Our Top 6 Picks for the Best Roofing Websites in 2017

We can all admit it—roofing companies aren’t typically on the forefront of stunning web development or cohesive branding. Even researching the list gave our team jolting flashbacks to web design in the early 2000s! Although we’re still recovering, we’re ready to highlight the best roofing websites out there and share what we learned along the way.

How We Chose the Best Roofing Websites

As a team of web developers, we decided to include only websites designed from scratch. To the best of our knowledge, every site below is custom-made and shows knowledge of branding and UX/UI design best practices. We also evaluated each roofing website for quality responsive time, visuals, navigation, branding, layout, font use, and information. In no particular order, here are the top six web designs for roofing companies.

Valentine Roofing

From the moment you click onto the Valentine Roofing website, you’re immersed in a delightful design experience. Video footage in the header instantly portrays a feeling of professionalism and authenticity, and well-placed graphics encourage scrolling.

As you continue through the website, subtle animations draws the eye towards key value props, portfolio examples, and contact information. Whitespace is plenty, in addition to high-quality photography and the company’s signature red shade. From a technical side, we’re giving kudos for Valentine Roofing’s use of jQuery and rapid response time.



Scudder Roofing

After landing on the Scudder Roofing website, it’s apparent this company regards high-quality design and photography—and with good reason. Visuals are remembered 3x longer than text. Playing to strengths, Scudder’s clean site focuses on their impressive portfolio.

Potential customers can easily navigate and discover information on the company’s three areas of expertise: residential, commercial, and solar power. Even though there’s an extensive amount of information available, the response times are good and text is broken up by carefully placed graphics, eye-catching animations, and the brand’s brilliant red color.



Bell Roofing

Simplicity and ease of navigation is a key element of the Bell Roofing website. Opting for subtle branding and snapshots of product color choices, Bell’s site puts customers first. Minimal animation makes it simple and fun to interact with the pages, without distracting from fundamental company information.

While clicking through the site, the brand elements are present but not overwhelming. From the well-designed logo to coupon offerings and CTAs, the rust and navy shades break up whitespace in a clean, intuitive way.



Devore Roofing

Another website focusing on simple, clean design, Devore Roofing showcases how to share a great deal of information without overwhelming visitors. A submenu highlights the company services, while the top navigation points visitors to testimonials, FAQs, affiliations, and relevant company information.

To further help visitors scan through the website, Devore places another navigation menu in the footer. Its responsiveness is quick, despite the large amount of information contained. Overall, the site’s clear layout and well-thought-out pages make the experience smooth and straightforward for potential customers.



Rainaway Roofing

Owning your brand is important for any business, and Rainaway Roofing does just that from the minute you click on to the website. Building off their company name, Rainaway’s graphics, backgrounds, and deep teal overlays play into the brand image.

Navigating through the website, it’s easy to notice the incredible response time and comprehensive, clean theme. Bold colors and well-placed graphics bring attention to the CTAs, while the company’s theme “We do roofing and waterproofing” shines through.



JBS Roofing

A proper blend of clean design and attention-grabbing animation, the JBS Roofing website uses a rotating header to highlight jobsite photos and company credentials. As a whole, the site pays due to design principles and attractive graphic choices.

Similar to a few websites above, JBS includes an informative footer to allow easy scrolling and navigation. While a handful of sites above maintain blogs, this company makes their content stand out with a bold home page graphic.



Key Takeaways from Roofing Web Designs

Scrolling through these sites, it’s easy to see how clean graphics, easy navigation, and attention to brand image played a part in overall design. Overall, the reason these roofing companies stood out is largely due to the lack of web design competition in the respective industry. It goes to show that a little effort can pay huge returns when it comes to investing time and effort into a great, well-designed website.

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