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We begin with you!

(Explore) Discovery – What is your company, your brand, you vision for both now and in the future? These are a handful of the many things we find out in our discovery sessions together. This is to uncover the information that helps us create a website that is uniquely for you. A great website not only engages your customers and audience online, but offline as well, utilizing word-of-mouth to bring even more people to your business.

(Build) Creation – It may seem either redundant or cliche, but a company’s brand and logo will resonate with consumers long after a transaction is completed. Much like the overall discovery session, we work with you to create a website that encompasses your brand from top to bottom, telling your story through every pixel on the screen.

(Ready) Approval – Everything looks great except that one tiny thing. You may tell us it’s not a big deal and it could grow on you, but we don’t want for you to have to wait to like something. Our goal is for you to love everything about your website and its design before it is live in front of your customers. No detail is too minor to overlook before a website goes live.

Launch – The final stage in developing a website, the launch. Launching, going live, clapping your hands in excitement, whatever you call it, you now have a website that reflects your business and tells the story of your brand. Congratulations!

Web Design & Development in Wellington, FL

Design and development of nearly any idea or process are intricate and time-consuming if the end goal is a high quality and engaging product. A website is no different, with the design and development behind the scenes culminating in a representation of your business that stands out among all online.

The Custom Website Design Process

With the abundance of websites on the internet, it could be easy to let yours go with the flow and allow your business to speak for itself. But why not stand out with a website that is custom to your business and your vision? Whether your brand speaks through custom colors, animations, content or something else unique to you, we can reflect that in your website.

Responsive Web Design

All of our custom websites are designed and programmed for optimal viewing experience across various devices.

Responsive Website Design for Water Extraction Experts

Responsive Website Design for Water Extraction Experts


Your audience will be looking at your website from a variety of devices. These include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even smart TV’s. Responsive website design provides an ideal viewing interaction experience by adapting the site’s layout to fit the viewing device. This allows for easier reading and navigation, with minimal scrolling, resizing, and panning.

With mobile traffic accounting for nearly half of website visits, responsive web design is a must for reaching your audience.

Custom WordPress Website

Albeit very popular, WordPress is a great base to build your individual brand from into something specific for your business. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep a handful of base elements or build a WordPress site from the ground up, Elevare works with you to achieve your look online.

Website Maintenance and Security

As with anything built and used, it will need routine maintenance from time to time. Our custom maintenance and security plans not only keep your website running at top efficiency but keep all data and content secure. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest security features and maintenance procedures for all websites, including WordPress.

Let’s Get Started, Wellington, FL

Located in Palm Beach County, Wellington, Florida was named a Top 100 places to live in 2010 by Money Magazine. Boasting more than 59,000 residents, this village is known for its equestrian community. Known globally as the Winter Equestrian Capital, it is home to the International Polo Club Palm Beach and the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. Wellington also has a thriving entertainment and cultural scene, featuring many events year round at the Wellington Amphitheater.



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