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7 Tips To Write A Great Customer Success Story

Getting a great testimonial from your clients is an easy way to add credibility to your company. Anyone can say great things about themselves, but getting a positive story from someone who has tried your product or service is even better. Writing a solid customer service story can be tricky as you need to stay balanced between telling a good story and making your point nice and succinct.

In a 2017 Demand Gen Report on content preferences survey, it was found that people prefer using case studies to make a decision rather than any other content. This was found for business to business purchases, though reviews are still found to be highly effective in getting the attention of any customer. When you think about it, that’s fair. Wouldn’t you rather see a third party source and how the product or service actually impacted them in a positive or negative way?

If writing a good testimonial sounds daunting to you, don’t worry, you can write a great customer success story with a little guidance. Customer success stories tend to follow a specific structure as customers have certain things they would like to see and know. This is great news as it means you can learn just a few tips and guidelines to get started.

1. Make It Easy For The Customer

Body image showing communication with a customer

To get the information and quotes you need for their success story, you need to have good communication with the customer. The best way to get the necessary information is to make the survey or interview process as simple as possible. Your clients are busy people with their own things that they need to accomplish each and every day. Most people will not want to sit down and answer a long list of questions.

If you are going to give a survey, make it short. One way to get the information you need is to set up a phone call interview and ask if you can record it. Make sure to have a set time frame for your interview for yourself and inform them how much time you are going to take. This will make it easier for them to say yes if you can tell them exactly when you’d like to call and how long it will take. Give them a nice time-frame of around 15 minutes. That along with a short survey (don’t overlap the questions) should be enough to get the information you need along with any fun quotes to liven up the picture.

It is also a good idea to ask open-ended questions. This allows the client to think of information that they would like to share that maybe you didn’t think to ask about. It is also a better way to get great quotes from your customer. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of yes or no answers.

Make sure you follow your word. Do not take longer than you intended and do not send out more surveys than you said you would. Definitely be prompt on your phone call and do not leave the person on the other line waiting. It is true that some customers will be more friendly and forgiving than others, but don’t count on that. Be professional and considerate with the other person’s time as they are doing you a favor that will continue to benefit you as long as you have the story.

2. Give Highlights

Body image showing a pen and paper

We all know that people have short attention spans these days. There are always a million things going trying to distract us on our phones, laptops, and tablets. Our days can also become pretty busy fairly quickly and usually we don’t have time to read testimonials, even if they seem interesting.

Some viewers will take time to sort through the whole story, but you need to make sure that you have a summary that readers can easily spot and learn the main point from. Of course great writing and solid information should still be a focus when writing your story, but keep in mind that many people who partially read your story are busy and distracted. These highlights should be given at the top of your story. If you have an infographic with key information, go ahead and put that up top as well. It won’t give the full effect of your story, but should communicate the main information that you need to express to your leads.

3. Numbers Help

Speaking of infographics, people love numbers and statistics to follow. This will add even more credibility to your success story and help people see the importance of your field. The more third party affirmation you can get, the better for your business.

Make sure the numbers aren’t the full picture of your story. Though extremely useful, you want to use them to simply add to the success story that you already have. They are a great way to give a lot of information in a short and simple way.

4. Challenge And Outcome Focus

Body image showing a challenging chess game

You do need to give the appropriate company or customer profile so that your readers can relate to the issue your client had. The main focus of your story, however, should be the challenge itself and the intended outcome. People are reading your story to see if your business can provide the service or product necessary to help them with a similar issue.

You don’t want to spend too much time on the problem as your reader, if truly interested, is probably already familiar with it. Keep that focus on how your product or service can overcome that challenge and better the costumer’s life. Whether your product makes life easier, saves time, saves money, or is entertaining, focus on that.

5. Your Customer Is The Star

You are writing a story, so who is the protagonist? The client. People love to read the stories of other people. Resist the urge to make your business the hero, even though you must stress your services strengths. Use fun quotes from your customer so that people have a chance to relate.

Though you should use the voice of your brand, make sure that you are still focusing on the triumph of your client or customer. Your readers want to relate and follow their story, not just read about your business and how it can help. This is simple human nature. We love relating. We aren’t just robots buying products. Don’t be afraid to stay in touch with your story loving side and keep your story human focused and less corporate sounding.

6. Add Potential Future

Body image for Potential Future subheading

At the end of your story you should hint at the future. Explore how the service or product continues to benefit the customer. Learn what other new uses the client has found that are nice. Now is also a good time to invite your audience. Stress how this customer was so happy with your business that they shared their story to help people just like the reader.

7. Allow Your Customer To Review The Story

Make sure you offer to let your client or customer read the story before sending it out to be published. Now is the time to make sure that your client is happy with the results, not after. All information should be accurate to what actually happened.

Ready To Write A Great Customer Success Story?

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7 Tricks To Use To Save Time For Your Business

The issue of people wasting time at work has always been a hard one to tackle. According to Forbes, 89% of people admit to wasting time at work. For small business owners, wasting time at work can be even easier due to being overwhelmed by the responsibility or easily distracted without anyone to hold you accountable. Regardless of the issue, it can be hard to reign yourself in and create better systems for everyone involved to get more work done.

Let’s rephrase that, it’s not just about getting more work done. It’s about getting smarter work done. Spending hours and hours working late into the evening can actually be a sign that you aren’t working efficiently, and thereby wasting time. This can be seen more with highly motivated people. The idea behind working hard itself isn’t bad, but if you aren’t working in a smart way, you could be a roadblock for your company.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, like you need to do it all yourself, or easily distracted, we have some easy tricks to help you accomplish more throughout your work week.

1. List And Prioritize

Create a list prioritizing each task

We believe making lists are the starting point to building an empire. A good list is what will help you and your team stay on track and not be overwhelmed. Just make sure you create a list that is well prioritized. First create a list of the items, office supplies, etc, you will need for the week. Buy all of these items all at once; better yet, delegate the task to someone else. People love a hard working boss, but you need to delegate task to get everything done that you need to in a day. People also love having a task to do that is necessary.

