The Company That Loves Marketing!

Elevare is a online marketing company serving businesses worldwide with website design, branding, search engine optimization, social media management and more! Most of all, we are strategists. We look at your entire business and all aspects of your marketing and we then help fill in the missing pieces.

Our focus on unmatched attention to our clients, the finer details and results-orientated strategies, have allowed us to create amazing relationships with the people we work with.


Elevare started in 2008, as a computer repair company in Florida. At this time, we already knew the importance of listening and collaborating with customers to help achieve results they would truly love. With a passion for growth and innovation, Josh lead the company to not only repair computers, but to have the knowledge to create cutting edge custom computers that truly delighted customers.

By mid 2010, people started asking about web work, and ever-eager to satisfy the needs of his customers, Josh rose to the task. Using his background in technology, he quickly learned the nuances of web development, coding, and design. Over the next couple years, the company helped several clients with their web development needs, laying the foundation for online marketing.

In 2012, we realized that web development was only one small piece in the larger picture of online marketing. In order to truly help our clients on their journey to success, we would need to offer them more. We decided to become a one-stop-shop for all your online marketing needs.

Today, we are offer premium services in:
Web Design – Need something created from scratch or revamped? We can help!
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Improve your ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Get found locally and wherever someone could find you.
Social Media – Improve your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, through posts, deals, photos, and blogs.


Our company is different because we recognize that each business is unique. We believe in communication and collaboration with you throughout the entire process, to create a plan of action that makes sense for YOUR business. In today’s ever-changing, competitive online marketing world, we are dedicated to helping you stand out among the crowd.

Collaboration. Growth. Success.

That’s what Elevare is all about. We are your online marketing experts.