Website Trends To Follow In 2019

2019, time to wrap up the decade. Website designers and graphic designers are using this time to end the decade in style. Website design to us is not only a new art form, but it’s also your virtual business card that can make or break your company’s sales. We have created a simple list of website trends to help you and your business stay with the times. Your website is the first impression of your brand for a lot of people, you need to present yourself in a professional, attention-catching way.

This year we are in no short supply of eye-catching website trends and easy usability. From text to integrated video trends, here’s what will push your business forward in 2019.

Website Speed Is First And Foremost.

Speed is an old concept that will truly take the reins on website design this year. This website trends list won’t matter if your website doesn’t load quickly and give key information in a fast manner. How do you know if your website is loading too slow? For websites, we typically only have a 3-second attention span. So if your website is taking longer than 2 seconds to load, you need to fix something to avoid losing potential customers.

This may sound a bit drastic, but our attention spans are slowing down and we are becoming more and more impatient. You don’t want to miss out on new clients due to your slow and outdated website.

This is the most important rule you need to follow for website design in 2019. If your website is slow, don’t bother with any of the other website trends.

Text Trends Are Shaking Up Old Rules.

The text you choose to have on your website may seem like a simple issue that wouldn’t change much from year to year. This year, text will take on a whole new look. There is a simple rule that sans serif fonts are for online text while serif text is for print media. 2019 is looking to break that old rule and give us a fresh look for our websites.

If you need to refresh your knowledge on font terms– serif letters have that slight line that finishes off letters. Like Times New Roman, for example. If you pay attention to the ending stroke on most letters there is an extra line.

Sans serif is the opposite. A sans serif text won’t have any lines at the ends of letters. Like the font being used now. It’s easy to read and is usually the go-to for long online text.

In 2019 you will see more serif text being used for website design than before. Sans serif text will still be the preferred fonts for long text on websites, but more and more serif fonts are being used for headlines.

Why? Serifs are designed to catch attention and be decorative. This makes a nice headliner with a lot of character. Because serifs are associated with the past and print copy, they naturally have a certain charm to them. Using serif fonts for major headlines and key information on your website will keep your website design looking up-to-date and fresh this year.

Color Trends Are Simplistic Yet Eye-Catching.

Laptop with quote

The color palette of your website design sets the mood of your online brand. Black and white design can make a bold statement through its simplicity and contrast. By taking regular coloring out of photos and design elements in your site, you accentuate different aspects of your design. The eye is drawn to more texture details and shape formations. With less noise on your website, customers will be able to focus on the information you want to give them.

For an even more organized and statement driven look, you can add a pop of color. Choosing one statement color can set your website design apart and guide the viewer to different segments in your design. If you already have a color in your logo and marketing, you can use that color in your black and white website to keep branding consistent.

Flat Design And Bold Shapes Take The Show.

Flat design is a minimalist design that will make your website easier to load and ties well with the black and white simplistic look. You want your website to be easy to look through while capturing attention. Flat design with natural and simplistic shapes can make a mark without distracting away from the information you want to present.

Search engines are beginning to require faster website loads to be in top search spots. If you have a flat design website, your page will load more quickly giving it a higher SEO value. This means that your website is more likely to show up in web searches, which means more potential clients.

Flat design doesn’t require many photos to be captivating. With some smart design work using contrasting colors and bold shapes, you can still show your business information in an attractive way. The need for fewer photos cuts time to this design’s already quick loading rate.

In 2019, you will be seeing more large shapes in website design with both sharp and rounded edges. Triangles, squares, and rectangles are all pleasant shapes to use in your design. This year you will be seeing more naturally formed shapes, meaning you are going to see more graphic design work that is slightly asymmetrical. With more relaxed, imperfect bold shapes comes a sense of accessibility. Try this look for an eye-catching and comforting website.

Phone Focused Design Is Key.

Man analyzing data on a phone

This should not come as a surprise as phones are used for an average of over 4 hours a day. People check their phones in the morning, before bed, and while looking up businesses or services during their lunch break. For those quick searches people make when they need something, you want a website that loads quickly and makes sense on a mobile phone.

Thinking of websites for computer use first is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In 2019, you will see more websites that were first designed for a phone. Mobile searches are more common than computer searches, so it makes sense to design for your phone. We don’t want you to miss out on potential clients due to a website that isn’t first and foremost mobile friendly.

Glitch Art And Video Trends Are On Their Way.

For ambitious website designers in 2019 who are ready to throw flat design to the side, there will be more ‘glitch art’ and background videos. Glitch art is a graphic that replays in the background in a simple yet seemingly broken way. This retro design is reminiscent of times when technology wasn’t so perfect. People are becoming wary of perfect shapes and videos. Seeing a design phase in or out in an imperfect way adds a sense of comfort and authenticity to your design. As always, you want to make sure to do this design element well and not add a lot of loading time to your website.

Videos, in general, are becoming more popular. A video automatically playing in the background of your website will grab attention and make your potential client or customer spend more time on your website. The more time they spend on your website, the more likely they are to follow through and buy your product or service. Videos are a sure way to grab attention and add a strong sense of professionalism to your website.

Micro-Interactions Quickly Add Personality To Your Brand.

Micro-interactions can help guide someone on your site in a fun way. A little animation letting a viewer know if they’ve hovered over the right button will help simplify your website and make it more engaging. They grab attention and help others remember your brand if you add a simple icon that interact with page visitors.

When done right, these micro-interactions won’t add a lot of time to your website load but will add a lot of personalities. You don’t need much of anything else to set your website apart. You can have your micro-interaction as a little character on your screen or a logo that comes to life in a small way. It doesn’t take much to make a good impression.

Better Chatbots Are Here.

AI and machine learning advancements are bringing chatbots to a whole new level in 2019. Do you know those websites that have a helpful little box asking you if you need help? Those chat boxes are only becoming more intelligent and personable as time goes on.

Chatbots will become more customized in 2019 and more useful. The somewhat spam feel they have given off in the past will be overshadowed by their helpfulness and personalization. For website designs that draws potential customers and clients in and can answer frequently asked questions, add a good chatbot.

2019 Wrap Up.

Illustration of a UX UI design

Some design elements for the upcoming year will be simple while others will be a lot more complex. Whether you decide to use a flat design or a website with a strong video element, you can follow the website trends from the list above to create an engaging and modern site. We are excited to see what all 2019 has in store for us. This is an exciting year for the website trends on this list, not to mention new features that are to come!

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