Next you need to take a good look at the different things you and your team need to get done this week and month. For this week, decide what are the most urgent tasks on the list and assign them to someone on your team and yourself.

Once you have the most urgent tasks out of the way, take a look at which assignments are the most important to the functionality of your company. Maybe they aren’t urgent yet, but they must be done eventually before they become urgent. Schedule those throughout the next couple of weeks so you will be sure to get them done after the urgent tasks.

You will have some extra, smaller-item tasks that will inevitably get pushed to the side. Don’t obsess over them, but record them so they aren’t completely forgotten. Once you and your team make it through the important tasks, you can assign or take on the smaller ones on the list. Trust the list that you have created. Try not to let yourself get distracted by everything that needs to get done and try to do it all on yourself in one go. This will only create confusion and half-finished tasks that are eventually forgotten about.

2. Create Clear, Attainable Goals

Create clear and attainable goals for you and your teams

This step may need to be done before and after your list making. When creating clear goals, you will need to create sub-lists or add to the list you already have. Everything depends on the goal you have in mind and how large of a feat that goal is.

With each task or goal you need to decide exactly what needs to be done. Once you have a clear idea of how to accomplish your larger goal, assign those tasks to your team. Pay attention to which members of your team like or are skilled at each task. Allow for clear communication in your team so that everyone knows what is expected of them and so that you know what concerns they may have.

It’s important to be realistic with the time you give for each task. Yes, you would like for everything to be done and finished as soon as possible, but you also want a good product and employees that aren’t overworked. Pay attention to the task list each employee has for the week and make sure to adjust it according to which project is more urgent.

Take a minute to be realistic about the work required for the project before setting a due date. Listen to any concerns from employees. If the task is in their expertise and they say they will need more time, trust them with it (especially if they have already proven to be a hard-working team member).

3. Track The Time

Track time for maximum efficiency

An easy way for you to personally save time for your business is to track the minutes/hours it takes you to complete an item on your list. If it took you longer one day than the other to finish a task, ask yourself why and be honest. It may be that the TV was on and you were somewhat distracted from time to time. Yes, you aren’t straight-up watching TV. However, the moments you take to glance up from your screen and get your mind focused different subjects does catch up to you and the clock.

Tracking time especially helps those who are easily distracted. You may think you have it under control, but once you track your time from day-to-day, you will be able to see just how distracted you really are in your daily projects. When you are being timed, it can also make your work feel more like a game.

If you take pride in how long it takes you to do a task well, you can try to lower and lower your time to finish certain tasks. This mindset change may help you to truly boost your productivity during the day, despite all of the distractions around you.

4. Incentivise Tasks And Break

You and your team are not working machines. It is important to incentivize tasks with rewards and take breaks to refresh. Without taking the proper breaks, your team will begin to lose interest in their work as they become more fatigued and restless. If you want quality work done and for everyone to enjoy and take pride in their workplace, add some prizes and allow for breaks to keep the energy flowing.

Maybe you could have a coffee break with donuts at one point in the day. You could try having Coffee Shop Fridays where your team goes to work in a coffee shop instead of the office for the morning. Simple breaks and rewards can boost your team’s spirits and productivity.

It may sound counter-intuitive to give breaks and awards to save time for your business. However, focused, creative employees get a lot more done in a small amount of time than fatigued employees do all day. So if you want to save time for your business, take more breaks.

5. Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings body image

If you are having trouble getting everyone together to meet for a project or idea, try using virtual meetings. Though face-to-face interactions have their own perks and help you connect better, a virtual meeting can help you get work done without trying to figure out any trips.

Especially with people that you have already met in person, save everyone some time and video call in whoever doesn’t work in your office. Meetings are infamous for wasting time. Try and keep your meetings efficient by providing the necessary information and planning ahead of time what you want to bring to the table. Once the meeting is done, everyone can go back to work without the unnecessary travel time.

6. Use A Project Management Platform

Being organized saves everyone a lot of time. With all of the lists and tasks you will be creating and assigning, it will help to have an easy-access place to have the information stored for all employees to see and utilize.

Try using a project management platform such as Basecamp or Asana to help organize your team, save time, and boost productivity. These platforms help everyone keep track of what they should be doing and how much work they have already done.

7. Hire Experts When Need Be

Hire experts for tasks outside your expertise

You can’t do it all and you shouldn’t have to try to. Make sure you delegate, even if you would prefer to do it yourself. If you try to do everything yourself, you may just be slowing your team down.

For those tasks that are outside of you and your team’s expertise, don’t be afraid to look for outside help. Whether you need a virtual assistant or a marketing firm, there are many people out there in the world who can help you get more work done and save you time in the end to do what you need to do.

Need Help?

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The Importance of A Consistent Social Media Presence

Constance and consistency, these two qualities will support you through any endeavor. From training for sports, practicing art skills, building relationships, and creating a strong social media presence. Your business needs to be cared for daily just like any other aspect of your life. Just doing a good job isn’t enough to grow your company. You need to be able to give a great product/service and know how to get your name out there using today’s tools.

Know your voice and why you’re here.

Women speaking into a speakerphone

Know who you are and what you want to share with everyone on the internet. You may be selling a product, that’s great, but make sure your company still has a clear voice and brand online. If you are selling a sturdy chair, own it. Use language that gives a confident yet comfortable vibe. Each post should have concise words that emphasize the appeal to your product.

After mastering your language, use images that have a consistent set of colors and icons that you use. When using a font overlay, make sure you have set fonts for shareable photos. To do all of this you need to brainstorm before you start posting. You can work with a new media public relations company so that they can help guide you to a brand that can truly sell and present your business well. First start with a pin and paper. Brainstorm words that you relate with your product. Try out different colors with your potential logo and incorporate that color into your photos. When you find a look that you and your group like, stay with it. You want the people viewing your work to recognize your brand before they even read the username.

If you are truly consistent with your social media, it will help you represent a clear voice to your target audience. What is a target audience? Those are the people who could really use what you are offering to the world. Don’t be afraid to stick with an idea and have a constant, clear voice on social media. The more explorative members of this group will see what you are presenting and potentially share it with their like-minded friends. These are the people you want to keep coming back to your pages.

