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Logo Design

Logo design is ingrained into our everyday thinking more than we may imagine. Think of a company you use on a daily or weekly basis. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Odds are if it’s not that company’s product, it’s their logo – that simple yet powerful graphic, that encompasses their company in your mind.

So why does something so small pack such a punch?

Logos are the first representation and reflection of your company, long before a potential client picks up the phone to make initial contact or hits send on an email. Just as in life, first impressions are everything.

We believe strongly in keeping the lines of communication open during the creation of your logo. From brainstorming initial ideas to seeing your new logo on a company product for the first time, we will be right there with you. Whether you have a simple sketch or an artist’s rendering of a design, we can help bring it to life.

Throughout the development process, we will use and incorporate company colors to create a seamless and sharp branding of your company into one package to engage your audience and help build your company’s reputation.  From your content, messaging, customer service and client experience, the logo will be the common thread tying your company brand together.

But above all, we want to know what your vision is, the root of everything in the creation process. What do you see for your company, where do you want to go as a whole? These elements may seem existential, but they can tell your story even in a logo.

Some tips to keep in mind when choosing elements of your logo:

  • Is it appropriate – Choose symbols and elements carefully to avoid any disconnect between your audience and perceptions of your products or services.
  • Think minimally – Too much going on within your logo at one time will appear cluttered. Also, avoid photos or images that include fine text or details as these could become lost as the logo goes through resizing for various mediums.
  • Keep it clear – Just as with fine details, subtle effects such as bevels, drop shadows and patterns can quickly become lost or distorted when the logo is viewed on different devices as an audience moves from their laptop, tablet and smartphone. Fine details can also be lost when reproduced on print platforms and in embroidered materials.
  • Color carries meaning – When you initially thought of a company, odds are their company color(s) came to mind along with the logo. Colors invoke thoughts and feelings across the emotional spectrum; stimulating, vibrant, warm, stability, inspiration, dependability, nobility and so on.
  • Make it multi-purpose – Will your logo hold up to the thousands of eyes that zoom past it on a roadside billboard, but also still look dapper when sized down for a social media page?
  • Protect your brand – You’ve put in hours of manpower and brainpower creating your logo, the last thing you want is for it to become warped when used outside of the creative department. Write up guidelines on use of the logo, down to the RGB details of each color; scaling; white space, etc.


They say that branding is what happens when you’re not in the room. This couldn’t be more true. Branding is the differentiation between your company and the next. It can encompass your logo, your packaging on your product, your website, and more. It’s how people talk about your company and how they feel when they interact with you. It’s about your presence in a community and how you connect and build relationships with your customers and potential customers without even saying a word. Branding conveys your company’s message and how that story gets told which impacts or affects the people, businesses, and community in which you do business.

Telling this amazing story and sharing your company vision is achieved through multiple factors. The best way to start this process is with design. Elevare works closely with you and your team to create the vision you want for your company. It is important to us that your company portrays its best image from the beginning, so it can grow the way you envision and help your company, and its brand, become a leader in your industry.

Branding and Brand Packaging can include, but is not limited to:

Once we have worked together to turn your vision into a physical logo and brand, it’s time to put them into action. From headers on email blasts to a nine-foot banner at a trade show, your brand will spring to life with the help of our graphic design team.

Let’s get started, today!

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