Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Can Help Your Brand

Social media has given us the opportunity to engage consistently with clients. This also allows us to build relationships with people who may not have bought our product yet but enjoy the idea of our product and the content we produce. The ability to talk with clients so easily helps us to focus our efforts on who we should be trying to reach and what our clients actually want.

With a good social media marketing strategy, we can build a strong brand community, help our SEO, and increase brand loyalty. This means an increase in new and repeated business.

Social Media Marketing

Over 88% of all businesses are engaged in social media marketing. This relatively new form of marketing is seen as a great tool as over half of the people on social media interact with a brand more than once a month. You just need to know how to best present your brand and keep people engaged.

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At Elevare we can help you determine your target audience, expand (or narrow down) your social media platforms, develop a calendar, and create engaging messaging. The key to a good social media strategy is to understand how quality over quantity and consistency go hand-in-hand.

Our goal is to create content that you can be proud of while delivering it on a frequent basis. We will also help you by encouraging conversation in comments or by a message. The more connected your audience feels to your content, the more loyal they will be to your brand.

Planning and Management

We use the latest studies and tools to plan your social media calendar and manage your content. There are prime times to be posting on different social media platforms whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Your business type is also a factor in deciding when to post. We create a calendar that varies your content and reaches your target audience when they are online.

After posting, we make sure that all clients are heard when commenting and messaging an account. Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to reach people but is in no way a low time investment. It is important to always know what is happening on your social media to keep your clients happy.

How Social Media Can Help Your SEO

A good social media presence does more than just help you with clients on Twitter or Instagram; it can help you with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In short, thoughtful social media content can help your ranking when people are searching on Google or Bing for services related to your business field. If you’re doing a good job with your social media, it will help you be one of the first names that pop up after a Google search.

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Social Media Analytics

The analytics available on social media can help you understand the clients you are attracting. Through comments and likes, we can clearly see what is working in regards to your content and what needs to be changed in the future. Not only that, but some platforms give insight into the age range, gender, and general location of your audience members. We use this information to help build your brand on your chosen social media platforms.

Let’s Get Started!

Social media marketing is a great tool to increase your brand reach. We would love to help you and your business master social media use and get those clients that are waiting to hear about a brand like yours. Schedule a call with us and we can help you with your specific social media needs!