Timing is, almost, everything.

Image of a female wrist with a watch

If your online community knows that every Monday you will post a news-related video relevant to your business, the loyal members of your audience will continue to look for these posts every Monday. As they continue to come back to your page to be entertained or learn, the better your audience will be. Your posts will be shared. More importantly, you’re posts will be truly taken in and appreciated by those that matter. Whatever your message and branding is, we hope that you truly believe in it. We hope that your content will be fully enjoyed and will make a positive impact in your local community, nationwide or worldwide. To truly get the audience that believe in your work or product, you need to have a clear schedule so they know what days to look for you.

You also need to be consistent to bring in new faces. If someone comes across your page and they see that you sporadically post, hardly post or spam post, they will be a lot less likely to actually follow you or see what you are offering. The effort you put into social media says a lot about the effort you put into your service or product. This assumption may not be fair, but it does exist. You don’t want your page and company to be passed over for lack of consistency and good branding.

Posting consistently can be a lot of work. Social media moves even more quickly than the traditional media. Even if you’re consistent, posting once a week will not be enough. Luckily, there are people who understand how to create brand awareness online and the best times to post. You can always hire someone to help get your name out there and, naturally, bring in more revenue. Elevare provides help in social media marketing to keep you constant and true to your ideal brand. If you’d like help creating your online presence with a new, sleek website, brand creation and consistent social media, we’re happy to help you with any of those needs.

Consistent community is beautiful.

A group of friends huddled together smiling

Be consistent with your target audience. People who take time to comment on your page and share your posts are your family and can’t be ignored. You need to constantly and consistently respond and relate to people who comment on your social media pages or who send you emails. If someone walked up to your store and had a concern or compliment, would you ignore them when they spoke to you? I hope not. That’s how you should look at your comments, messages and emails. Building a community around your brand is one of the fun parts of growing your business. People need to feel heard, this gives you a chance to connect with people who have something in common. We all get busy in our lives with either our brick-and-mortar stores or managing all the different online platforms, but it’s important to check your pages and interact with your clients daily if possible. Loyal clients/customers are priceless; they can help your brand more than anything. The more you interact and show that real people working in your business, the more loyal your audience will become.

Consistency is timeless.

Man reading a newspaper

The online world is a great place to build a brand in a way that was never possible before; you can create an engaged audience all over the world. Social media marketing only needs consistent care and it will grow. Post often and on schedule, create honest work and engage as much as you can. It also helps to watch social media analytics and know when to post and what hashtags to use, but without consistency any of the other tools available won’t help you. The idea of being constant and consistent has been around in media for a long time– and it still holds true today. Though the online world can seem like a whole new monster, which it can be, some old rules for traditional media still apply.

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Time To Cut Spam Ads And Start Communicating

Digital marketing does not equal spam ads on people’s social media feed and web pages. As marketers, our goal should be to communicate with people about a product or service that would be useful to them. There are two keywords in that sentence that I would like to focus in on:

  • People: we are talking to human beings. Not buyers. Not viewers. These are people who we should be trying to communicate with instead of throw ads or purposeless posts at.
  • Useful: when we advertise something, it is because we truly believe in the product and it’s use that benefits some facet of life. After we know that, it will be easier to communicate what we need to on our various platforms.

Once we have a good grasp both of these concepts, marketing with purpose will come a lot more easily. Though treating people as people and your products as useful should be a goal anyway, it can also help your business. Basic spam ads aren’t going to set your business apart from the crowd and many people are turned off by the average hard sell. In a study done by the McCarthy group, 84% of millennials said they did not like traditional marketing and that they didn’t trust it.

Regardless of the generation of your target market, think in your daily life what you would prefer. Would you prefer to see a hard sell pop-up while checking out another website or going through your social media, or would you rather see content that entertains or informs you and relates to you?

Focus on Being Useful

Your messaging will change if you remember the utility of your service or product. Instead of throwing your information with a price tag into the world of the Internet, you will be able to be more purposeful with advertising. You will know where you should put an ad or post when you should put anything up, who you are talking to, and why you are talking to them.

Keeping this in mind will help you in the creation process. Going to work every day trying your best to give a good product or service will give you better results. Once your clients see what you are offering, you are more likely to have word of mouth advertising naturally occur.

PPC Done Right

Google Adwords is an easy way to target those who are actually searching for your product or service. This is one of the most utilized versions of pay per click (PPC) advertising because the ad will only appear to those physically searching on Google for a business like yours. This is the perfect example of advertising that can stress the business’ utility to a particular customer who does, in fact, need your service. Not only that, Google has created filters to help ward of fraudulent clicks (clicks done by competitors to empty your daily budget).

Marketer setting up an advertising campaign

If you want to delve into display advertising, such as a banner presentation on someone else’s website, make sure it is on a website that is focused in on your demographic as well. Same can be said for PPC on social media. Focus where you advertise so you can be efficient with your budget and actually reach the people who may need your product.

These ads are definitely more hard sell kind of ads, but you can still let your personality shine through with wording, color, and imagery. You can still ask a question or present an interesting fact.

Blog With Purpose

Blogs are a great way to connect with your customers and relay some concrete information. If you are creating blogs that are solely there to have content on your website or social media, then it’s time to rethink your strategy. You have a product or service that can be of use to others. If you take a minute a reevaluate, you will be able to think of information that you know or can find from coworkers that is blog worthy. You want to add to people’s day and not create a blog post that no one will actually want to read.

Blog to connect with your customers

Engaging blogs will only add to your business. If people come to your page for information in a subject they are interested in, they will be more likely to find you as a credible, reliable business to buy from or work with. Useful blogs are also more likely to be shared by the public, giving you free advertising.

Try A Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook group for your customers can add a bit of fun to your marketing and keeps the focus on building relationships. Groups only comprised of people who have actually bought an item or shared a post make loyal members feel rewarded to be a part of something a little more exclusive.

