issue.

Besides her uber-famous family, Jenner’s circle of close friends are some of the most influential social media personalities on the internet. People love to see products that are celebrity endorsed.

Before every collection launches, Jenner sends out her products in aesthetically themed packaging in hopes that recipients will post the boxes on their own social media profiles.

PR boxes not only create a buzz around the upcoming launch but appear more genuine than paid promotions. Instead of having to include #advertisement, Jenner’s friends simply discuss their excitement for the product and support their friend’s ventures.

No matter how big or small, PR boxes are a great way to expand your marketing and receive free promotion from friends, business people, and like-minded influencers. Watching social media unboxings also create a layer of exclusivity, as viewers now long for the products they’ve seen promoted.

Becoming the next billionaire

How can you apply these tactics to your business? Even if you’re not in cosmetics — or a global celebrity — you can learn a thing or two from Kylie.

Highlight your passions

Genuine may not be synonymous with Kardashian, but there is one thing you can’t argue — Kylie loves makeup. Through her Youtube “Get Ready With Me” videos, fans can see her passion for cosmetics which motivates them to get excited as well.

Use your company’s website and social media to create a genuine representation of what you do. With this approach, you will attract like-minded customers.

Demonstrate utility

Before a consumer buys something, they look at reviews. Is this product or service useful, well-liked and/or easy to use?

If you check Jenner’s Instagram or Youtube at any time of day, odds are you will probably find a makeup tutorial. She is demonstrating the usefulness of her products before consumers even consider purchasing. These videos also give away tips and tricks free of charge.

Bring the answers to your audience before they even ask the question by sharing customer reviews and first-hand tutorials.

Pressure for publicity

If you don’t come from fame and fortune, getting publicity from news outlets might seem like an impossible task. But, with perseverance and a little strategy, you can attract articles with ease.

Ever heard of the Museum of English Rural Life? This small, niche museum has created a loyal Twitter following. They consistently post hilarious animal-themed memes for all users to enjoy.

Although visiting the England-based museum may be out of reach for most followers, the team truly created publicity out of thin air. This goes to show you have to find your niche audience. Once you tap into the right audience, media attention follows.


Celebrity Marketing on Social Media

What you can do

While a celebrity lifestyle may seem out of reach, learning about celebrity marketing tactics can be useful for your own endeavors.

Give your target audience some thought and learn what marketing and social media marketing strategies work for them. Watch a few videos from Kylie’s YouTube channel and check out her social media posts for inspiration. Research which marketing tactics are trending on your social networks and social media platforms.

Take a page from Kylie Jenner’s book and see what changes for your business.

Not a celebrity? Need help getting some attention for your business, creating a social media marketing plan, or crafting blog posts? Are your marketing efforts floundering?

Here at Elevare, we offer a wide range of marketing services for your specific needs. Feel free to give us a call for your free estimate.