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Social media has exploded since the early 2000’s and the world has never been the same. Toppling barriers in communication, platforms like Facebook and Twitter were the culprits for this revolution; and since then, have dominated the social networking sphere. Because of this fact, our team at Elevare have compiled information to show you how to increase your Twitter followers quickly.

If you’re currently using a platform such as Twitter, you may have maxed out in your efforts to grow your followers and don’t know what to do in order to keep it going. Twitter has been actively changing the world since 2006 and continues to advance on a daily basis. So what can you do to increase your followers quickly before you miss the next advancement?

Elevare’s team of social media experts are here to show you how to Increase Your Twitter Followers Quickly:

Tweet, Re-Tweet, Tweet, Repeat

As of April 2017, Twitter has over 328 million active users worldwide. That’s a huge market to miss out on engaging with; so it’s very important to get your message out there. Take advantage of as many relevant opportunities to re-tweet content as possible. Depending on the persona you’re providing or followers you’re trying to obtain, stick to the tweets that are relevant to your objective. Make sure that you’re also tweeting regularly and as often as possible.

When trying to increase your Twitter followers quickly, the content that you’re tweeting about shouldn’t be random. When you’re tweeting, aim for the highest quality content as it will help you become the expert in your industry. As you grow, you will have followers visiting your page to share your content. Make sure that you aren’t letting your fans down by providing less than incredible information. Did you know that it’s OK to also ask for re-tweets? According to an article on, users who put the words, “Please re-tweet” in their posts typically see four times the amount of interaction.

Mention the Experts

Do you have a thought-leader or expert in a certain industry that you want to tell the world about? Consider tagging the experts you admire in your posts. They may mention your tweet or thank you for your input which can really increase your followers. Try to highlight five experts or thought-leaders in your Twitter feed and see what happens. Make sure that they have enough of a following to help impact your goal first.

Don’t have any experts that you want to follow? Twiends, a free Twitter-focused networking tool, is a great way to help you find the people you’re looking for. They utilize an interest-based directory to help match you with individuals that are interested in what you have to say, and vice versa.

Links and Keywords Are Important

Understanding keywords is essential in growing your Twitter following. Keyword targeting is a way for you to connect with other users based on the terms they’re searching for. It’s important to know what your audience is looking for by literally matching their interests. Also, consider searching for current trends within Twitter prior to posting. If you have a heads up about a relevant topic, you’ll be more likely to receive more notice.

Using relevant links will also help you increase your followers. When posting links in your Twitter feed, know that you will be limited to 23 characters. Optimizing your links with a link-shortening tool, like Google URL Shortener, will allow you to post more of your voice and less URL.

Promote Yourself and Take Pictures

Make sure that you’re constantly promoting your Twitter account. Do you have a business? Have you added your Twitter feed to your website, business cards, and marketing materials? Make sure that everyone you know of knows that you’re on Twitter and ask them to follow you. If you have a website based on a WordPress platform, try embedding the TweetThis plugin to ensure that you have live information from your Twitter feed on your website.

Taking pictures and posting images will also increase your Twitter followers and post interactions. Did you know that data has shown that users who engage with images can increase tweet interactions by up to 18%? Make sure to also use a headshot of yourself for a profile picture, not a logo or your brand image. It’s important for people to know who they’re engaging with and understand that you’re real. This will help you to increase your Twitter followers quickly.

Increase Your Twitter Followers Quickly and Don’t Give Up

Growing social media outlets in an effective and results-oriented way simply takes time and won’t happen overnight. Even if you choose to purchase Twitter followers, know that developing a consistent persona will take time to properly grow.

Whatever you do, know that social media outlets, such as Twitter, are the best and most relevant ways to effectively reach new people. Make sure to keep going and learning how to build your Twitter followers.

Do You Need a Social Media Boost?

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