In these groups your goal should be community building, not selling your product. If you start spamming people’s notifications with spam ads, you will lose potential business from this group. Feel free to discuss a cause related to your business and current events that affect you. Asking questions is another way to get real engagement with your brand. You won’t even need to ask something directly related to your product, only in the same field.

You don’t need to, and you shouldn’t plug your website the entire time. Your members already know your business exists. Now is an opportunity to treat people like people and build trust with one another.

Post Quality

We can’t stress enough how you should not be posting ads of your product or service the whole time. Mentioning a sale or a change to a website is great and all, but make sure the bulk of your social media is something people can relate to. Ask questions in a post, take a picture of your workplace, introduce your team, share related news, post a funny yet related meme, and share your story.

Post content related to your product or service

People don’t use their social media to see a lot of ads. They use their social media to feel connected.

It Will Help You Stand Out

Authentic communication is not only less annoying and more fun than the classic, pushy, hard-sell ad, but it will also help you stand out. Your business has something useful to offer and you have a unique voice to help communicate that to other people. It’s time to change any bland messaging and start relating to your audience. It will only benefit you.

Two business partners high-fiving

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How To Create A Solid Sales Funnel

Without a system to convert your leads into customers, your business will suffer. A great product or service by itself will help you get the word out a bit, but without a proper sales funnel, you aren’t going to see the growth you want. All of the successful companies you see, from Starbucks to Adidas, use a sales funnel. Some of them don’t just have one sale funnel, they have many. First, let’s find out what a sales funnel looks like, and then see an example of a complex sales funnel system. From sales funnel examples to guiding you through the steps, it’s time to learn how to make a solid sales funnel.

Why It Works

The sales funnel won’t convert every single person who sees your adds into a customer, but it is a strategy to help people actually interested move along till they become a customer. If you don’t have a way to draw people in, you are just another flyer blowing in the wind and potential customers, leads, will find another business that is more intriguing.

Coworkers creating a sales funnel

The sales funnel works because of its simple concept and design. People need to be interested to even think about buying your product. Once you have them interested, what can you do to actually make them consider? The sales funnel helps you handle this question and convert leads into customers.

Step 1: Awareness

Attract potential clients through blog posts, Adwords, social media advertising, billboards, Email, Ebook, and anything else that could make your name aware to other people. This is where you need eye-catching headlines and intriguing photos to get the attention of people passing or scrolling by. Once people are made aware of your name, you need to be able to attract them down the tunnel further by interesting them in your content, ads, product, etc.

Step 2: Interest

Once people are made aware of your product, you need to give them a reason to pay more attention to you and eventually invest. Basically, turn these leads into buyers. On social media, you do this by constantly posting content that either entertains or informs the people that are now following you and engaging with them. With a physical location, the “interest step” may look like creating a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing place to sit and potentially sip on a cup of coffee. You could also create a competition or event that gets people more involved with your brand, even if they haven’t bought anything yet.

Step 3: Prospects

Now it is time to offer a free consultation, a giveaway, an affordable webinar, a test-drive– anything that gets a customer to try out a product or consider using your service. Now that you have built a relationship with your customers you can offer deals or promote specialties.

Step 4: Sales

Finally, the step you have been waiting for, sales. This is the finish line for now, though you should continue the sales funnel with loyalty and advocacy. We touched on loyalty and advocacy in our blog on brand community. Keep in mind that you should continue to build relationships with customers after they have purchased from you. No one likes a business that forgets about you and moves on to the next lead. It can also cost you around 5 times more to get new customers than it does to keep your current ones, according to The National Law Review.

Example of A Solid Sales Funnel

Groupon reaches millions of clients per month. Their sales funnel is a great example of a simple strategy that works. First, they attract leads through ads, emails, referrals, etc, which lead to their website. Their website has a pop-up on the homepage that incentivizes you to give your Email for a coupon code on your first purchase. This is a simple way to interest your leads and keep them receiving information about your business through Email. Next, the customer sees deals on the homepage to get them to consider purchasing. Before you know it, leads are in the purchase form on the website and they are now customers of Groupon.

customer paying for an item

This sales funnel did not take a lot of extra steps to reach millions of clients a month. A solid sales funnel works as long as you follow up with your leads and remember new or old customers.

Example of A Complex Sales Funnel

Starbucks is a great example of a complex sales funnel. There are the larger sales funnel, and then there are the smaller ones inside of that larger sales tunnel. These smaller sales funnels can start by a certain purchase or reward system that leads you to go back to get more or different products at Starbucks.

Starbucks cups stacked on top of each other

The VIA portable coffee cup is a great example of this. This cup has six different compartments that have to-go packets of instant Starbucks coffee. The messaging behind this product is, of course, now you’ll never have to go without Starbucks coffee.

The first step is in line waiting for a cup of coffee already in the larger sales funnel of Starbucks. While you are in line you look around you at the various Starbucks products to pass the time. You then buy the VIA cup and are now in a sales funnel to continue paying for packets to refill the cup, along with a fresh coffee for the morning, every time you visit Starbucks.

This sales funnel could potentially have a buyer frequently purchasing more packets for the rest of their life or until the day the Starbucks packets are no longer sold. This portable cup purchase now has you committed to buying more than one item at Starbucks for, potentially, years. Not to mention the muffin you need for breakfast. The VIA portable cup is only one example of the many sales funnels Starbucks has within there store.

How We Can Help

Search engine optimization, SEO, is a part of a good online sales funnel. When your website and content are highly ranked in search results, more people are likely to see and interact with your website. We can help you make sure that you are seen and that you have quality content that will lead people down the sales funnel.

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7 Tips To Sell On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a day of celebration for many, or a day to make fun of for others. Either way, it’s a day of significance. Looking at large companies, we can see that Valentine’s Day is a good time to jump in with some creative, fun ideas for the season. Sometimes this can feel like a hard task. What ideas are good ideas? How can you stand out when everyone seems to be trying to get attention from lovebirds to go to their business or product? It’s time to sit down and talk about ways to get your business thriving during this heart-candied time.

