How to Effectively Market Your Restoration Company in Florida

The question seems daunting upon first thought, ideas forming on how to get consumers to think about restoration before a disaster strikes their home or business. The yellow pages? So 1998. What about the local newspaper? Perhaps, but unfortunately subscribers and readership has declined dramatically in the last 20 years. But everyone uses the internet, you’re thinking. Yes, but how do you make your company stand out online in the growing sea of restoration companies?

The key to effective marketing for any business, restoration companies notwithstanding, is to give, not ask. Think of all the information you have either in your mind or at your fingertips about your business and what you do. Most customers only begin to scratch the surface in their knowledge, generally only when they have a crisis involving their home or business. After that, odds are they won’t learn more about your business unless it’s needed again.

A common misconception is that national franchises handle the majority of the claims from business and homeowners for restoration services. In fact, independent operations are who many customers turn to for a solution. Good ol’ fashioned networking with current customers via word of mouth brings in new customers. Now with the internet literally at most fingertips courtesy of our smartphones, it pays to create strong service pages that are readily accessible through search engines.

SEO for Your Restoration Company

Search engine optimization might not seem like something that would cause an influx of telephone calls from prospective customers, but when done correctly, it’s a great way to drive traffic. Though it may be tempting to load your website and service pages up with keywords, this will work against you when it comes to search engine rankings. Website text is dulled down and ranking drops, while otherwise well-written text with strategic keywords push rankings upward. Triple check that your website is mobile friendly. Chances are someone who is ankle deep in water in the living room will have a smartphone in their hand instead of the yellow pages with a stop at a search engine for a water damage company as their first move.


The standby call-to-action (CTA). We’ve all seen or heard them. A short announcement on the radio imploring listeners to call for a free estimate of a service or a pop-up ad on a website offering some sort of behind-the-scenes information from a company if you’ll sign up for an email list. CTAs work for restoration companies and are not limited to estimates or service offerings. Maybe your company has grown in size and you’d like to celebrate. Or perhaps the growth has meant you will be expanding your territory and want to let prospective customers know you’ll be in their area soon. Whatever you decide to use for your CTAs, remember to keep them conversational and not overpowering, repetitive or artificial in nature.

Social Media to Market Your Restoration Business

The main goal of social media plays right into the hand – or hands – of information and knowledge you and your restoration business already possesses. Current and potential customers alike are already active on social media networks, interacting with companies and other consumers while subtly being educated on those companies and what they do. Social media is a great way to respond to customer questions or challenges by providing a link to a blog you wrote on the website, for example. This interaction and information source also increases your credibility in the eyes of consumers.



The Power of Networking

Regardless of how it may seem with the power of the internet, networking still pays dividends for business owners. For restoration companies, think of the people you know and interact with before, during, and after a restoration job. Property managers, real estate agents, contractors, janitorial services, and local insurance agents know you and know others in the community or local area who may be in a pickle with a home or business in need of restoration services.

Inbound Marketing for Your Restoration Company

Elevare uses inbound marketing to attract, convert, close and delight customers, a method which will also work to market your restoration business. Inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers with well-written and concise information that everyone can access anytime, anywhere. Have people been contacting you about what services your company provides? Direct them to content in the service pages on your website. Perhaps someone left a question on your Facebook page about a specific step in the restoration process. You can link a blog post to this question, guiding them and others to not only that post but others on your website.

Inbound marketing goes beyond directing people to your company. It also provides insights and snapshots to current and potential customers visiting your website, social media pages and other online sources through metrics and analytics. These numbers can be harnessed to further fine-tune the information your restoration business is sharing with consumers.

Consumers have begun to demand near instant information to a wealth of questions and concerns utilizing inbound marketing. Your restoration business has a great opportunity to stay in the forefront of homeowners and business owners minds before a disaster strikes. Contact us and let’s get started.


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