Using Social Media for Your Restoration Business

Think of the amount of information you consume every day in the restoration business. Whether it’s going through an annual certification class, or explaining to someone on the phone how the initial restoration process will go, you’re swimming in information that is also an excellent marketing tool. Bet that’s not something you thought of this morning.

The expanse of knowledge and information gained over time in this industry is a well waiting to be tapped into via social media. And while we hear all about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media platforms, the type of post you share to your customers is key. Below we break down the type of posts which get the most views and shares, and provide some interesting statistics about consumer behavior online.

Types of Social Media Posts

The most shares for any content on social media tends to come from content that evokes strong positive emotion, such as awe, laughter, and amusement.

We all remember the kid in our grade school class who didn’t like to read. Anything. Ever. But maybe they were on to something, as the human brain processes visual information more quickly than text only. Through this, however, the brain is tricked into reading.

The average person reads at most 28 percent of words during an average visit to a page. Eighty-one percent of people skim any content they read or consume online. Enter the infographic, which is visually appealing, uses large and colored images while informing with minimal text. Infographics are easy to design and create and offer the ability to target different audiences. Along with other content which includes an image in the post, these posts usually get 47 percent more clicks than social media posts lacking an image.

Interactive content also grabs readers attention, as it can range from a moving image such as a GIF to video, audio, and games. BuzzFeed has become a leader in one of the most viral forms of interactive content – the quiz. Why are these simple exercises so engaging? Because it is a two-way form of content with users doing something rather than only consuming the information.

Videos are a great way to convert readers into leads on a landing page, with conversions increasing by 80 percent. Pages with a video are also 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google during an organic search.



What To Do With Your Post Messages

So you’ve compiled and culled the content you want to share with current and potential customers via social media. Now what?

The first thing is to be consistent, as 60 percent of marketers say they create at least one piece of content each day. Whether it’s a quick blog post, a long-form article, video, infographic, podcast or so on, consistently creating new content is the number one way to keep your audience engaged regardless of your industry. Seventy-eight percent of consumers trust a brand if that brand has created custom content.

Once your content is ready to go, you’ll likely begin to organize and schedule when the information will be released. When going through this process, keep these statistics in mind, as they provide key insight into how and when people engage.

Using the word “video” in an email subject line is a great way to get people to look at your email, but you’ll need to have a video in the email itself. Open rates increase by 19 percent, unsubscribes drop by 26 percent and click-through rates go up by a whooping 65 percent according to Syndacast when video is used.

Though correlation and causation are still unproven between the previous numbers on videos, one thing is certain that people are watching videos on their mobile devices. Forty-four percent of total video plays exceeded 44 percent halfway through 2015.

What Not To Do With Your Post Messages

Some weeks it seems like the things you’re not supposed to do with your social media posts grows tenfold. But all of the recommendations are rooted in being professional and polite at all times.

If someone has left a negative review or comment about anything related to your business on social media, resist the urge to automatically delete without investigating. Before responding, stay calm or take a break, remembering to be polite and professional in any response. Focus on the issue that has been raised by the customer and never make it personal. Even if you reply privately, keep this in mind because we’ve all seen the private messages that have gone viral. However, not responding at all can also send a message of apathy and lack of engagement to customers.

Don’t share posts casually as though you may have deleted it quickly after posting, other may have screenshot the post and it may come back to haunt you. Only give passwords to a select few handling your social media and always choose and use secure passwords. On the other hand, ‘liking’ your own posts might seem like a quick way to feign engagement, but people will quickly catch on. Instead, encourage your employees to share and like material posted on your accounts.

You don’t have to follow back everyone who follows you. Keep in mind how someone you’ve chosen to follow could represent you and your business, even if only through a virtual relationship.

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