1. Don’t Forget The Singles

Don’t ostracize singles who can’t celebrate with a significant other. You can look around and see other marketing campaigns that have done a great job of including everyone.  There are ways to keep Valentine’s Day fun regardless of the relationship status. Market your business towards everyone who wants to get in on the Valentine’s Day fun, not just the starry-eyed lovers. This tip should be kept in mind for all of your marketing strategies.

Singles are great potential customers on Valentine's Day.

If you have a message aimed towards couples, also aim one towards people who love their community. Self-love campaigns are also something everyone can get in on and promotes positivity within your brand.

2. Host An Event

Have a Valentine’s Day or pet day event with a speaker who can relate to your audience. Your speaker doesn’t need to be nationally acclaimed. If you know a speaker who is local, fun, and entertaining or can impart relevant knowledge, go for it. Make sure you get the word out on social media, email, and through flyers.

Partner with a company to provide gift bags or a dessert that is festive yet fits your brand. You can celebrate love of community, animals, friends, etc, without losing the tone of your company. If you are more informative than a fun or playful brand, you can host an informative event that is tied to serving others.

At this event you can provide gifts or have a competition for one of your products. Within all of the fun, make sure you lightly promote your product without being too pushy. You can do this through your decorations or a friendly reminder after a speaker has finished that you have sponsored the event.

3. Offer A Discount Or Gift

Whether online or in your brick-and-mortar store, be sure to offer a deal on one of your products. Get the word out through your social media platforms, but don’t forget to keep it festive. If it fits your brand, use a Valentine’s Day joke or information that can tie the love of serving others and your service together.

Along with purchases in your store, you can provide a free item that represents the day. If a customer buys a product or service, you can give them a free, small gift like a box of candy or accessory. You can also advertise gifts for that day on your social media or on flyers outside of your store. People like celebrating different days and will be more likely to buy from you if you are obviously seeking ways to make your customers’ day better. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to market your brand in a way that is fun for both you and your clients.

4. Create A Themed Product

This one definitely takes some thinking ahead. Try brainstorming ways to make one of your products a little more celebratory of love. Whether it’s love of food, friends, the world, animals, cars, etc. It may take a simple design change to make your product the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Create themed products for Valentine's Day.

Change your packaging for the month as well. A few red and pink hearts can go a long way to show your clientele that you are paying attention. Holiday specials add a certain level of credibility to your business. It shows that you and your team take pride in your job and are looking for ways to reach your audience. Whether people think it all the way through or not, your business will appear better to them if you are creative and up-to-date with your marketing.

5. Donate To A Charity

First off, donating to charity is a good thing to do to help the community around you and be a friendly working member of society. Donating to charity can also become a fun event to celebrate the day. By sponsoring or hosting a charity event, you can tell the community that you are invested and active in the lives of those around you.

This can also help to create a fun marketing campaign. Whether or not you are selling a specialized good for Valentine’s Day, you can put the spotlight on a charity that relates to your business for the following weeks. A charity event is a great way to get your name out there without trying to sell your brand and your product all of the time. It communicates that your business is made up of people who care about others and not just a face-less company.

6. Try Some Fun Social Media Polls

It’s easy to find useful hashtags on Valentine’s Day. It’s much better to find a way to actually engage with your online audience during this time. Engagement is what truly helps build your brand loyalty. Polls are a great way to get people to communicate and engage with your brand without putting in an extreme amount of effort.

Try some fun Valentine's Day posting for social media.

Try creating polls that relate to Valentine’s Day. These polls will of course vary from brand-to-brand depending on the voice of your company. If you are personable and freely joke around with your audience, ask what date ideas people prefer, or would dread. If that isn’t your brand style, you can tie your charity with a poll and ask your audience about a statistic that relates to your issue of concern. Audience members can guess what they think is true, or who said what quote, etc.

7. Get The Word Out Through Email

Social media is fun and quick, but don’t forget your email marketing strategy. With an ROI of 4400%, it is vital to pay attention to your email marketing strategy at all times. Whether you decide to work with a charity, host an event, have a discount, create a new product, or create a fun poll, don’t forget to promote it fully on your email in your weekly newsletter and a couple Valentine’s Day special emails leading up to the day.

Send event invites as via email well. Your email list is priceless as people fluctuate from varies social media platform. Make sure to create a campaign that can lead people to join your emailing list. You can even give a discount or free Valentine’s Day item in a form that requires an email address.

Ready To Sell On Valentine’s Day?

Whatever your strategy ends up being, don’t forget to go for it fearlessly. Marketing takes time and effort. One post or one Email isn’t enough to show your audience that you are serious and paying attention.

If you need help creating Valentine’s Day content that will generate more leads for your company this February, Fill out the form below for a FREE consultation today so we can get started!

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How Digital Marketing Is Adding Value To Business

Do you have an active Facebook account? Are you consistent? What about a blog? Do you know anything about SEO? Are you posting authentic content? Have you tried videos?

You may have heard these questions from a good friend trying to push you and your business online. Which sounds great, we all know big successful companies are very active on social media and have beautiful websites bringing people in. We can see that every day from customer forums to Facebook ads. The only issue is that digital marketing is a large, fairly new world. It can feel overwhelming and unpredictable.

Maybe you’re wondering to yourself if digital marketing is really all it’s hyped up to be. Successful businesses have existed much longer than the internet has. The only issue with that idea is that due to advances in technology, how people function from day to day has changed. Where people look for information is completely different than it used to be. We all use our phones and computers for almost everything and use Google as an answer key for many issues. With social media, we have a whole new influence in our daily lives that does affect what we think about, where we go, and what we choose to buy.

Creating a Facebook page and a website itself isn’t really enough anymore either. You have to know how to use new media for it to get the reach you’re looking for. The good news is that once you figure out how to make use of the digital means available, you will see significant growth to your business and improve your customer service.

Statistics To Keep In Mind.

Man analyzing his statistics

We are now comfortably in the age of smartphones. With around 69 million smartphones being sold this year so far (internetlivestats.com), how do you think that affects the reach of digital marketing? Google searches alone average over 1 billion searches per day (ardorseo.com). Those searches are 79% of all desktop searches around the world, so that means there are even more searches made per day on other platforms (godaddy.com).

