The Importance of A Consistent Social Media Presence

Constance and consistency, these two qualities will support you through any endeavor. From training for sports, practicing art skills, building relationships, and creating a strong social media presence. Your business needs to be cared for daily just like any other aspect of your life. Just doing a good job isn’t enough to grow your company. You need to be able to give a great product/service and know how to get your name out there using today’s tools.

Know your voice and why you’re here.

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Know who you are and what you want to share with everyone on the internet. You may be selling a product, that’s great, but make sure your company still has a clear voice and brand online. If you are selling a sturdy chair, own it. Use language that gives a confident yet comfortable vibe. Each post should have concise words that emphasize the appeal to your product.

After mastering your language, use images that have a consistent set of colors and icons that you use. When using a font overlay, make sure you have set fonts for shareable photos. To do all of this you need to brainstorm before you start posting. You can work with a new media public relations company so that they can help guide you to a brand that can truly sell and present your business well. First start with a pin and paper. Brainstorm words that you relate with your product. Try out different colors with your potential logo and incorporate that color into your photos. When you find a look that you and your group like, stay with it. You want the people viewing your work to recognize your brand before they even read the username.

If you are truly consistent with your social media, it will help you represent a clear voice to your target audience. What is a target audience? Those are the people who could really use what you are offering to the world. Don’t be afraid to stick with an idea and have a constant, clear voice on social media. The more explorative members of this group will see what you are presenting and potentially share it with their like-minded friends. These are the people you want to keep coming back to your pages.

Timing is, almost, everything.

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If your online community knows that every Monday you will post a news-related video relevant to your business, the loyal members of your audience will continue to look for these posts every Monday. As they continue to come back to your page to be entertained or learn, the better your audience will be. Your posts will be shared. More importantly, you’re posts will be truly taken in and appreciated by those that matter. Whatever your message and branding is, we hope that you truly believe in it. We hope that your content will be fully enjoyed and will make a positive impact in your local community, nationwide or worldwide. To truly get the audience that believe in your work or product, you need to have a clear schedule so they know what days to look for you.

You also need to be consistent to bring in new faces. If someone comes across your page and they see that you sporadically post, hardly post or spam post, they will be a lot less likely to actually follow you or see what you are offering. The effort you put into social media says a lot about the effort you put into your service or product. This assumption may not be fair, but it does exist. You don’t want your page and company to be passed over for lack of consistency and good branding.

Posting consistently can be a lot of work. Social media moves even more quickly than the traditional media. Even if you’re consistent, posting once a week will not be enough. Luckily, there are people who understand how to create brand awareness online and the best times to post. You can always hire someone to help get your name out there and, naturally, bring in more revenue. Elevare provides help in social media marketing to keep you constant and true to your ideal brand. If you’d like help creating your online presence with a new, sleek website, brand creation and consistent social media, we’re happy to help you with any of those needs.

Consistent community is beautiful.

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Be consistent with your target audience. People who take time to comment on your page and share your posts are your family and can’t be ignored. You need to constantly and consistently respond and relate to people who comment on your social media pages or who send you emails. If someone walked up to your store and had a concern or compliment, would you ignore them when they spoke to you? I hope not. That’s how you should look at your comments, messages and emails. Building a community around your brand is one of the fun parts of growing your business. People need to feel heard, this gives you a chance to connect with people who have something in common. We all get busy in our lives with either our brick-and-mortar stores or managing all the different online platforms, but it’s important to check your pages and interact with your clients daily if possible. Loyal clients/customers are priceless; they can help your brand more than anything. The more you interact and show that real people working in your business, the more loyal your audience will become.

Consistency is timeless.

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The online world is a great place to build a brand in a way that was never possible before; you can create an engaged audience all over the world. Social media marketing only needs consistent care and it will grow. Post often and on schedule, create honest work and engage as much as you can. It also helps to watch social media analytics and know when to post and what hashtags to use, but without consistency any of the other tools available won’t help you. The idea of being constant and consistent has been around in media for a long time– and it still holds true today. Though the online world can seem like a whole new monster, which it can be, some old rules for traditional media still apply.

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