How Digital Marketing Is Adding Value To Business

Do you have an active Facebook account? Are you consistent? What about a blog? Do you know anything about SEO? Are you posting authentic content? Have you tried videos?

You may have heard these questions from a good friend trying to push you and your business online. Which sounds great, we all know big successful companies are very active on social media and have beautiful websites bringing people in. We can see that every day from customer forums to Facebook ads. The only issue is that digital marketing is a large, fairly new world. It can feel overwhelming and unpredictable.

Maybe you’re wondering to yourself if digital marketing is really all it’s hyped up to be. Successful businesses have existed much longer than the internet has. The only issue with that idea is that due to advances in technology, how people function from day to day has changed. Where people look for information is completely different than it used to be. We all use our phones and computers for almost everything and use Google as an answer key for many issues. With social media, we have a whole new influence in our daily lives that does affect what we think about, where we go, and what we choose to buy.

Creating a Facebook page and a website itself isn’t really enough anymore either. You have to know how to use new media for it to get the reach you’re looking for. The good news is that once you figure out how to make use of the digital means available, you will see significant growth to your business and improve your customer service.

Statistics To Keep In Mind.

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We are now comfortably in the age of smartphones. With around 69 million smartphones being sold this year so far (, how do you think that affects the reach of digital marketing? Google searches alone average over 1 billion searches per day ( Those searches are 79% of all desktop searches around the world, so that means there are even more searches made per day on other platforms (

People aren’t just looking for recipes and checking in on the latest news on Google. People go to Google to look up boutiques around them, local plumbers, restaurants, and other businesses. Business owners benefit greatly from knowing how to use SEO to get their business’ site at the top of the list when a potential client is searching. 90% of Google searchers have not made up their mind about a brand before conducting a search (statuslabs). That means you need to put your best foot out there by creating great, telling social media profiles and website pages to show up in these searches.

With digital marketing, you will save 40% of the money you would use to invest in traditional media marketing ( You have little to lose by taking on the challenge of digital marketing, but a lot to win.

What Is Digital Marketing?

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As you can imagine, digital marketing is marketing by way of all things digital, but mostly the internet. This includes social media, search engines, blogs, e-mail, display advertising, e-books, and websites. The list can go on, but you don’t even need to try marketing in all the digital means available to us. You just need to find out what works for you and your target market and build an appropriate strategy from there.

You Will Know Who You Are Reaching.

Digital marketing gives you insight into how clients find you and why they stay with you. You can see simple analytics on social media sites and websites. You may not be able to know every little thing about the people engaging with your ads, but you will be able to tell some basic information like what general location they are from or what age demographic they fall in. This feedback allows you to see who all is interested in your business and maybe just needs a bit more of a push to follow through.

You can also see what ads or posts resonate well with your audience. Digital media engages people more than traditional media and allows people to share their opinions, even if it’s just a simple “like” on a post. If some of your messaging or a new product aren’t liked by your clients, you will be able to know more quickly through messages, e-mails, and comments.

Better Research.

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Because of the engagement and insight, you can get through digital marketing, it is easier to do quality research into your target audience. This research can help you provide a better product, focus on a particular social media platform, and know what messaging really works for your brand. Not only that, but you can know what time of day your target audience is online searching and posting. Digital media is simply easier to measure. You can see exactly how successful an ad is and potentially why it was that successful.

It is also easy to see what other successful companies are up to and what strategies they use that seem to work. You can also take a look at companies in your field that aren’t doing so well and learn what you should avoid doing. All of this information used correctly can help you create a strategy that brings in more revenue and keeps your community happy with your brand and product/service! This is one of the many reasons that ROI for smart digital marketing is higher than that of traditional marketing.

It’s Cost Effective.

Digital marketing gives you access to ad platforms that are exponentially cheaper than that of traditional ad spaces. Done correctly, you can reach up to thousands of people for less than $5 on social media. With traditional media, you’re looking at five times that amount, or much more, for an ad.

Strategy Matters.

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Digital marketing is cost-effective, measurable, and engaging. With a proper understanding of how digital marketing works, it can take you and your business far. This is not just some marketing form used for eCommerce stores. You can get real traffic into your physical place of business by using digital means in a smart way.

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