People aren’t just looking for recipes and checking in on the latest news on Google. People go to Google to look up boutiques around them, local plumbers, restaurants, and other businesses. Business owners benefit greatly from knowing how to use SEO to get their business’ site at the top of the list when a potential client is searching. 90% of Google searchers have not made up their mind about a brand before conducting a search (statuslabs). That means you need to put your best foot out there by creating great, telling social media profiles and website pages to show up in these searches.

With digital marketing, you will save 40% of the money you would use to invest in traditional media marketing (tgdigitalsolutions.com). You have little to lose by taking on the challenge of digital marketing, but a lot to win.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Man researching digital marketing techniques

As you can imagine, digital marketing is marketing by way of all things digital, but mostly the internet. This includes social media, search engines, blogs, e-mail, display advertising, e-books, and websites. The list can go on, but you don’t even need to try marketing in all the digital means available to us. You just need to find out what works for you and your target market and build an appropriate strategy from there.

You Will Know Who You Are Reaching.

Digital marketing gives you insight into how clients find you and why they stay with you. You can see simple analytics on social media sites and websites. You may not be able to know every little thing about the people engaging with your ads, but you will be able to tell some basic information like what general location they are from or what age demographic they fall in. This feedback allows you to see who all is interested in your business and maybe just needs a bit more of a push to follow through.

You can also see what ads or posts resonate well with your audience. Digital media engages people more than traditional media and allows people to share their opinions, even if it’s just a simple “like” on a post. If some of your messaging or a new product aren’t liked by your clients, you will be able to know more quickly through messages, e-mails, and comments.

Better Research.

Search results page of the keyword analytics

Because of the engagement and insight, you can get through digital marketing, it is easier to do quality research into your target audience. This research can help you provide a better product, focus on a particular social media platform, and know what messaging really works for your brand. Not only that, but you can know what time of day your target audience is online searching and posting. Digital media is simply easier to measure. You can see exactly how successful an ad is and potentially why it was that successful.

It is also easy to see what other successful companies are up to and what strategies they use that seem to work. You can also take a look at companies in your field that aren’t doing so well and learn what you should avoid doing. All of this information used correctly can help you create a strategy that brings in more revenue and keeps your community happy with your brand and product/service! This is one of the many reasons that ROI for smart digital marketing is higher than that of traditional marketing.

It’s Cost Effective.

Digital marketing gives you access to ad platforms that are exponentially cheaper than that of traditional ad spaces. Done correctly, you can reach up to thousands of people for less than $5 on social media. With traditional media, you’re looking at five times that amount, or much more, for an ad.

Strategy Matters.

Marketing strategy outline

Digital marketing is cost-effective, measurable, and engaging. With a proper understanding of how digital marketing works, it can take you and your business far. This is not just some marketing form used for eCommerce stores. You can get real traffic into your physical place of business by using digital means in a smart way.

Ready To Update Your Digital Marketing?

Elevare is positioned to help your business make the most of your digital marketing efforts and your budget. We believe in providing value for every dollar you spend, therefore we make sure that what we do for you will bring you a positive ROI. Our process includes analyzing data, improving conversions, and increasing the number of leads that come into your business.

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Do I Need A Business Card?

It’s no secret that the world is changing rapidly due to technological advancement. From business organization to marketing, nothing has been untouched by the change caused by technology. Seeking employment and networking is no different.

If you are already trying to reach out to other businesses or clients through social media and online marketing, congratulations, you are on the right track. Since everything is digital these days, one has to wonder, do you even need a physical business card anymore?

The answer to that is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no.

Lost In The Shuffle

Blank business cards on a table

Regardless of whether you choose to use a card or not, we hope that you are attending as many networking events as you can. In these business parties and conferences, you meet a lot of people. This is great and it means you have the opportunity to truly get your name out there.

The only other thing is that there are a lot of other people trying to get there name out as well. This can be seen by the business card stacks by the end of the night. It can be hard to even remember where you put a certain card, or who had which name. This can mean that you’re printing out business cards for no reason other than to have them lost in someone’s card pile.

We are all for everyone striving for success and excellence, but how do you make your name stand out so that you can get to where you want to be?

One way to fix this is by having a business card that stands out. Another, better, way to fix this issue is to be an active networker.

Active Networking

Two male coworkers laughing

The number of cards you have given by the end of the night is not an accurate method of measuring the success of your networking. You can hand out as many cards as you like but still not have made a significant impression on anyone you could potentially work with.

You need to make sure you are fully taking advantage of a networking event. Handing a business card over should not be your goal when talking to anyone. Work on your conversational skills and your elevator speech, but make sure you still sound like yourself.

Figuring out how to properly present yourself and your business while chatting over after a speech or party may be harder than printing a business card, but it has better effects.

Work on remembering names and businesses rather than where you put that business card they handed you that one time. If you know someone’s name and business you will make a better impression on them the next time around and will be able to remember their email address. After all, most addresses are just the person’s name @ their company.com.

Cultural Difference

When deciding whether or not you need a business card, you need to think of the culture of your business environment. Some careers view business cards as nonessential as they should know your name anyway if they want to work with you.

Others prefer more personal contact and would hope you would make a better impression than just a card. Some professionals view business cards as a novice level tactic. However, there are still some companies that appreciate a good business card. Businesses in Canada, for instance, value these cards more than many U.S. companies.

What you need to do is get a better idea of your fellow businesses’ and clients’ perception. Research your field on the subject and ask trusted friends and coworkers about their thoughts. A business card may help you in some fields and countries, while in other areas it may present you as a beginner who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

They Keep It Personal

If you know how to use a business card properly, it can be a nice tool for networking. You need to keep the people you are talking to a priority. The business card isn’t the goal, it is simply a way to exchange contact information. Make sure your conversation is real and focused on the work you could do together and not your contact information.

Giving information digitally can sometimes make this key moment of interaction impersonal. Business cards help you to exchange your information quickly without wasting time staring at each other’s phones. Take advantage of the time you have to make a real connection about your passion and not about your phone number.

