Email Marketing

Grow Your Customers Through Email

One of the best ways to grow your customers through email is still word of mouth. People tend to trust their friends and the recommendations friends make about products and services. But word of mouth isn’t the end of growing your customer list. With more than 3.2 billion email accounts around the globe according to an Exact Target study, there are many potential customers still out there who may not have received a word-of-mouth recommendation yet.

Social media may seem free, but can you qualitate a return-on-investment from it? In a highly competitive arena, social media has hundreds, if not thousands, of posts for two or three users to comb through each day. Fifty to 100 emails each day may sound like a lot, but those emails will stay in an inbox until a reader does something with them. With an engaging subject line followed with compelling content inside the email, a customer who has previously read your emails will take the time to read it or click through to the website. Plus, with email marketing you aren’t at the whim of a different company who can change algorithms to display content differently the next day.

Calls-to-action are a great way to grow your customer base. While a CTA may seem self explanatory, it pays to be a captain obvious. If your emails call for customers to schedule an appointment or make a phone call, make this information bold and attention grabbing. Once you have the attention, it’s time to start growing your customer list.

Build A Customer Email List

Is there an upcoming event your company would love to invite customers to? Or how about a top-secret product about to launch, but getting the word out a little early is okay? We can help you build a customer email list to make those things and more happen. With one or more sign-up areas within your blog is an opportunity to add a faithful reader to your customer email list.

Track Your Customers Engagement

Using behavioral tools and tracking software, we can see and help you understand what is engaging your customers in the email marketing campaigns and what isn’t. Two rates we pay close attention to are the open and click through rates. An open rate shows how effective your subject line is on a reader, essentially, it is compelling enough for a person to want to open the email. Click through rates show the impact your message had on the reader by whether or not they clicked through to a landing page.

Improve Clicks to Your Website

Blending your brand between your website and emails will not only provide a second outlet to increase brand familiarity, but will provide a consistency across every message you send out. We can help you increase the number of email readers who click through to your website through targeted messaging and invoking curiosity.



Marketing Automation

1. Deliver Time Sensitive Messages

With developed leads in hand, we help you nurture them by sending relevant and timely messages to specifically targeted readers. This way, content won’t be buried in social media feeds in a matter of hours, but can still be viable in an inbox at 5 p.m. A targeted campaign can also be developed ahead of time and ready to send to someone who signs up for an email-gated offer.

2. We Create Email Templates

By creating email templates, we have the ability to customize them to your specific wants and needs, along with making them versatile across platforms. Creating a template is a cost effective way to start email marketing for your company, as even a basic template can give your emails a polished and put-together look.

3. Our Email Templates are Mobile Responsive

No pinch zooming in or out required here. Our templates will respond to the device being used to view the email, creating an ideal user interface and experience on the go.

4. Get the Information Out to Your Customers that You Need, When You Need to, Even When You are Sleeping.

You may be snug in your bed, but new customers are being welcomed to your company through a targeted and timed email full of relevant and engaging content. We will help you develop a drip marketing campaign, pre-determined and created emails to be sent out on an interval schedule or when a trigger or action takes place, such as signing up for a service or making a purchase.

Promotion of Deals and Coupons

We all like a deal or coupons, especially when they come from a company we appreciate and frequent. Say thanks to your customers by providing an inside advantage to deals and coupons not available the the general public. Plus, a five percent increase in customer retention can lead to a 25 to 100 percent profit increase as loyal customers outspend causal or new customers 13 to 1.