Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Email marketing allows you to reach and connect with your audience in their inbox. This time-tested approach to marketing should not be overlooked as you work with more social media accounts to increase your reach.

You can successfully inform your loyal brand followers through email marketing while gaining more detailed insight into customer behavior. Email marketing is not going anywhere soon and may be a vital part of keeping your business around as long as possible. Why you ask? We have some crucial information for the naysayers.

It Will Be Around Longer.

Email marketing has already been around for decades. If you are thinking that your favorite social media platforms will always be around, think again. Social media is still a relatively new world that is constantly changing due to trends. Having all or a majority of your customer base in one social media platform can be risky because of unknown changes.

Though it is important to use social media to your advantage, you need to make sure you have a database of email addresses as well. These addresses may be the only way you have left to reach your clients if anything ever happens to Instagram, Twitter, etc. Email is a tad less new, flashy and is inherently simpler and necessary.

The unchanging concept of email makes it a more stable place to reach your audience for decades to come.

Look At Your Return On Investment.

Tools needed to calculate your investment

The return on investment (ROI) of email marketing is impressive enough for you to start doing it right now. The ROI of email marketing is higher than that of other digital marketing methods at a $38 return for every dollar spent.

Social media marketing is a great way to collect names and addresses; attaining those email addresses should be a top goal for your marketing team.

The numbers don’t lie and you can’t afford to miss out on the benefits of properly using this tool.

Don’t Be Passive.

When you have an email in your inbox, you need to either do something about it or let your inbox turn into a useless disaster.

Most people at some point in the day will go through their email. People don’t just scroll through their inbox like they do with their social media. They need to take action and actually think about emails that are there to take action.

If you have a link to your website or a new product in your email, it is more likely to be seen and thought about than if you put it on your social media. That is the beauty of using a type of marketing that requires action from the viewer. They need to actually process what your email is before doing anything.

 Who’s Loyal?

Those who willingly sign up for email notifications are your loyal customers. The idea behind thoughtful marketing is not only to get your name out there. You want your name in the ears of people who will actually be interested in what you have to offer.

Finding your loyal members by having them sign up for your email updates allows you to focus in on your brand advocates.

Brand advocates are your customers who will continue to advertise for you by word of mouth. You want to hone in on these people and treat them well by giving them discounts and the like.

Having a simple email sign up lets you see who actually cares about your product.

Following someone on social media takes a lot less commitment than agreeing to read their emails later when you’re cleaning up your inbox.

 It’s Easy To Measure.

Ruler for measuring

Measuring the success of your email marketing strategies is easy. There are many programs available now that help you with email marketing tactics and allow you to have all your feedback in one place. You can see who opened your email, how many people opened which links and see who has unsubscribed.

This insight into what is interacted with in your email can help you create better content. Knowing which emails were unengaging enough to be unsubscribed a lot helps you to realign your focus. The information that is easily provided through email marketing is greatly beneficial to business growth, as long as you are paying attention.

 A Nice Personal Touch.

When you think of email marketing do you think of a mass email sent out to thousands of people? It’s time to readjust your perception.

Though the standard email inbox itself has not changed that much, the tactics to reach those inboxes properly have. You can do so much more than sending a generic email. Part of the attraction to email marketing is the ability to personalize it.

These days you can download an email marketing app to help you add names to your email for a simple personalized touch. Personalized headlines are opened more often than generic ones.

You can also create several different email lists so that you can provide the wanted information to each different audience. If you have customers in different geographical areas, this can help. If you have noticed that your customers vary in age, you can create lists to help target each age range better.

 The Use of Smartphones Helps.

Coworkers with smartphones drinking coffee

Smartphones have changed all of our lives. For email marketing, they have changed our lives for the better. People are constantly checking their phones to maintain good correspondence and communication.

No matter where people are or what they are doing, there is almost always a brief moment where they need to email a person or respond to a person.

This means your email is going to be seen at some point that day, if not immediately. Almost everyone who has a smart device has an email app on their phone and/or tablet. It’s easy to check and can be done anywhere.

It’s Classic and More Available Than Ever.

We would love to encourage you to see email marketing as something that is not outdated. It may not be as new and talked about as social media, but it is still used a lot. Email marketing has proven to be profitable for decades. The only thing changing about email is that is more available than ever before and the options to make it more appealing are more robust.

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