An Important Impression of Your Brand

Image of business cards in a cup

Though you need to focus on how you present yourself first, a business card is the first item your client will see that tells them what your work is like.

You may not be a graphic design company, but you need to make sure you have an eye-catching, professional card that represents you well.

Creating a card that stands out from the rest will help you not get lost in the card pile and will help your client see the care you put in your work. Simple cards you print at home will not suffice. Get yourself a business card that gives a good first impression of your brand.

An Easy Tell That You’re Prepared

Handing over a business card immediately lets the other person know that you came prepared to this networking event. If you are scrambling to find a pen to write down your information on the back of a program or napkin, you won’t make the best impression.

People like working with prepared, put-together businesses. You searching for a way to give them your information does not compare to you smoothly handing them a business card.

Not only does a business card make you look prepared, but there’s also a chance that person will share your card with someone else who needs your services. Being prepared with a business card can go a long way while networking.

Leads to Your Website

Coworkers planning a strategy with a laptop

One major way a business card can help you is if it has your website on it. Maybe you had a successful conversation with a potential client, but they need to see more examples of your work. By giving them your card with a website address on it, they will be able to investigate you further on their own time.

A website is essential to have in this day and age regardless of whether you have a business card. A website will help people learn more about you through a search engine or through your social media pages. There may also be information of interest on your website that you did not talk about in person with your potential client.

If they have an easy way to look you up, your potential client or business partner will have a wealth of information at their fingertips about your company.

Keep The Negatives And Positives In Mind.

Regardless of your decision on whether to have a business card or not, you need to keep the positives and negatives of having a card in mind. If you decide to have a business card, make sure you are focusing on personal communication and not exchanging cards so you can move onto the next person. Make sure your card stands out so it doesn’t get lost in a pile.

If you decide to forgo the classic business card, make sure you are prepared to give your information in an easy way so as to not direct the conversation to solely contact information. To help make your decision, make sure to pay attention to your specific field and clientele and what their opinion is on business cards.

Ready to Impress?

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How To Captivate Your Digital Audience

The digital marketplace is oversaturated. You may have a great product, but it’s hard to have your voice heard. Beautiful photos, amusing videos, and interesting articles flood our feed and our day-to-day lives.

How do you stand out in a crowd that is so suffocating?

We encourage you to connect and engage. We know it’s hard to stand out these days, but with a little bit of focus and quality content, you will be able to befriend the crowd that actually matters. It’s not about being heard by everyone, it’s about being heard by your target market. Let’s talk about how we can do that.

Quality Content Beats Quantity

This concept is old and holds true on the world-wide-web. First, we want to stress the importance of quality over quantity because without understanding this concept, you will be creating content that will leave your viewers completely unimpressed.

You can’t write just to write and expect to get loyal followers. Writing quality content about subjects that will add to the day or your viewers is important. No one wants to see a bunch of cold ads and nonsense posts in their feed. You will be unfollowed.

This concept applies to anything you are publishing on the internet and not just on your social media platforms. To captivate your digital audience through your website and blog posts, you need to put time and effort into what you are putting out in the world.

Take time to research what interests your target audience and do your best to produce work that adds to that subject. The time it takes to create a meaningful post may be longer, but it will be worth it.

Understand The Goal Of Your Work

To create solid content you need to understand the goal of your work. Why are you posting this? If you don’t know why you need to think again. You should have clear goals as to why you are publishing work and how it adds to the lives of your customers.

Sometimes you may have a discount that you’d like to post on Instagram. That’s great, but don’t push your products all of the time. What is the goal of your product and how does it help others? Talk about issues that surround your goal and you will be able to captivate your digital audience.

Participation Goes A Long Way

Coworkers with laptops

People, especially millennials, love to participate in their purchases. They want to give their opinion and say what they’d like. This is great because it gives you better insight into your customers. The challenge is utilizing this knowledge and creating content that people can interact with.

Instagram and Facebook are becoming more and more interactive. You can have live stream videos where you answer incoming questions, you can post surveys and you can interact with your audience in the comments below.

Many people, especially millennials, simply do not react well with hard sell advertising. It’s good to shake things up with the interactive features available on social media platforms.

Emotional Connection

You need to know the concerns of your audience members to captivate their attention. Are they coming to your page because they want to fix a problem in their life? Don’t be afraid to talk about issues as long as you put a positive spin on it. People want to relate to something but are also attracted to positivity and realistic solutions.

This should come naturally as your product or service adds to the lives of others. Accentuate what is helpful about your product and go ahead and talk about the issues bothering your clients. We all want to see more authentic content out in the world whether it be on hard copy, websites, blogs or social media.

Your Audience Varies, So Should Your Content

When you think of your audience, you need to visualize the different kinds of people coming to your page. Think about these groups of people, whether they are separated generationally or by their specific concerns, and think about what they need to see today.

Try posting blogs about different subjects that will relate to different sectors of your audience. You do not need to appeal to everyone all of the time. Do you already have different audience members following you on Instagram then you do on Twitter? Lean into that and learn what each group on these platforms actually wants to read and learn from you.

Your audience needs to see a reflection of themselves in your content. So learn and reflect back. Take the time to research so that you can learn how to captivate your specific digital audience.

Watch Your Tone

Two girls talking to each other.

What is your voice like with your audience? Just like capturing a live audience’s attention, you need to use your tone to captivate a digital audience’s attention. Voices that sound too scripted and robotic will lose viewers fairly quickly. Before you know it, your content is lost on the web without anyone actually paying attention to it.

If you strive to be informative, make sure your tone can present the information in either a positive or edgy way. Look up synonyms to words if you feel that your language is falling flat. Follow brands that are doing well and see how they talk and post.

Read blogs that interest you and see how they present information. Again, this step will take some research but will help you more easily create content that your audience will pay attention to instead of scroll past.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Different Mediums

Videos and photos can take a lot of work, but they can grab a lot of attention if done well. You still need to follow the same guidelines listed above, but make sure you pay attention to the length of your video as well. People don’t want to sit around and watch a 10-minute video.

