Make Money for Your Business with Blogging

If you’re reading this blog, you’re most likely here because of the title. You want to make money for your business with blogging, and that’s exactly why we’ve written this just for you. There are millions of businesses who could be optimizing their media networks to make more money, and in this blog we’ve provided you with the framework for how to get started.

A Quick History of Blogging

We were pretty shocked when we realized that it’s been over 23 years since the first blog was written. A kid named Justin Hall from Swarthmore College decided to sit down one night and write a brief history about his childhood and placed it on the internet. It wasn’t referred to as a “blog” back then, but was just his personal homepage.

It’s crazy to think that over two decades ago, one college student decided to write his personal history and really changed the world. Today, there are more than 76.8 million websites that optimize blogs and millions of individuals that manage them. Out of all of those people, the question remains, “Who actually makes money from blogging?”

make money blogging with businessWho Makes Money from Blogging?

Ten bloggers this year were recognized by as the highest earning and most successful. According to Forbes, the Huffington Post is one of the most successful blogs in the world, grossing nearly $14,000,000.00 per month. Insane, right? All of these celebrity top ten bloggers range in content and cover a variety of ideas, concepts, and topics. So what’s the trick? Why have they been so successful.

The answer is simply that it’s not who they are or what they’re writing about. It’s all about the audience they’re speaking to. Feeding people with relevant, helpful, and interesting information at the right time, and in the right manner, means everything. In business, the same principle applies to understanding and identifying the perfect customer. Who are they? What are their needs? What can we sell to them to help meet their needs?

Before we dive into how to make money for your business with blogging, let’s review some practical tips for customer acquisition:

Define Your Customer

In order to acquire the right customers, you obviously need to understand and know who you’re looking to acquire. Is your product or service more relevant for first time home-buyers, or senior citizens? Take the time and do the research to understand who your target customer is and how you would like to acquire them.

Partner with the Right People

If you have a roofing business, it may be in your best interest to make sure that you have a good relationship with a local plumber or electrician. More often than not, if a homeowner needs help with one task, such as a plumbing issue, they will more than likely need help with another; such as a new roof. Making sure that your business is aligned with the right partners is essential in helping to acquire new customers and grow your bottom line.

Clarify Your Pitch

What do you offer? What are your services? Will you be running a special sale or product offering? Clarify your pitch and what you want to tell your new customer before you approach them. The simple approach of trying to get to know your customer personally and then assessing their needs is more often than not the best way to clarify your pitch. Know your product, and you’ll know their solution.

make money for business with blogginStart to Make Money for Your Business with Blogging

Now that we’ve reviewed some basics of customer acquisition, how do we apply it to start making money for your business? It’s important to understand that the above three points, are equally relevant to understanding how to start to make money for your business with blogging. Let’s review the following tips to help you get started:

Gather Your Thoughts

What are you trying to accomplish by blogging? Blogging for the sake of blogging doesn’t help anyone. It leaves customers lethargic and wanting more information, and it wastes salaried or hourly time that could be better spent elsewhere. Make sure that you gather your thoughts as a team and put together a solid reason for why you’re blogging and what you want to accomplish by doing it.

Find a Good Writer

Not all writers are created equally. Assigning just anybody to write your blogs can do major harm to your business. Having erors in u’re righting can cause mistrust and make your company suffer embarrassment amongst its peers and competition. If you’re a company that can afford to hire a full time content writer, it’s well worth the investment; especially if they have the experience. If you’re not in a situation to hire a full time content writer, contracting your blogging out to a third party freelancer may be in your best interest and worth the investment.

Make It Stand Out

What you say doesn’t have to be an original idea, it just has to be unique. When writing a blog, you want to make sure that you pick a perspective. 1st person? 2nd person? 3rd person? Stick with that perspective and keep it interesting. All blogs shouldn’t be written from the same perspective and should have personality. As stated before, there are millions of bloggers out there. Define what makes you different.

Optimize It

Writing an amazing blog can make your business a ton of money, but if people can’t find it, what’s the point? So many companies fail to properly optimize their blog; allowing search engines to find it quickly. Search engines have one job: to help searchers find what they’re looking for. They look for “keywords” within website content in order to provide their searchers with the most relevant information. Filling your blog with these keywords is essential. Not sure how to optimize your website or blog? You may want to contact an SEO specialist to give you a hand. This is the most essential part of blog writing.

Publish It

Make sure that when you’re all set with your optimization that you then seek out the best channel to publish your blog; such as a WordPress account or blogging website. Make sure to consider the fact that you will need to also blast your blog out onto social media to expand its reach.

Making money for your business with blogging can be extremely rewarding and a lot of fun when conducted properly. You not only can optimize and track your metrics, but you will also be able to reap the rewards of solid, useful content. If you’re not quite sure how to begin making money for your business with blogging, contact us to schedule time to chat with our content experts or fill out the form below.

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