Is It Time to Update Your Logo? Nissan Rebrands for the First Time in Decades

Sleek. Modern. Lightweight.

What comes to mind when you think of those words? Probably not Nissan.

The 86 year old Japanese automobile manufacturer isn’t often associated with elegant innovation, but their new rebranding aims to change this narrative.

For the first time in over two decades, Nissan unveiled a new logo along with the 2022 Nissan Ariya, an all-electric crossover SUV.

Their new branding was released on July 14 via YouTube in a video titled “A New Day for Nissan”.

The one-minute commercial shows a series of abstract, animated shots depicting a variety of mediums illuminating the new logo. With fire, ice, flowers, and water flourishing to bring the symbol to life – quite the rebirth!

Nissan Rebrands in body

Although the logo didn’t go through a huge change, the subtle alterations give the Nissan brand a refined, modern look keeping with the times.

Along with an overdue update, Nissan rebranded as a part of the plan to illuminate their logo. All upcoming electric models will have the logo illuminated with around 20 LED lights. The new, flat logo is easier to crystallize and provides a clear outline for the light.

The highlighted front logo will add a new element to Nissan vehicles moving forward, giving the brand its own identifying niche.

So, why now?

It’s been 20 years since Nissan changed its design, which begs the question, why now?

On their website, the company claimed they began the redesign process back in 2017, hoping to create something “thin, light, and flexible”.

BMW went through a similar process, also releasing slight logo changes in the past year. Adapting to the digital age, BMW switched out their original 3D logo for a flatter, 2D version for digital compatibility.

bmw old and new logo

Similarly, Volkswagen released its rebranding in late 2019 with a similar logo adaption. Just like Nissan, Volkswagen used the release of its first electric vehicle to promote a new, more modern logo.

While the logo looks almost identical to the original, the traditional design takes a clear 2D form more adaptable to digital platforms.

Volkswagen also plans to illuminate its logo on its future cars through LED lights. Which again, will add a sleek, modern look to the new wave of electric vehicles.

VW old and new logo

So, to answer the question at hand, we must look at the current era. With most content consumption taking place online, companies need a logo that accommodates all digital platforms – something a 3D design can not do.

When it comes to watermarks, social media profile pictures, and bumper emblems, 3D graphics feel chunky and heavy. Flat, lightweight 2D visuals feel seamless and sharp, and make graphic design projects easier.

Importance of Logo Design

When starting a business, developing a logo may not be high on your priority list.

Although establishing clientele and forming a team may be more important to your success in the short term, do not overlook the power of a strong logo.

In the digital era, consumers have limited attention. When viewing content, users want a quick reward or they will click away – unless your eye-catching symbols grab their attention.

Even though a logo may only consist of a few colors, words, and a small picture; this design communicates a message to your clients within a glance.

A logo puts forward your first impression. It’s your one chance to pull a potential customer in and showcase why your services should be of value to them.

Consistent imagery throughout your business establishes your brand’s personality and lets the customer know who you are as a company.

For example, a consumer may sift through hundreds of t-shirts on a shopping trip. But once they find one with the prominent Nike swoosh, they’re sold.

Something as little as a tiny white swish will convince a consumer to make a purchase, as they trust and prefer the brand they know so well.

According to Pam Moore, it takes 5 to 7 impressions before a consumer will remember your brand. This illustrates how just important a strong logo is.

This number may seem high when you rely on limited advertisements and publicity. However, if you publish a consistent logo across multiple platforms, five impressions is not a lot.

Logo Design with Elevare

When you work with us here at Elevare, our expert team of graphic designers will work with you to create the perfect logo and design scheme for your business.

We know how to capture minimalism, clarity, and your business’s message in a design. We will also tweak as appropriate to fit all social media platforms.

Our team will also guide you through the publishing process. We can help you apply your logo to business cards, billboards, social media, and flyers, and more.

We’ll also take care of trademark filings and keep records of the colors and specs used on file so we can make alterations in the future.

We know how important it is to create a trusted brand and have a strong brand identity online. We have worked with a number of clients to help create and strengthen their branding with great success.

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