Luckily a lot of social media platforms have a cap on how much video you can post at a time. Though this can be annoying, it can help give you an idea about how much you should be posting at a time. Longer in-depth videos can be posted on your website or YouTube channel.

Don’t be afraid of any new developments in social media or online to connect with your audience. They are simply new tools for you to use.

When All Is Said And Done

These are some key steps to creating content that brings your audience in and keeps them reading and listening. Keep quality a priority, play with your words, stay positive and relate. There is a lot of content out there, but if you stay true to your brand and mission, you can stand out from the crowd and captivate your digital audience.

Ready to Captivate Your Digital Audience?

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9 New Year’s Business Resolutions To Revamp For 2019

1. Conquer Everyday

You have a certain amount of energy every day. Running a business can sometimes feel overwhelming and like you don’t have enough time. We promise that you do have enough time, you just need to strategically use your time.

Do the best you can every day to accomplish your goals step by step. On the other hand, if it doesn’t feel overwhelming, there’s a chance you’re not reaching for high enough goals.

We want to encourage you to go for those high goals, whether it be sales goals or new business location goals. Whatever your dream is for your company, go ahead and set that goal.

Simultaneously, set day to day goals that you can accomplish to eventually attain your larger goal. This takes a level of commitment and passion that you need to wake from within yourself every morning.

Encourage those you work with to do the same. Instead of counting the hours till you get off work, count the hours you have left to accomplish something important in that day. Once you finish that day, go to bed knowing you’ve done everything you can to accomplish your long-term goals.

2. Make A New Path

Sticky note depicting a bright idea

Don’t be afraid to make a new path for your company. We live in a time where everything is constantly changing due to technology advancement and generational changes– this is no secret. It doesn’t matter if your forerunners had the same goals that you have. It doesn’t matter if you are even in a top leadership position.

Don’t be afraid to make a new suggestion that could benefit the business you are in. If you have a new idea for a product that will appeal people in a new way, go for it! Now is always the time to stay ahead of the game.

You are here to make your business better and do your job to the best of your ability. You will not achieve anything new if you are living in your comfort zone. Get out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’d like to get started in social media marketing though no one before you has done it before– that’s great.

You’re making strides and you need to keep going. If you’re unsure of the next step you need to make in this new goal, we are here for any of your web design or social media needs. We would love to have a conversation about how we can work together.

3. Rediscover Your Passion

Do you feel like you have lost your energy in the workplace? You need to rediscover your passion for your goals. What is it that you enjoyed about your job in the beginning?

Make a note. Write a list about everything you liked about the job. Afterward, add all of the things you would like to improve your job and do something about it.

Maybe you need a change of pace, maybe you need more opportunity or maybe you need new goals. Whatever it is, now is the year to change your morning routine, create a new business plan or ask for a raise. It may sound like all of this is easier said than done, which may be true, but why should the difficulty level stop you?

4. Organize

Office table with a laptop and a calendar

An organization will step up your business game and is a key resolution for your business this year. It may sound like a lot of work to figure out your digital and physical filing systems, but it will help your whole office with productivity. If you need to take a day and declutter; it will be worth your time.

If you and your team are not sure where assignments are going, it will cause problems in the future that will only slow down your office. To help with organization, try delegating more tasks and have a clear outline of who is in charge of what that everyone can see.

5. Delegate

On the same note, not only should you delegate for organizational purposes you should do it for everyone’s productivity and empowerment as well. If you are in a supervisory role, remember that you most likely do have employees who are looking for an opportunity to prove themselves and use their creativity.

Not only will your employees enjoy their work more, but you will also have better results. If you are trying to do everything yourself, you cannot give the appropriate amount of time to each task. Also, even though you have your strengths, you are not the best person for every job.

Look around your office and thoughtfully assign tasks to those who have the appropriate strengths or potential to do various tasks. Properly delegating will only help your office. You will create empowered employees, have better end results and have more time to complete the tasks that you truly need to do.

6. Be Consistent

Quote On The Side Of A Building

2019 is the year to finally put branding, productivity and communication consistency as a priority. If you are creative, sometimes it can be hard to be consistent in any of these areas. If you constantly have new ideas and trails that you feel compelled to follow, you will sometimes put being consistent on the bottom of your priority list.

Try making more lists part of this resolution for 2019. Have a list you check every day that has the essential tasks you need to do to be consistent. If you need to make sure you talk to an intern, supervisor or business partner every day or week, write a reminder on your daily to-do list.

You want to consistently communicate with people who need to hear from you to move forward on a project. It hurts everyone’s productivity when you aren’t communicating frequently about important details because you got carried away in your, probably great, ideas.

Being consistent with your brand can be a little more complicated if brand messaging isn’t your greatest strength.

That’s why agencies like Elevare exist. We want to help you stay consistent and true with your brand. We can help you stay up with your social media marketing, Email marketing, website content, and overall brand consistency.

7. Be Active About Networking

It is never too early to start on this resolution. Make use of the company holiday parties that are happening this season. Practice your elevator speech and your personal communication skills and get your business’ name out in the world. Simple interpersonal communication can go a long way.

Have you heard about a group dedicated to your business field or networking? 2019 is the year to join it and learn as much you can from the people around you.

Talk about new ideas, create with other people and meet new potential clients. Whether these groups or online or in person, there is a wealth of information out in the world for you to glean from and up your business level.

8. More Collaboration

Coworkers creating a strategy with their laptops

Along with networking comes more opportunity to collaborate. Group work and partnering with others may seem stressful to some. If you are one of those who find it stressful, try to focus on the positives.

You can get your name further out there, make business friends that can help you grow and you can come up with a new, creative product or service.

9. Give Back To The Community

Giving back isn’t just for the Holiday season. This year find something you truly care about and serve in your community by making real moves to be a part of a positive difference. Not only is it great for your community, but it will also let your community see that your business is trustworthy and cares about other people.

You can join a board, be a mentor or host a fundraiser. However, you choose to give back to the community this year, make sure it is something you are passionate about.

Dare To Explore And Follow Through

Girl with glasses smiling

We all know most resolutions never see fruition. We hope you make these resolutions for your business at the top of your priority list and implement them this upcoming year.

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