How to Delegate Successfully in Business

Delegate Like a Boss!

It’s really a simple task. If a project needs to be completed within your business, you just need to ask someone to take on a few tasks to help you, right?

For many small business owners, it may not be that simple.

You may be asking yourself, “What happens if they don’t do that great of a job? Won’t it end up costing me more money in the long run?” You also may tell yourself that it’s probably easier to complete the project yourself instead of involving anyone else. Afterall, it will probably be faster, right?

This mindset is a huge mistake that many business owners make, but not without justification. Whether these statements remind you of yourself or someone you know, the issue at hand is a problem knowing how and when to delegate your work.

So why is this so important?

Delegation, when defined, is essentially the ability to allocate work to another individual in order to assist with the completion of a problem on your behalf.

Many business owners struggle with this simple idea for a variety of reasons.

How to delegate like a boss

Delegate like a Boss!

Why Delegation Is Such a Struggle for Business Owners

Almost any person who has conducted business before understands what it’s like to be have issues with trusting others. Whether it’s a bad experience with a third party vendor or internal employee issues, we’ve all been there. Trust, or lack thereof, is the primary reason behind why many business owners struggle to practice a healthy level of delegation.

Trust is something that’s earned, not given.

If anyone reading this blog is an employee who is struggling with a superior who struggles with delegation, they must understand why they have this issue.

As a worker, first and foremost, it’s key to understand that you have to earn the trust of your employer. This won’t happen overnight and will take time. What an employee should focus on is their need to acquire patience, understanding and willingness to run the course. If they do so, they will most likely thrive within their position and grow in their career.

So what happens if that’s not the case? If a business owner downright refuses to delegate to their staff – what then?

Essentially, the same fate will be met with this employer that will meet any person who doesn’t know how to delegate. They will most likely never grow and inevitably lose their business. This is a harsh truth, but as consultants, we’ve seen this happen time and again. Both results are a death sentence for any business and should be avoided at all costs.

Why Lack of Delegation Will Ruin Your Business

Amazing business owners, who are successful and leading the charge in their industry know that delegation is the key to success and growth for their company. This essential factor is a major characteristic that accounts for their success.

On the other hand, there are major problems that will ruin your business if owners refuse to delegate, such as:

  • Morale will decline. When you’ve hired staff that aren’t allowed to complete the tasks you’ve hired them to, you will instantly find a decrease in morale. Making them feel dissatisfied with their work and confused about their abilities, they will most likely lose interest in their jobs and begin to mentally detach from your business. This will then lead to an increase in the cost of doing business, as the result will be a longer amount of time and higher costs for tasks to be completed.
  • Your staff will leave. Any owner who struggles with delegation will see the effects of their staff departing; allowing them to instantly realize the value to having a team of professionals within your reach. No matter their position within your company, their roles are essential and will greatly affect your business.
  • Your customers will lose interest. By not delegating tasks to your staff, your customers will notice. Yes, that’s right, your efficiency and time to spend with them will be lacking as a result of you taking on too many tasks. They will most likely feel the pinch of your time management issues and not feel like a priority, as they should.
  • Your reputation will be at stake. With websites like and other sites that allow individuals to leave reviews after having worked for a business, if your a business owner who struggles with delegation, it may become a public fact. Word travels fast when businesses and their owners aren’t a healthy place to work and that is how your business will be labeled if delegation is not allowed.

Patrick Bet-David explains the importance of delegation on his Valuetainment channel.

How to Delegate Like a Millionaire Entrepreneur

How to Overcome Your Fear of Delegation

If you’re a business owner who accepts that fact that you struggle with delegation, that’s actually a wonderful thing. Recognizing the issue is the first step in beginning to overcome your fear of delegation.

Here are simple steps that you can take to begin learning how to overcome any issues that you may be struggling with to delegate within your business.

  • Identify Your Fear. What is it that prevents you from delegating to others? Are you someone who struggles with having the personality of wanting to do it all, or have you tried to delegate in the past and it didn’t work out so well? It’s important to identify the core issue of your fear of delegation and deal with it effectively. How to do that is to learn more about delegation and why it’s important. At the end of the day, if you’re concerned with controlling tasks rather than you are delegating them, it may be wise to reconsider owning a business.
  • Educate Yourself. Read more about other successful business owners and how delegation has helped them grow their businesses exponentially. It’s important to see how other individuals within your industry, or business owners in general, thrive by practicing healthy principles.
  • Practice What They Preach. Once you’ve learned about how to successfully delegate, put those tools into action. Make sure to set up a strategy session with a professional that can help you organize what you’ve been taught and help you benefit from its results. Having an individual who has experience in this area will help apply what you’ve been taught without issue.
  • Sell Your Success Story. Once you’ve mastered delegation, make sure that you make your success known. Work with your staff and encourage them to learn more about the power of delegation and how consistently growing together as professionals within your place of business will result in positive behavior and a higher level of efficiency.

Do You Struggle with Delegation?

It’s common for many people to struggle with delegation. What’s not common is being OK with not doing so. As a business owner, you should always be learning and growing, so make sure to sign up below for more information about how you can grow as a business owner.

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