Marketing Services in West Palm Beach, FL

Whether your current marketing strategies have gone astray or your company needs a fresh marketing perspective, Elevare can help you achieve your marketing goals. From creating a detailed plan that allows for flexibility and maximum revenue potential, we get your brand and company in front of your audiences 24/7.

Small Business Marketing

Our marketing consulting services go beyond the reach of traditional marketing, instead moving your small business reach to a global level. Utilizing social media, content creation such as blogging, and the latest in search engine optimization, your marketing strategy will be primed for continual growth.

Internet Marketing Agency

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on creating content aimed at fulfilling the wants and needs of current and potential customers alike. The key to that is to focus on blogs, newsletters, podcasts, SEO, social media, and other forms of content marketing while utilizing the inbound process of attract, convert, close, and delight. When produced well and frequently, not only will they draw positive attention in the short term, but they will provide a lasting ROI.

Website Design

When you think of your website, what do you envision? A ‘ready to go’ layout with a few personal adjustments like font and custom color scheme or a top to bottom customized website? Intro music and a moving header or something more low key? Whatever you envision, we work with you from the initial discovery session to the launch of your project. Your brand is important to you and we want it to speak to everyone through your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Essential to your business visibility and branding, great SEO is what brings visitors to your website. It provides credibility to your business and site by driving your rank higher in search engine results. The more visitors you have to your website, the better chance you will have to gain a new customer.

Blogging Services

Do you have a sticky note with topics you’d love to write in-depth about for your website’s blog but can’t find the time? That’s where we come in. From keeping you focused on your content marketing strategy to offering free public relations in return, blogging can do wonders for your website. Our content writers have years of experience crafting engaging blogs custom to your business and website.

Social Media Management

Social media is everywhere these days and isn’t going away anytime soon. So what does it mean for your business and us? With a staff well versed in various social media outlets, we create a customized social media plan to help start building the all important virtual relationships with customers.

Logo Design & Branding

Ingrained in our daily lives, logos are a small concept that provide a large punch. As the first representation of your company, the purpose of this graphic is to share your company vision with the world. To provide a symbol for what you do and to associate that logo with the branding that becomes your company’s reputation. From brainstorming and implementing your vision, to presenting the final version, we can help create this small yet powerful piece of your marketing puzzle.

You are different from your competitors. The association of that difference comes from your brand. From the way people talk about your company and their feelings following an interaction with the packaging customers see on your product – this is your brand. Like the logo, branding is all encompassing and speaks volumes without saying a word.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing gives you the ability to reach your current and future customers anywhere, anytime and on any device. An inexpensive and versatile tool in your marketing toolbox, we can help you capture the attention of the masses with helpful and informative content. It is a great way to promote your services, serving as a small reminder of everything you offer as a company.

Pay Per Click Marketing and AdWords

Do you notice the first three or four search results on the top of a page usually have a slightly shaded box around them with the word “ad” nearby? If so, you’ve taken notice of pay per click marketing and AdWords. Each time one of those ads is clicked, the business or individual who created it pays a fee to the search provider. With a well-written ad and usage of niche and keywords, pay per click marketing can start sending traffic to your website within minutes of the ad’s launch.

eCommerce Development

Looking to sell your products online, or even sell your services as a package? Elevare creates custom-designed eCommerce websites geared towards driving sales to a new level. Contact us today to discuss how we can innovate your company’s sales process through an online store.

Website Maintenance and Security

They say first impressions are everything, and it holds true in the realm of websites. Having an up-to-date website with fresh content, a strong user experience, and the latest security features will make a lasting first impression.

WordPress Management

Don’t have an IT person on staff? Leave the ‘housekeeping’ tasks that come with your WordPress based website to us. Our team performs routine site audits that cover site speed, security, plugin updates, and consolidation.

Domain Registration

Think of your domain as the street address for your website, it’s how customers find you. But a domain goes beyond, it is a part of your brand and who you are. We work with you to create a domain that reflects this.

Hosting Services

Your website isn’t viewable on the internet until it is hosted. Our hosting services provide unmatched speed and uptime to give your website visitors the best experience when interacting with you company. Slow loading websites means less visitors and less sales. Google states that the amount of lost visitors increases dramatically after a 3 second load time. Contact us today to find out what your site loading speed is and how we can improve it!

About West Palm Beach, FL

The county seat of Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach features a wide range of activities and entertainment. Whether you’re searching for upscale cuisine close to home or are longing for an outdoors adventure, the area offers restaurants, theater, and performing arts along with hiking and biking along the waterfronts or at Grassy Waters Everglades Preserve. The oldest municipality in Florida, West Palm Beach has just over 102,000 residents as of 2013. Major employers in the city include Florida Public Utilities, Ocwen, Sikorsky Aircraft and Cemex.