Top 9 eCommerce Websites In 2021

In today’s world, if you are not online you don’t exist. And yet, even if you are online, if your site isn’t up to the industry standard, it could impact your eCommerce business. If you are a retailer and you don’t have an eCommerce website, your business could be in front of hundreds more potential customers! That’s why we curated these top 9 eCommerce websites in 2021 – to help inspire you in your website design process.

Whether you are looking to create a site for your business or improve on an existing design, it is beneficial to check out other ecommerce sites that are doing it right.

Components of High Converting eCommerce Websites

It doesn’t matter if you are a small online store still on Etsy or a national retailer, your site will need to include certain specific elements in order to convert.

High-quality websites convert visitors. Multiple factors play into this. A great website contains attention-grabbing images and graphics, relevant and informative content, and top SEO practices.

If you are aiming to increase organic traffic (which should be a priority), your site and blog must be optimized for search engines. If the site isn’t easily searchable, and doesn’t appear at the top of Google’s search results, you are making it impossible for potential visitors to find you.

Here are a few of the things we noticed about the top high-converting ecommerce sites.

Sites that perform well are mobile responsive. 46% of consumers complete their entire purchase process on smartphones. You don’t want to miss out on those sales if your website isn’t extremely mobile-friendly.

Sites need to have easy-to-follow site navigation. Your site needs a clear navigation menu, product category pages, filters, on-site search and footers. You want to make it easy for your customers to move around your site and ultimately make a purchase.

Sites have great user experience. User experience is important for both B2B and B2C shoppers.

How We Chose These eCommerce Websites

As a team of developers and marketers, we pulled together a comprehensive list of the top sites.

These eCommerce sites were chosen based on various ranking factors. Each site showcases extraordinary branding, design and best UX/UI practices. Ranking factors also include quality response time, visuals, navigation layout, information and font use.

Top 9 eCommerce Websites

The following sites are in no particular order.

Away Travel

Top 8 eCommerce Websites in 2021

As soon as you enter the Away Travel site, you immediately see what they sell – travel luggage. Right away you can “shop now.” The sleek, minimalistic design is navigation friendly and hip. It adds a fun, upscale and trendy element to luggage.

Their site is simple yet effective. There are several calls to actions sprinkled strategically across the site. The use of reviews as you scroll down offers a depth to the site as well.

Warby Parker

Top 8 eCommerce Websites in 2021

Within seconds of opening up the homepage, Warby Parker is already selling. Their trial offer (“try glasses at home for free”) stands out and invites clicks. Adding a value proposition such as that, instantly draws in interest.

While customers may come for the free trial, they will stay for the clear and effective use of crisp images that bring the sell home! Their site transforms the old view of glasses as nerdy, into something trendy and fashionable. Their site is extremely simple – but just right.


Top 8 eCommerce Websites in 2021

This eCommerce site is a great mix of media, both images and videos showcasing their products (footwear) and their many uses. The UX is solid – their page has a quick response time and fluid carousels. Immediately the viewer can shop with buttons that grab your attention. Scrolling down the page showcases Allbird’s mission and fun videos showcasing how their product is made.


Top 8 eCommerce Websites in 2021

Casper’s site is modern, clear and user-friendly. Their site immediately and expertly shows off what they sell (bedding items) as well as ways to save. With price-saving bundles, crisp imaging and a modern font, Casper excites the customer.

With a chat button and clear CTAs, their site is high quality and ripe for converting. Banners and pop-ups can be overdone and annoying, however, Casper expertly wields both to their advantage.


Top 8 eCommerce Websites in 2021

Crisp, trendy and a “little bit different,” hooks the potential customer’s interest upon entering the site. With great use of color and branding, Harry’s website stands apart. With their mission statement, clever wording and clear CTAs, their site is built to convert. Without scrolling, the viewer sees everything they need to know – products available, mission statement bundles and more.

Outdoor Voices

Top 8 eCommerce Websites in 2021

This athletic brand, Outdoor Voices, has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years, partly due to their expert branding skills. Right away, their branding is evident upon entering the website. Inviting clicks, a popup offers a percentage off and a question box for FAQs.

Once you move down the page, you’ll see they have sprinkled CTAs throughout the site for easy shopping access. Their mission statement and value propositions are clear and evident. They even offer some fun extras like city activity guides for added value.

Stitch Fix

Top 8 eCommerce Websites in 2021

The video at the top of the page instantaneously grabs your attention – full of happy people dancing in their Stitch Fix clothing. The “style quiz” is a great way to grab attention and get people interested, and ultimately will encourage conversion! Overall, Stitch Fix’s entire website is clean and highly responsive. Scrolling down they have intuitively organized their site.

Smile Direct Club

Top 8 eCommerce Websites in 2021

The bright branding color of purple pops right off the minimalist background. CTAs are highlighted clearly and expertly. In particular, the copy on the site is compelling especially with their emphasis on how they compare to competitors. Smile Direct Club’s large section of customer reviews is outlined immediately, this shows a commitment to and confidence in full satisfaction.


Top 8 eCommerce Websites in 2021

The very first thing you see is a video highlighting all the benefits of a Peleton and a CTA that hooks your interest. The entire site is highly interactive. A nice touch to their website is their blog at the bottom of the page that answers popular questions succinctly. This effectively helps to bring the buyer to their shopping cart!

Key Takeaways From Our Top 9 Picks for the Best eCommerce Websites In 2021

After looking through these sites, it’s clear how distinct graphics, easy navigation, and attention to branding impact the overall design. We hope our top 9 picks for eCommerce websites help inspire yours!

A great web design helps you sell online. Thus, it is well worth the investment to spend time on design and development. Think of it this way – if you had a store-front, you would have to spend time and money on decor and rent. Instead of a physical location, you should put that same energy and resources into your online storefront.

Want Your eCommerce Website To Be Considered The Best?

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