Social Media Management

Why Social Media Management?

It’s all about virtual relationship building with social media. The sooner you begin cultivating those relationships, the sooner they will begin paying off. The payoff in terms of increased customers and increased business for your company. Once you establish your presence, maintenance takes no more time than preparing for the weekly departmental meeting. But with so many social media options these days, sometimes starting with the old standbys is better than delving into a medium you may use once or twice before it falls out of popularity.


Regardless of industry, Facebook is a great starting point due to ability to share photos, videos, and company updates. It can be low-maintenance in terms of time and commitment. With nearly 1.6 billion active users, at the end of the fourth quarter in 2015, Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon. Plus, with all of the data the website collects on its users, we can work with you to market to your exact target audience in a social media management plan.


Brevity and Twitter go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s more than short updates, now featuring capabilities for videos, links, images and polls. With quality content attached, Twitter can make your brand go viral with a few clicks.


A visual medium focusing on photos and videos, Instagram is a nearly mobile-only platform where content can be viewed through its desktop website, but only new content posted through a smartphone app. It features filters and edits that can be applied to photos and videos, with hashtags and quality content. Instagram can make your business stand out in the sea of selfies.


Think of Google+ as Facebook’s mature older sibling who prefers to highlight their page with keywords and SEO, as opposed to cat memes and exercise updates. Hashtags have major search value and by linking your content on your website directly to your Google+ page can boost the search where you want it the most – Google.

Social Media Marketing

You’ve decided what social media outlets you want to start using, or perhaps using more extensively, but haven’t decided if it’s worth the time and effort. In short, it very much is.

Social media provides increased brand recognition through multiple platforms and outlets. Think of it as the ability to advertise and market your product or business. At minimum, for nearly free, considering the cost input of time and content creation. It provides easier access to you for new customers, and may remind current or former customers of your business.

A social media management plan can improve brand loyalty through consistent online engagement with customers. A recent study showed 53 percent of Americans who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands over another. This loyalty can also convert new customers to your brand or business. Every post is a chance for someone to notice your brand/business and subsequently react, leading to a site visit, even with low click rates. It also allows you to enrich a customer’s experience even further through personal interaction.

Got Likes?

In the same vein of thought, social media humanizes a brand/business through online interactions. A higher number of social media followers also improves trust and credibility of your brand/business. Plus, regular interaction with customers gives a show of good faith to other customers, including potential new customers. Many people turn to social media to air praises and grievances of a company, product or service, but the more people who talk about your brand/business online add value to it. Interacting with movers and shakers within your industry on social networks can boost authority and reach.

Connect, Follow, Like, and Subscribe

Every social media profile you add can lead back to your website, boosting your inbound traffic numbers. The more quality content you share on each profile, the more inbound traffic, leads, and conversions. In turn, this can lead to lower marketing costs through a little planning ahead and spending a few hours a week on the social media management plan.


Then there is the ever important SEO rankings. With SEO requirements constantly changing, and Google and other search engines starting to emphasize social media presence more and more in rankings, it is a good short and long term investment. If you want to rank for a given set of keywords, make sure your social media game is strong and on point.

Customer Targeted Analytics

Social media management can also give you improved customer insights, on a nearly instantaneous level. User comment sections may seem like Pandora’s box, but they also hold valuable insight to your customers. Conversions can be measured through different promotions on different social media profiles. This allows you to see what worked via higher clicks and or interactions, versus what fell short.

Planning and Promotion

With the social media landscape constantly changing, it can be overwhelming to choose which platform will garner the most reward for your business. At Elevare, our experienced and dedicated team knows how to target the market your business represents. We do A/B testing, also known as split testing, a process that compares two versions of a web page to see which page performs better with site visitors. From producing content that engages your audience across social media platforms to customizing posting schedules to fit your needs, we will come up with a management plan to suit your business.